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This offers high-quality glue-down vinyl flooring in various collections, appealing designs and above all, numerous technical quality features. Find your favourite flooring from Project Floors and be inspired by the unique interior design possibilities! 

Project Floors Vinyl Glue down Flooring: High-Quality Vinyl Laminate in a wide range of designs

Today, LVT vinyl flooring is available in a variety of designs and formats. However, with such a wide selection, there have always been two designs that are never out of fashion: wood and stone decors. These two classically timeless designs are convertible to any space, like the renovation market itself -and it is hard to imagine the market without them. Whether you are searching for classic, modern, urban or unusual, you are sure to find your desired style in the glue-down vinyl flooring collection of Project Floors in the online shop of BRICOFLOR.

Project Floors vinyl flooring: Design floor coverings for every living space and more

With the floors@home/20, floors@home/30 and floors@home/40 collections, Project Floors offers a diverse selection of classic and modern designs for the home, which are also available for the contract or industrial sector, depending on the model. But with the floors@work/55 and floors@work/80 collections, Project Floors offers you the possibility of equipping a wide variety of rooms, from the living area to the heavily frequented industrial area.

More about the large collections floors@home and floors@work in the following:

Project Floors floors@home design floor – Vinyl Glue Down Flooring in an impressively large variety

The floors@home collection offers three selections floors@home/20, floors@home/30 and floors@home/40. With the entry-level quality Project Floors floors@home/20 (formerly Project Floors Woba) there is a vinyl laminate under it, which was designed especially for the living area (wear class 22). This range presents a selection of 24 wood plank designs and 6 tile decors, offering a suitable design covering for every living, dining, sleeping or children's room.

The floors@home/30 range (formerly known as Project Floors Light) is a quality option, suitable for those more demanding living areas as well as heavily frequented object areas (NK 21-23 and 31). With a 0.3 mm thick wear layer and a PU surface finish, the vinyl flooring of this collection is a faithful and easy-care companion. In addition to outstanding technical quality features, such as the fire behaviour Bfl-s1 and the chemical resistance, the collection of Project Floors particularly impresses with its 105 designs. This is divided into 74 plank looks and 31 tile designs, which are equipped, depending on the décor, with a bevelled edge. In the wood segment, the selection includes colourations ranging from limed, over natural and exotic wood variants to abstract printed wood designs. The floors@home/30 collection also offers tile decors, with colour palettes ranging from light sandstone decors to dark granite patterns. Floors@home also includes vinyl laminate, which can be used in the categories of wear classes 23, 32 and 41.

The Project Floors floors@home/40 collection, is a high-grade design cover prepared for virtually any challenge thanks to its 0.40 mm thick wear layer. And with a range of 20 designs, this collection can be optically combined to form the most varied arrangements for many areas.  

Project Floors floors@work design floors: The technically impressive vinyl glue-down flooring for everyone

Project Floors also presents a great range of vinyl flooring for areas subject to heavy wear (such as contract and industrial areas) in the floors@work collection. With up to 102 different decors, there is a suitable LVT flooring for every design taste.  In addition to classic tile decors, the floors@work/55 (NK 23, 33 and 42) and floors@work/80 (NK 23, 34, 43) collections feature countless wood finishes that combine both classic and modern urban designs in their full design richness. Technically, the selections, as well as floors@home, possess high-quality technical features. With features such as the PU surface finish and the 0.55 mm or 0.8 mm (depending on the version), the vinyl flooring is ready for any challenge. In addition, the vinyl laminate for glueing has details such as the fire behaviour Bfl-s1, the slip resistance R9 and the suitability for driving with chair castors (type W). From an ecological point of view, glue-down vinyl floorings are one of the top coverings on the market. Made without plasticizers and phthalates, the vinyl laminate is harmless to health and recyclable.

The German Brand Manufacturer with high-quality standards – Project Floors Vinyl Glue down Flooring

Project Floors is constructing a big name: quality. This ranges from the selection of materials throughout the entire production process, to every single product - the highest quality standards in all areas. The success of the Hürther Company is right: high quality prevails against the products that flood the market from the Far East. Project Floors manages to combine its own quality standards in the floors@home and floors@work collections with almost endless natural-realistic designs. Explore Project Floors’ two large collections in the online shop BRICOFLOR, and become inspired by the virtually endless design options!

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