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Tarkett iD Inspiration 40: Glue-Down vinyl That You Can Count On

With the collection iD Inspiration 40, the manufacturer Tarkett brings a high quality and comfortable renovation solution on the market. The tiles and planks of this selected selection are characterized by their high design flexibility and durability and thus have the potential to develop into an indispensable collection. For example, the vinyl floor can be the first choice for residential and contract use.

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Tarkett iD Inspiration 40

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Where other collections are "thrown together", this selection scores with its selected composition. Through the interplay of exquisite designs in natural-realistic wood and stone optics as well as high-quality technical quality features, the glue-down vinyl flooring is a perfect union that is particularly distinguished in everyday life.

Selected Wood and Design Finishings with Tarkett Glue Down Vinyl Flooring

With a selection of meticulously crafted designs, the collection covers a range of 34 decors and colours, offering a variation for every taste and style. In the area of planks in wood patterns, natural-realistic variants are found in light, full-bodied and noble dark wood looks, such as Tarkett iD Inspiration 40 "English Oak Dark Brown." This elegant look conjures up a classical and at the same time noble interior from any room, which makes it affordable Among the different stone decors in authentic look, you can choose between different natural stone decors, in light to dark forms, with variants such as Tarkett iD Inspiration 40 "Rustic Slate Charcoal" in a dark slate look to give your rooms grace and elegance at the same time. Among the designs, which can hardly be distinguished from their natural model, the selection is difficult. In addition to the different designs, the selection convinces with several authentic surface embossing as well as a variety of plank and tile formats. Make the choice for your favourite now.

Applicable for Residential to Industrial Areas

Vinyl Flooring is available for various areas depending on the equipment. With the selection iD Inspiration 40, you can now choose a professional flooring solution for the living area as well as light-duty public buildings - a true all-rounder! With the classification of utility classes 23, 32 and 41, the glue down vinyl plank flooring can be installed in living, dining, sleeping and children's rooms as well as in object areas such as hotels, shops and galleries. This results in extremely many possibilities for your renovation project. Thanks to the TopClean XP ™ coating, the surface achieves a high degree of stability and resistance, so that scratches and similar damage hardly stand a chance. Choose the durable and durable Allrounder in the iD Inspiration 40 collection from Tarkett - the choice you will not regret.

Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Flooring with Excellent Advantages

The iD Inspiration 40 collection has a total construction height of 2.2 mm, a wear layer thickness of 0.40 mm and numerous technical quality features. In addition to the fire performance class Bfl-s1, the slip resistance of class R9 / R10 (depending on the surface embossing) and the wear behaviour of the Group T can even leave furniture feet, chair castors and light cleaning chemicals no noticeable damage. Another benefit of this product is the good manufacturing practices of Tarkett. Due to the low VOC emissions iD Inspiration, 40 contributes significantly to a better indoor climate. Produced using maximum amounts of natural and recycled resources and phthalate-free, it can be recycled at the end of its life, providing an environmentally friendly renovation solution. The TopClean XP surface finish also allows Tarkett glue-down vinyl to be cleaned in a hurry, using household cleaning chemicals. The foot warm and comfortable material is thus a real all-rounder, which convinces not only design and environmental lovers to the fullest.

Laying for Hard-to-Work Areas

The vinyl flooring for glueing is particularly suitable for laying in heavily used areas. The installation is carried out by the permanent connection of the floor covering with the underground by the application of a special adhesive or glue. To do this, the substrate must be prepared for laying by balancing unevenness and removing dirt and grease from it. Then the adhesive can be spread on the surface ready for laying and the tiles or planks can be placed in the adhesive bed. The adhesive fixes the iD Inspiration 40 on the ground so that nothing can slip after complete drying. After the adhesive bed has dried completely and the collection is firmly bonded to the ground, the renovation is completed and the room can be refurbished with furniture and decorated. Properly laid, the vinyl floor withstands even the highest demands and is a durable everyday companion so that the next renovation can take many years to come.

Tarkett iD Inspiration 40 Now at the Best Price from BRICOFLOR

The Tarkett iD Inspiration 40 collection has been designed to meet the latest trends and market demands. Even today, the feature "Made in Germany" stands for high know-how, design and high-quality features, which Tarkett combines in a single collection to create an absolute top product. Decide now for this outstanding renovation floor and choose your favourite pattern. Take advantage of our free sample service and convince yourself with all your senses of the excellent quality. If you are planning a bigger project, please contact us and we will provide you with an individual offer tailored to your needs. If you have further questions, please contact our customer service by phone or mail or use our contact form - our staff will be happy to help.