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Tarkett iD Inspiration 70 – glue down vinyl for individual room design!

When it comes to vinyl flooring, there are only a few collections that give you the opportunity to customise the shape, size and design of your new floor covering to suit your personal requirements. The adhesive vinyl in the Tarkett iD Inspiration 70 collection is a different story, offering a comprehensive selection of vinyl planks and tiles in various sizes and around 100 different designs in wood and stone looks.

The Tarkett iD Inspiration 70 glue down vinyl collection offers numerous possibilities for individualisation. In addition to a wide variety of designs, you can choose from a wide range of format sizes, from 50 x 50 cm in tile format to 25 x 150 cm in plank format. In harmony with valuable technical quality features, this results in the perfect symbiosis of design and technology.


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Glue down vinyl flooring from Tarkett iD Inspiration 70 - design perfection in the commercial & contract sector

With the Glue down vinyl planks from the Tarkett iD Inspiration 70 collection, you are spoilt for choice! With a total of 100 different designs in various wood, stone, graphic and design looks, the whole world of creative development is open to you. In addition to classic vinyl flooring in stone look, you will also find modern vinyl flooring in concrete look, elegant marble decors and Mediterranean design flooring in travertine look. In addition, you can expect a wide variety of timeless, modern, urban, simple, elegant, funky, fancy and playful designs in this collection. So, there is a suitable variant for every taste and interior style.

This extensive selection also includes a wide variety of colours. In addition to wood-look vinyl flooring in light colours, a dark oak vinyl provides some rustic and dignified accents. Urban wood looks like a grey wood-look vinyl floor are ideal for Scandinavian living styles. Modifications such as terrazzo vinyl or green and red design coverings perfectly round off the rich decor selection of Tarkett iD Inspiration 70.

Classic, natural, authentic: experience the power of nature with Tarkett vinyl flooring

A special highlight of Tarkett iD Inspiration 70 is the authentic variety of decors. In the Authentics, Naturals and Classics ranges, you can expect digitally printed decors that captivate with ultra-realism. With this vinyl flooring, Tarkett has set itself the task of representing the power of nature in a particularly aesthetic way. The result is a product of a special kind because the versatile glue down vinyl floor inspires with natural realism par excellence.

The Naturals range convinces with designs that appear as if they were intended by nature. Here, the design floors are produced in a particularly high resolution using an elaborate printing process. Carefully selected materials are used as templates in order to represent textures and grains in a particularly lifelike way. In addition, the design is only repeated from 12 sqm² upwards, thus supporting the near-natural appearance.

The renowned manufacturer follows the principle here that the beauty of nature can contribute to improving the quality of life in urban spaces. Woods such as elm, oak and chestnut, but also the elegant vinyl floor in walnut look and attractive stone decors invite you to create an individual feel-good atmosphere.

Defies any stress - Tarkett vinyl for glue-down installation

Glue down vinyl flooring is available in many different designs, for residential and contract use, but also for industrial use. But not many collections can be used globally in all these applications. This is not the case with the glue down vinyl flooring of the iD Inspiration 70 collection from Tarkett, which is suitable for almost every area of application with its particularly strong 0.7 mm thick wear layer. Thanks to its robust construction, the collection can be used in areas with use classes 23, 34 and 43. This makes Tarkett vinyl flooring suitable for gluing down both heavily frequented residential, commercial and even industrial areas.

This results in endless areas of application. In addition to the classic use in living spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, the flooring from the Tarkett iD Inspiration 70 collection can also be laid in galleries, hotels, shops, retirement homes and public buildings. With an overall thickness of 2.5 mm, Tarkett's glue down vinyl is hard-wearing and at the same time very easy to install.

Design and quality hand in hand - Tarkett iD Inspiration 70

The vinyl flooring from the iD Inspiration 70 collection, manufactured in Germany, has numerous technical quality features that make it affordable for every day use. In addition to properties such as fire behaviour Bfl-s1, which makes the flooring flame retardant, the collection has other first-class quality features such as group T wear behaviour, class ≥ 6 light fastness and, depending on the decor, class R9 or R10 slip resistance. In addition, the design floor is suitable for almost global use.

These include, for example, suitability for chair castors and for use over hot water underfloor heating systems up to 27°C. Moreover, even furniture feet cannot damage the surface. Thanks to the Tektanium PU coating, the vinyl design flooring is not only easy to clean, but also particularly protected against scratches, wear and stains.

In addition, the ultra-matt finish supports the authentic look. Due to its good resistance to chemicals, Tarkett vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned with standard household cleaning chemicals. It is thus characterised by numerous technical quality features that go hand in hand. Another highlight is the good manufacturing practice, as the vinyl flooring is produced as environmentally friendly as possible, phthalate-free, with water-based colours and with a large recycled content.

The durable renovation solution - vinyl flooring for glue-down installation

Vinyl flooring is available on the market with many different installation systems. The glue-down version is particularly suitable for permanent use in high-traffic areas. Installation is achieved by permanently bonding the flooring to the subfloor through the application of a special adhesive.

To glue down the Tarkett iD Inspiration 70 design floor, the subfloor must be prepared for installation. To do this, any unevenness should be evened out and dirt and grease removed. As soon as the subfloor is ready for installation, the adhesive can be spread in the room where the collection will then be laid. Once the room has been lined and the adhesive bed has dried completely, the floor covering is permanently bonded to the substrate and the renovation is complete. After drying, furniture and similar items can be moved back in. Properly installed, the iD Inspiration 70 glue down LVT can withstand even the heaviest use and is a loyal everyday companion. So the next floor renovation won't be due for many years.

Tarkett iD Inspiration 70 - Discover glue down vinyl in a variety of finishes at BRICOFLOR!

The glue down vinyl floor of the Tarkett iD Inspiration 70 collection gives you endless possibilities for individualisation. In addition to various formats, you can choose your favourite from numerous designs. Take your chance and choose a variant that is completely tailored to your requirements in terms of size and design.

Would you like to see for yourself? Use our sample service and request a sample piece to check the look and feel for yourself and be convinced. Order now and take advantage of our best price guarantee! This way you can be sure of the best price on the market! If you are planning a larger project, please contact us and we will make you an individual offer tailored to your needs.

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service by phone or e-mail or use our contact form! Our staff will be happy to help you, because we look forward to hearing from you.

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