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Wineo Glue Down Vinyl Flooring - German Quality You can Trust

Sustainability is a very special obligation for the brand manufacturer Wineo. In addition to environmentally friendly production, this also includes the ecologically sensible disposal of the products at the end of the product cycle. 

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Thus, for Wineo innovation and the careful use of resources, in addition to a high standard of design, in the foreground. With this responsibility, Wineo's vinyl flooring range is a prime example of the "Made in Germany" seal, which has always stood for top brand quality.

Wineo have many years of experience in flooring and their glue-vinyl flooring collection is a prime example of their expertise applied, resulting in a modern but equally durable collection that will catch the eye of an observer! 

Glue-down vinyl flooring that truly makes a statement.

As a large collection, Wineo Ambra offers a suitable vinyl floor for every living space. This is how living space becomes a living dream! With the collections, Wineo Ambra Wood, Ambra Stone and Ambra Round Edge, the large collection offers a suitable renovation floor for both stone and wood lovers. With designs such as Wineo Ambra Wood "Arizona Oak Grey", you can opt for a rustic wood look, or with variants, such as Wineo Ambra Stone "Monza" for a light beige stone design with cloudy expression. With these and many other designs, there are many options for home renovation in these collections. Suitable for residential and commercial areas (WC 23 and 31), the vinyl can be designed for both high-traffic living areas and low-traffic property areas. In all of these, the vinyl flooring scores for bonding with outstanding technical quality features, such as the fire behaviour Bfl-s1, the DS slip resistance, the wet room suitability as well as the resistance to chemicals and many other properties. Convince yourself now of the Wineo Ambra collections!

Wineo King-Size - Amazing Flooring For Any Room

The large collection Wineo Kingsize is all about robust, full-bodied wood décor. With a carefully selected selection of different wood looks, the Kingsize (0.33 mm) and Kingsize (0.55 mm) collections cover the entire spectrum of natural wood finishes. Among them are soft beige colourations, such as Wineo King size "Vintage Cream" (0.3 mm), as well as noble, dark variations, such as Wineo Kingsize "Mystic Oak" (0.55 mm). The two collections differ on the basis of their wear layer, making them suitable for use in a wide variety of rooms. With a 0.30 mm thick wear layer Wineo Kingsize (0.30 mm) is ideal for use in private rooms. However, thanks to the classification into service classes 23 and 31, the glue-down vinyl can also be designed for bonding in low-traffic property areas. The vinyl of the Wineo Kingsize collection (0.55 mm), on the other hand, is characterized by its utility classes 33 and 42, which means that it can be laid out in heavily frequented project rooms as well as industrial premises. With a wealth of robust wood looks, an attractive design covering is available for every room and to every style of furnishing. Discover Wineo Kingsize in the online shop of BRICOFLOR.

A polyurethane coating that is as kind to your floor as it is is to the eye

Who has in one, never want to miss him again! That's why the floor Wineo PURline Elements is the perfect vinyl for permanent installation! But an all-encompassing range of natural-realistic stone and wood decors is far from everything that characterizes the design floor of the large collection PURline Elements. With great attention to detail, the selection convinces with great colourations and detailed surface designs that make them both visually and haptically affordable. Thus, the surface is also a tactile experience, creating a pleasant feel. In addition to the look and the feel of the production is one of the central themes of this collection. For example, Wineo does not use any substances harmful to humans for vinyl production. By dispensing with plasticisers, solvents and the like, the decorative flooring for glueing can be easily recycled. Pure nature you can experience with this collection optical, haptic and based on the materials used! Discover the collections Wineo PURline Elements Stone and Wineo PURline Elements Wood and their great designs, such as:

Wineo Wood and Stone -  Vinyl flooring for all the senses.

Not only visually, the collections Wineo Select Wood and Select Stone prove how high-quality modern vinyl floor is for bonding, also the feel is a real highlight. Where the Select Wood collection is based on lifelike wood looks, such as the red-brown variant Wineo Select Wood "Golden Apple", Select Stone impresses with its numerous stone designs. Here you will find both noble variations, such as Wineo Select Stone "Silver Slate", as well as a variety of beige and grey designs. Variants, such as the curved, fine-pored stone design Wineo Select Stone "Calma Titan", however, impress with much more than the colour. The fine lines and structures of the natural prototype are reproduced haptically true to the original. The look and feel of this product help to emphasise its life-like nature.

Whatever your size, Wineo 600 has you covered

With the large collection 600, Wineo offers a suitable vinyl flooring for every room. Available in standard size and in an XXL format, the design floor impresses in both small and large, light and dark rooms all along the line. The Wineo 600 Wood, Wineo 600 Wood XL, Wineo 600 Stone and Stone XL collections offer a comprehensive range of attractive wood and stone designs. Using different textures, colours and surface details, the selections skilfully cover the entire wood and stone spectrum, so that a matching vinyl floor is available for glueing to match every taste and interior design style. In addition, the vinyl proves to be a real all-rounder. Thanks to its suitability for installation in rooms in-service classes 23, 32 and 41, the glue-down vinyl flooring can be used almost globally. Small and large formats, various colours, a detailed surface design and numerous technical quality features, that's the Wineo 600 range!

Preparing, Cutting, Bonding, Drying - Laying Glue-Down Vinyl Flooring

In order to permanently bond a vinyl floor to the substrate, there is a simple sequence of operations that allow a new spatial appearance: prepare, cut, glue, dry. First of all, the underground of the room to be renovated must be prepared for laying. For this, old coverings, dirt, dust and grease must be removed. Unevenness should be compensated with a filler so that nothing stands in the way of the new design floor. After these preparatory measures, the vinyl planks or tiles should be adapted to the existing room dimensions by these with a standard utility knife or depending on the thickness of the flooring other tools adapted. In addition to the length and width of the room should also be paid here, bay windows, heating pipes and the like, as this may have to be cutouts. After these two preparatory steps, the cleaned room should be provided with an adhesive bead. For this purpose, a uniform adhesive layer should be applied to the substrate, in which subsequently the vinyl is embedded. The design floor now only needs to be placed in the adhesive bed, starting at one wall side, butt-to-joint, until the room is completely lined with the new vinyl flooring. Afterwards, the adhesive layer only has to dry out, so that the vinyl is firmly bonded to the substrate. After a certain drying time, which you can see in the glue instructions, the renovation is complete so that furniture and the like can move into the newly renovated room.

Find the Perfect Qineo Floor at BRICOFLOR

See for yourself how brilliant these products are by browsing the versatile collections in our online shop. You will be able to find glue-down vinyl planks and tiles that fit all your requirements. Be it wood or stone designs, for laying in residential, commercial or industrial environments, the ideal design is waiting for you right here. With BRICOFLOR, find all products online at your disposal. We have selected the best manufacturers and the best collections to offer the high-quality products at the best price guaranteed. All collections enjoy an excellent quality/price ratio and are distinguished by the care and precision of the production techniques employed. To get in contact with our team of experts simply call, email or complete our contact form and we can answer any questions you have!