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Forbo Allura Flex:  Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring in Naturalistic Optics

In the extended Forbo portfolio, the Allura collection stands out as the brand of premium vinyl planks tiles. A premium collection encompassing stylish designs, high-performing technical features and a sound environmental profile. The Swiss manufacturer has established itself as a producer of luxury vinyl flooring that takes pride in the environmental production practices used to manufacture top-of-the-range products. .

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The loose-lay vinyl flooring from Forbo Allura is exceptionally easy to install with great dimensional stability. To add to this, the 1mm wear layer provides robust performance making it suitable to lay for multiple applications. Discover the loose-lay LVT flooring collections from Forbo Allura and convince yourself of not only the great quality, but the stylish designs

True to Nature Designs for Your Living Spaces

The designs of the Allura Flex collections capture both contemporary and traditional stone and wood aesthetics to ultimately meet even the most unique design tastes. The stunning LVT plank flooring feature 60 wood designs in a wide colour spectrum. From light brown nuances with a hint of grey, to deep exotic browns and even an almost black option to create a modern interior. The grain effects also add to the authenticity of these designs, giving the impression of real wood, even at a second glance! The stone designs offer light mineral options to create bright spaces, as well as grey nuances and darker slate optics. There are even tiles in bright colours and textile graphics, all to provide attractive designs to create unique interiors.

Strength, Durability and Comfort – Allura Flex 0.55 mm & Allura Flex 1.00 mm by Forbo

Forbo Allura Flex features two collections of loose-lay vinyl flooring, Forbo Allura Flex 0.55 mm (featuring a 0.55 mm wear layer) and Allura Flex 1.00 mm (featuring a 1.00 mm wear layer). The collections boasts of great durability and quality performance thanks to the glass fleece carrier feature in combination with the multiple calendared layers. Both collections are characterised by their high wear classes of 23, 33 and 42 in the the Allura Flex 0.55 mm range, and up to 43 in the Allura Flex 1.00 mm collection. These high usage classes are an indication of the suitable laying areas of the vinyl flooring; which show that the designs are well suited to withstand high loads of traffic in domestic, commercial and even industrial areas. With excellent features such as light fastness > 6, great chemical resistance and a protective PUR surface coating, Forbo reinforces the longevity of the vinyl flooring. These collections also provide a well-rounded walking experience focused on providing comfort. Thanks to the sound impact noise reduction of 14dB and suitability to be paired with underfloor heating, you can be assured of warmth under your feet and a silent atmosphere in your rooms.

Speedy Installation in Permanent or Temporary Locations

Loose-lay vinyl flooring benefits from being one of the simplest laying methods. Thus, this makes the Forbo Allura Flex ideal for renovation projects that require a fast installation.  No adhesive, stapling or click system is required to ensure these LVT floors are installed for a reliable and stable long-term performance. The vinyl flooring is made from materials that effectively grip to the subfloor, to add to this the overall thickness adds to the strong dimensional stability which means that they maintain a robust and stable shape. Alternatively, whilst it is easy to install the LVT flooring, it is also just as simple to remove the vinyl planks and tiles. So if you want to renovate a rented area, the loose-lay vinyl flooring from the Forbo Allura Flex allows you to lay and remove the floors without any implications on the subfloor.

We advise that you read the provided installation instructions from the manufacturer for optimal installation results. It is important that the subfloor is sufficiently prepared, ensuring that all unevenness, dust and grease is removed.

Good for the Environment and Good for Your Home – Forbo Allura Flex

Environmentally friendly practices are crucial for Forbo, in order to provide a true sense of well-being in all its offerings. The loose-lay vinyl flooring from the Allura Flex connection are no exception to this. Eliminating the use of harmful plasticizers such as phthalates helps to create healthy environments for every interior, as well as promoting a production process that complies with the highest regulatory standards. Additionally, the PUR surface finish adds to the easy maintenance of the luxury vinyl flooring from Forbo. With the use of neutral floor cleaning products, you can remove any dirt or spillages from the flooring.

Sustainable Designs and Natural Decors – Forbo Allura Flex Now Available on Bricoflor

Take advantage of the many benefits offered in the loose-lay vinyl flooring from the Forbo Allura Flex collections. With sustainable production, Forbo commits to providing not only impressively natural designs but sustainable products for your living spaces and the environment. What’s more, the collections are extremely durable, making them suited for many application areas, even in high traffic industrial sectors, or high traffic commercial areas like retail spaces. Discover the premium designs to match the premium technical features of Forbo Allura Flex now on BRICOFLOR.