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Project Floors Loose-Lay Design Flooring: The troubleshooter for easy renovation

There are a wide selection of design covers when it comes to vinyl flooring. In addition to classic gluing or click-system LVT floors, Loose-Lay vinyl flooring is the latest innovation in the market. Project Floors have created two collections: the Loose-Lay/30 and Loose-Lay/55. 

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The self-laying loose lay vinyl flooring by Project Floors trumps in addition to its easy installation properties with a wide range of designs and promises high technical quality features that benefit every room. Loose-Lay LVT flooring by Project Floors is available in the two main collections: Project Floors Loose-Lay/30 and Project Floors Loose-Lay/55.

Project Floors Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring: Renovate Each Room by Hand

Depending on the design, the vinyl flooring from Project Floors can be installed in almost any room. Even heavily used rooms in the industrial sector can be clad with the loose lay vinyl plank or tile of the Project Floors Loose-Lay/55 collection (service classes 23, 33, 42), but also living, dining, bedroom or office space can match the design floor of this and transform living areas into a dream home in no time. In contrast to LVT vinyl flooring of other installation systems, Loose-Lay vinyl flooring can be laid quickly and free of any adhesive.

Thus, the renovation succeeds even for hobbyists in a jiffy! By eliminating tongue and groove (click system), the adhesive-free removable vinyl floor can easily be installed by simply laying the loose lay vinyl plank or tile onto the substrate, and the renovation is complete! Due to their heavy weight, the tiles and planks do not require any additional fixation since they are strong by nature and thus securely installed. In addition, the LVT flooring can be removed individually, replaced or cleaned if necessary. Convince yourself now of the self-contained Loose-Lay vinyl flooring of the brand Project Floors. 

Design Flooring with Great Designing Possibilities: Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring by Project Floors

Project Floors' vinyl flooring allows you a variety of design options for every room. The Project Floors Loose-Lay/30 and Project Floors Loose-Lay/55 collections offer a comprehensive selection of wood designs that can be combined with almost any interior design style. In addition to warm shades of brown, the selections feature rustic decors that exude urban charm in every room. Contrasting light and dark wood decors and precious wood variants are available in the collections. With the loose lay vinyl planks and tiles by Project Floors you are "spoiled for choice". Once the choice has been made you can enjoy your new design flooring for a long time. Loose-Lay vinyl flooring by Project Floors proves how versatile self-installed design flooring can be.

Project Floors Loose-Lay/30: The Design Cover for the Living Area

The Loose-Lay/30 vinyl laminate from Project Floors is specially designed for residential and commercial use (service classes 21-23, 31). With a total construction of 4.2 mm, it has a 0.3 mm wear layer and can be installed without having to previously sanded doors or other surfaces since it has a low construction height. The loose-lay LVT flooring convinces through its high quality technical features. The heterogeneous planks are awarded the fire protection class Bfl-s1 and are thus hardly flammable. In addition, you have a high-quality PU surface finish. Due to this, the vinyl laminate is very robust, scratch-resistant and can be cleaned even with the use of household cleaning chemicals. Convince yourself now of the high-quality properties and choose your favorite design.

Project Floors Loose-Lay/55: Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring for high-traffic areas

Project Floors also offers a high-quality alternative for heavily used areas: Project Floors Loose-Lay/55. The self-supporting luxury vinyl flooring of this collection is designed to withstand many challenges even in industrial applications (service class 23, 33, 42). Depending on the field of application, the design flooring has a 0.55 mm thick wear layer, which is highly durable. Suitable for laying over underfloor heating and for use under chair castors (type W), the Loose-Lay vinyl laminate defies almost every problem. Decide now on your favorite design and convince yourself of this high-quality vinyl flooring.