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Gerflor Senso self-adhesive premium: Optimal self-adhesive vinyl floor for living spaces

In 2019, the French brand Gerflor created a new collection that you can use in many ways in your home: Gerflor Senso Self-…

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Individual designs with the two formats of the Gerflor design floor

If you want to give your home a personal touch, you'll have a great opportunity with the Gerflor designer flooring. This is not only available in the form of a plank with dimensions of 18.1 x 121.9cm but also includes some decors in the square format 61 x 61 cm. This allows you to choose the floor to match the size of your rooms and even create unique patterns by combining the different finishes. The collection contains authentic decors in wood and tile look, some of which are refined with a luxurious baroque pattern. Since the product range focuses on medium brown and grey shades, you can easily combine the panels with different colours. With this vinyl flooring, you can implement both a rustic look and a classic elegant look, so you do not have to compromise on the furnishings.

Durable design flooring made in France

The flooring is not only designed by a French company but also produced in France. This reflects the high-quality standards that Gerflor pursues with its products. This is also supported by the award for usage class 31, which allows you to flexibly use the design floor within your four walls. They can equip not only mildly used rooms such as bedrooms or guest rooms but also highly frequented areas such as the hallway. In addition, use in the bathroom and kitchen is possible because the design flooring is resistant to moisture. The non-slip surface minimises the risk of slipping when walking on the panels. In addition, the anti-static technology prevents electrical charges from developing and protects your computer equipment from potential damage. The aesthetic decors of the collection can also be used in the commercial sector. Laying in low-traffic hotel rooms is not a problem and gives you additional options when using the high-quality floor.

Durable thanks to first-class technical features

Even with the manufacturer's warranty of 12 years for private use, you realise that Gerflor Vinyl proves itself with its outstanding quality. Among other things, the floor owes its high durability to its high flame retardancy, which is confirmed by the classification in the fire protection class Bfl-s1. In addition, it is characterised by its good lightfastness, which counteracts the fading of colours from exposure to sunlight. Finally, the special PUR + surface finish ensures that the panels look good even without great care. The coating makes it dirt-repellent so regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner in most cases is completely sufficient.

Easy to install with self-adhesive vinyl floor

If you like to do your own renovation, you can make an excellent choice with the collection. The self-adhesive vinyl is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and does not require extensive previous knowledge in terms of installation. In the beginning, you should allow the floorboards to acclimatise for 48 hours and check the surface of the subfloor for any unevenness. For the best result, the manufacturer recommends a primer, which should be applied to all existing floor coverings. Depending on the size of the existing joints and height differences, it should be levelled with putty before installing the floor. Once all preparations have been made, you can proceed with the installation. The beauty of self-adhesive vinyl planks is that you only have to peel off the protective foil on the back of the panels, place the planks or tiles and then press down a bit. So you can gradually fill the entire room. Thanks to the underfloor heating suitability, you can use the flooring in combination with hot water underfloor heating. This heats the panels without damaging them and ensures a comfortable temperature in your home.

Discover Gerflor Senso self-adhesive Premium now at BRICOFLOR!

So you want to secure the excellent properties of Gerflor Senso Self-Adhesive Premium for your home? Then order a sample using our sample service to examine the quality, colour and structure in the comfort of your own home. At BRICOFLOR, Europe's largest online shop for walls and floors, you can benefit from our Best Price Guarantee. For large order quantities, you can also receive an individual offer from us. Simply contact our service team - by phone, mail or via the contact form.

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