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The wallpapers of the studied artist Lars Contzen stand for particularly contemporary living. A touch of urban club culture, references to Scandinavian or Asian culture as well as an orientation towards the spirit of the times and the latest trends turn Lars Contzen's wallpapers into real design highlights.

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Lars Contzen

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Wallpapers that appeal to the creative individualist - Lars Contzen's wallpapers offer you a mix of trendy colours and a variety of different motifs and structures. Bring a breath of fresh air into your rooms and design your walls in the spirit of digital society and urbanity, without having to abandon naturalness and traditional impulses.

In no time at all, you can turn a dreary and boring wall into a canvas full of eye-catchers. The wallpapers by Lars Contzen, which are created for you in cooperation with the renowned wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création, are completely geared to the latest design trends. Take advantage of the opportunity to give your rooms an individual touch and let your creativity run free when it comes to wall design. The design wallpapers are also ideal for skilfully setting accents and seeing certain parts of the interior from a new perspective.


In the collection Lars Contzen Artist Edition No. 1 you will find numerous modern wallpapers for a youthfully fresh ambience. Exactly drawn lines play a role in the wallpapers of Lars Contzen as do dynamic designs and geometric wallpapers in all imaginable facets. A slight retro touch runs through the entire collection thanks to the striking choice of colours and unusual patterns.

The Scandinavian wallpaper by Lars Contzen is ideal for a little Nordic straightforwardness. Zigzag patterns in 3D optics, as well as tasteful organic designs in very trendy colours such as a royal blue, conjure up unagitated Nordic flair and a sophisticated character in every room. Diamond patterns in a discreet paper look are reminiscent of the 60s or 70s and ensure charmingly nostalgic esprit. For those who like it a little more classic, there are tasteful striped wallpapers in trendy and perfectly coordinated shades.

But also monochrome wallpapers by Lars Contzen provide a modern ambience with that certain something. The wallpapers in the Lars Contzen Artist Edition No. 1 collection all have a special structure reminiscent of wrapping paper or cardboard. Although the wall dresses impress with their special modernity and orientation towards zeitgeist and urban flair, they also demonstrate down-to-earthiness and a touch of naturalness and restraint.


In addition to graphic and geometric wallpapers, Lars Contzen also offers some floral designs. The floral wallpaper, inspired by the Asian and Nordic culture, captivates with its combination of linear and clear design with dynamics and organic accents. The striking floral wallpapers with coarse contours and a design reminiscent of the Art Deco style are captivating, while dynamic tendrils ensure liveliness. A special highlight is also the Chinese wallpaper with a particularly unusual floral design in a very modern interpretation, which stands for the digital age and is suitable for furnishings with an almost intellectual touch.


When buying a wallpaper not only the motives, the style and the colours are to be considered. Finally, the materials of the wallpaper provide the desired look, the respective application and the care of the decor. The brand Lars Contzen convinces mainly with fleece wallpapers so that you are offered some advantages of a high-quality wallpaper. Regarding the surface, you have the choice of whether you opt for a textured wallpaper with embossing or very hard-wearing vinyl wallpaper.

The wallpapers of Lars Contzen captivate however altogether by an expressed robustness. The wall hangings can also be installed in the kitchen or bathroom, as they are water-resistant, air and vapour permeable and dimensionally stable. In addition, the wallpapers by Lars Contzen are very lightfast and colour-intensive, so that the wall outfits are also suitable for the conservatory or other rooms with high solar radiation. A special advantage of the fleece wallpaper by Lars Contzen is, however, that you can attach the wallpaper to the wall in a completely uncomplicated way and can remove it completely if you decide to buy another wallpaper from our online shop at any time.


With a vinyl wallpaper from Lars Contzen you enjoy some advantages. Thanks to the elaborate production process, in which several times heated and foamed vinyl is applied to a fleece carrier, you have a vinyl wallpaper with a wall dress on your hand, which makes the designs appear deceptive. Especially when it comes to the 3D effect, this material is the right choice.

Just as the appearance is, the care and cleaning of this wallpaper is a real highlight. Due to their durability, these wallpapers from Lars Contzen are also suitable for rooms with a heavy load on the walls. Due to the high abrasion and scratch resistance, cleaning is child's play. Simply take a wet sponge and rub over the dirty area and the wallpaper looks like new. If you decide to use vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom, you should ventilate more frequently, as the coating slightly inhibits air and vapour permeability.


In keeping with the hip Do it yourself principle, Lars Contzen wallpapers are easy to put on the wall. First of all, you should measure your walls so that you can order the right number of wallpaper rolls in our online shop. Simply use the calculator to the right of the picture on the page of your favourite wallpaper in our online shop. When choosing a sample wallpaper with repeat, we recommend planning one more roll.

Cut the lengths of wallpaper to size with an addition of about five centimeters, which you can later cut cleanly with a carpet knife if the wallpaper sticks to the wall. Stir the paste according to the package insert and avoid lumps. Ensure that your walls are dry and smooth, as the nature of the surface may affect the wallpaper.

Spread the paste as evenly as possible on the wall with a tassel and brush the first strip of wallpaper against the wall from top to bottom with a wallpapering brush. Start in an upper corner of the room. If you have decided on a patterned wallpaper, you should pay attention to the appropriate design. Any scars that may have formed between the strips can be smoothed out very easily with a scar roller.


Lars Contzen convinces in the world of wallpapers with fresh wind and innovation. Lars Contzen's wall hangings are an excellent example of how wallpaper can transform a room into something completely new. Modern art and trendy design elements make every room something very special. The unusual and funky designs are a mix of a touch of retro look and graphic design that immediately catches the eye.

No matter which Lars Contzen wallpaper you choose, you will definitely experience a new feeling of living. Adapt the walls to your individual style and let yourself be inspired by the versatile motifs and go new ways. The fashionable wall dresses are not only very contemporary in terms of design and material, but also in terms of manufacture.

A.S. Création also attaches great importance to sustainability in the manufacture of Lars Contzen's wallpaper and to the processing of the best raw materials from ethical forest management. In addition, modernized production processes ensure energy-efficient production. Constant quality control ensures that you receive only the highest quality wallpapers.


When you buy your new wallpaper from Lars Contzen in our online shop, you benefit from a number of services. Save yourself the trip to a specialist shop and the time associated with it. Choose the matching Lars Contzen decor from the comfort of your own home and save not only time and nerves but also money thanks to our best price guarantee.

With our free sample service, you can eliminate even the last doubts about your choice and get your own picture of the desired wallpaper once again. If you are planning a larger construction project, you can ask for an individual offer, specifying the desired wallpaper and the required quantity, and we will try to put together the best conditions for you.

Take the time you need and take your time to have a look around at home to see if anything is still missing for the change of wallpaper. Under the category "Accessories" you will find everything you need for a successful wallpaper change. Only complete the order when you are really sure that it is the right design and that you really have everything. With our customer-friendly and convenient payment options, you complete the order and a few days later you can give the walls a new lease of life with Lars Contzen.

Do you have any questions, wishes or suggestions? You can contact our customer service via e-mail, telephone or via our contact form. We will be happy to advise you on the subject of wallpapers by Lars Contzen and look forward to hearing from you!