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Designer & Luxury Wallpaper - Add a Touch of Luxury

Bring your walls to life with our beautiful selection of designer wallpaper. Available in multiple textures, in a wide spectrum of designs, from the finest wallpaper manufacturers in Europe. Discover luxury wallpapers to transform your walls with fine designs.

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Designer & luxury wallpaper

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Luxury Wallpaper in Classic and Modern Decors

Emblematic baroque motifs and gorgeous swirls with a 3D effect all achieve the vision of classic luxury wallpaper. But the designs don’t stop there, more modern trends like geometric wallpaper and variants of animal inspired prints. The designer selection displays a stylish variety of interior concepts, all of which feature high quality materials for the finest interiors.

Plain Wallpaper Available in Different Materials

You can find a variety of luxury wallpaper decors in a selection of materials and surfaces, notably in vinyl and paper formats. In which both materials display different properties, depending on the look and texture you are aiming for.

Vinyl Wallpaper in Trendy Colours

Vinyl wallpapers feature a special construction which consists of a fiber or paper base, and a top layer of PVC, which provides durability as well as resilience. With this special vinyl top layer, it is particularly resistant to moisture and light, and is washable. This is what makes them the perfect kitchen and bathroom wallpaper.

Modern Wallpaper in Paper Format

Paper wallpaper is the material traditionally used for interior decoration. However, this material is becoming somewhat obsolete when it comes to wallpaper decorating nowadays. This is because, due to the delicacy of the material, it is only recommended for rooms with little use.

Hanging Wallpaper has Never Been So Easy

Whilst it can be said that hanging wallpaper is not usually a strenuous task, the level of difficulty of the renovation can depend on the material and base. Here we can distinguish two types of wallpaper: paper and non woven wallpaper.

Plain Wallpaper with a Paper Base

As previously mentioned, paper wallpaper has a simple construction, so it does not feature any resistance to moisture, and is slightly more bulky to handle. Thus, apply glue on the back of the wallpaper and allow the adhesive to soften the paper for a few minutes. The adhesive should also be applied to wall for prepping. On the other hand, when removing the wallpaper, particular caution must be taken as, being such a fragile material, it can break and leave sections of the wall that will be difficult to later remove.

Non Woven Wallpaper in Stylish Textured Motifs

Non woven wallpaper is characterised by its varnished acrylic layer. The non woven properties are achieved because the fibres that make up the textile wallpaper are joined together without being woven, eliminating the form of threads. With regards to its placement, the process is simpler, since you only have to apply the adhesive to the wall. And advantage of this is that, until it dries, you can rectify the placement of the wallpaper if necessary. As for removing, the process is just as simple, no residue is left and the paper can be removed in one piece.

Designer Wallpaper by the Top Wallpaper Manufacturers

Here at BRICOFLOR, we not only have a varied selection of luxury wallpaper, we also offer quality collections from the best in the business. Discover the variety of wallpapers from some of the top wallpaper manufacturers in Europe. As one of the top experts in the craft of luxury wallpaper, A.S. Création offer a large variety of wallpaper collections derived from the latest trends designed from the top in the business. There are an array of stylish collections from Rasch who have demonstrated exceptional quality and attention to detail in all its classic and modern collections.

Livingwalls offer wallpaper aimed at the medium-high segment of the market. Among its wide selection of collections, you can find designs that you will not see from any other brand. In the market, Architects Paper are considered a premium brand that represent a new level in the segment of professional products of high quality. The unique designs are elegant and are different from the rest, drawing inspiration from architectural structures.

Based in the fashion capital Paris, France Lutèce produce luxury wallpapers in ambitious, modern and also passionate ways. The designs of this brand are processed in such a detailed way that it adds another level of authenticity. The designer wallpaper from Lutéce are modern and beautiful. In addition, fashion brands such as Esprit offer a selection of luxury wallpapers for homes and offices. What’s more, the luxury collections from Versace are a real eye-catcher for pure extravagance in your interiors.

Discover Luxury Wallpaper at BRICOFLOR Online

For luxury and designer wallpaper, explore the decors of the plain wallpaper available now at BRICOFLOR. When you buy wallpaper at BRICOFLOR, you can also benefit from our fantastic services! Our best price guarantee ensures you are buying the lowest price in the online market. For large orders intended for large commercial settings, you may be able to receive an individualised quote from our team! Simply contact our team with your queries, via email, telephone or our contact form. What’s more, we offer a free sample service so you can receive samples of your favourite decors before you place your order