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Metropolitan Stories

Six major European cities – each unique in itself. Six brand characters – each with their own individual story. All linked to one another by an exclusive style, their elegant design and their modern and authentic nonchalance for life and living. Admirable and yet attainable. Simultaneously a role model and a best friend.

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Livingwalls Metropolitan Stories

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Lizzy. London.

Be like the cool kids! Savvy in Notting Hill, knowing when the hip beats of the city's clubs are calling and meeting up with the in-crowd. “Lizzy – London” knows all the hot spots in this city, knows what is in tomorrow and presents it today. Whether taking a walk in Hyde Park or out in Covent Garden, seeing and being seen comes easily to “Lizzy – London”. Life is beautiful in colour. Tea time? Yes, of course, because “Lizzy’s” style is both very British and excitingly new – and combines this to make surprising interior trends. Design is simply being.

Paul Bergmann. Berlin.

“Paul Bergmann – Berlin” stands for free thought and action in a free city. A starlight dinner on the street, wearing a skater look to the state opera, leaving behind a piece of eternity on the Wall with a spray can. “Paul Bergmann – Berlin” presents the modern new German style of living. Defiant, confident, straight-forward – but also sensitive, insightful and empathetic. Full of drive and passion, “Paul Bergmann – Berlin” conquers walls and desires. Backyard romance meets shabby chic, cool loft character filled with Berlin warmth. “Paul Bergmann – Berlin” brings together what belongs together.

Francesca. Milano.

Tends to live full of spirit. “Francesca – Milano” is the Mona Lisa of the city, the exciting flirt on the piazza, the dolce vita of the south – beauty to bow down to. Pizza & Pasta, da Vinci & Verdi, Family & Friends, Laughing & Crying. “Francesca – Milano” embodies a mixture of the traditional and the modern in a unique way. In fashion, in interiors and in design, “Francesca – Milano” stands for hot trends which consistently captivate with exclusive wallpaper design, colour and form.. Now. Not later! With perfection in every detail.

Nils Olsson. Copenhagen.

See what “Nils Olsson – Copenhagen” sees. The eye decides calmly with a focus on value, consistency and nature. “Nils Olsson – Copenhagen” feels the icy wind of the Baltic Sea, looks toward the inimitable Öresund Bridge. He has that great feeling of having arrived, rather than just experiencing a pocket of happiness. A cool head for warm interior trends. Life and living in the present, thankful for what one has and in harmony with things and people. Homely comfort to share.

Anke & Daan. Amsterdam.

You. Me. Amsterdam – In love with your laugh. Impressed by your relaxed style. We. “Anke & Daan – Amsterdam”. The world is multi-cultural, it is open to new things and happy with what is tried and tested. Why not mix what you love so much. This works with “Anke & Daan – Amsterdam”. In Amsterdam and all over the world. In awe of the great painters of this city and excited for new influences which come across the seas and rivers to anchor in the port. Tolerant, casual and trendy.

Lola. Paris.

“Lola – Paris”, mon amour! Live, laugh and love in a proud city. Wake up with a smile after dancing through the night, greet the sun across the Seine, head to the boulangerie make-up free. “Lola – Paris” is the interior style for trend-setters with heart, for those who still dare to search and to find – for all who maintain a bit of folly. Flowers from Marché aux Fleurs, Haute Couture on the Champs-Élysées and casual living combine to create the style of the French capital and manage to do so without any airs. “Lola – Paris” brings the charm, the breath and the chic of the city to the wall.

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