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Originals – Classic and floral designs on high quality wallpaper

Originals is a German wallpaper manufacturer. A few times a year, they launch a new collection of beautiful wallpapers. All the wallpapers they design and create are with floral and classic themes. They focus on high quality products with modern and timeless designs. You will notice they have many floral patterns, with mostly soft colouring and earthy shades. 


Paste the wall wallpaper

Wallpaper 312235 Originals Classico
£70.51 per roll £49.50 per roll
corresponds to £4.65 / m²
Shipping: £7.95 per order
£56.91 per roll £39.95 per roll
corresponds to £3.75 / m²
Shipping: £9.95 per order

Two collections – Countless designs

The two collections now presented are the newest collections available. We present Flower days and Mystique each a beautiful selection of wallpapers. Both lines have several floral patterns, baroque designs, and striped wallpapers. The choice is endless and you can creatively combine all the designs. On top of all the patterns, this collection also offers plain wallpapers. These colours are all in an earthy, beige shade. This makes it even easier to mix and match.

Flower Days – Floral meets rustic

Flower Days does not have to be introduced; the name says it all.  Originals got very creative with this line, and incorporated flowers in several designs. There are five wood effect wallpapers in this line that look life like and they will give a rustic feel to your home. Using this wooden theme Originals gave their personal touch to it and launched five different wooden wallpapers. They decorated them with flowers in different shades of blue, yellow and pink. This line also has three different shades of brick wallpaper. With this design, too, Originals they gave their personal touch to it. This time they decorated the design with a baroque pattern on top of it, using the colours purple and two shades of beige. The rest of the decorations are

Mystique – Mysterious and sophisticated

Choosing wallpaper nowadays is not easy. There are so many different patterns, colours and materials that you will be unable to see them all before you find your perfect fit. So where do you have to pay attention to? Luckily, the Mystique collection by Originals is here to make your choice a lot easier, because there’s no need to look any further. Whether you’re looking for classical motifs, sensual flower bouquets, extraordinary stripes, or braid patterns, the Mystique collection has everything you need to achieve the style and mood you’re after. Both intricate, sophisticated floral patters and more understated floral patterns are available, alongside plain colours and striped patterns. While most of these are in warm, earthly shades, colours that offer a rich contrast are available as well. A shade of deep blue, for example, forms a luxurious feel, when combined with a softer yellowish shade. But this is not the only combination possible, all the wallpapers from this collection can be mixed and matched to taste.

Non-woven wallpapers – Unpreceded convenience

While wallpapers traditionally are made of paper, non-woven material has been on a steady rise of popularity in recent years, thanks to its many desirable properties. Non woven wallpapers are easier to clean and maintain, offer advantages in application and removal, and have colours that last a lot longer than those of conventional, paper wallpapers.

Easier to install and remove – Your redecoration friend

If you like decorating, redecorating, and redecorating again, these collections will surely make your heart skip a beat. Because thanks to the special properties this non-woven material has, both installing and removing the wallpaper has become child’s play. Rather than applying the glue to the paper, waiting for it to soak, and then carefully applying the wet, heavy material to the wall, you can now simply apply the glue to the wall, and apply the wallpaper itself. But when the time has come to redecorate, you’ll again be glad you choose this wallpaper over the myriad of other options. Because taking it off the wall is at least as easy as applying it: you can simply tear it of dry, with no tools, fluids, or chemicals needed. While most traditional wallpaper options present themselves as a pain in the neck to take off the wall, non-woven wallpaper will come of easily and leave your wall free of residue.

High colour fastness – Brilliance to last

Another major advantage of the non-woven material is its incredible colour fastness. That means that the colours are, under normal conditions, are much less prone to fading. Originals has such confidence in this technique that they promise up to 50 years of brilliant colours. These normal conditions are inside and not in direct sunlight.

Ease of maintenance – Washable wallpapers of the future

Keeping wallpaper as nice, neat and clean as the day you installed it can be a challenge. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to clean stains of your beautifully covered walls. Which is particularly useful in rooms that are intensively used, or where kids play. The icons on the package and on the products’ pages show the extend to which a wallpaper is washable. One, two, or three waves mean increasing water resistance respectively, allowing for an increasingly damp sponge or rag. Three waves means it’s safe to add a mild agent. A brush symbol means that more severe stains can be cleaned with a soft brush or sponge and a mild agent. Most Originals wallpapers fall in the last category.

Patterned wallpaper – Match guidelines for optimal results

When you choose for a patterned wallpaper, you obviously want the pattern to match and for a continuous whole on your wall. Because it’s not always immediately evident how to achieve the best match between two rolls, icons are here to help you. The easiest option is “free match”. This is what you’ll find on plain wallpaper, and means that there’s nothing to take into account when applying the next strip of wallpaper. “Straight match” means the next roll should be applied at the same height as the previous one. “Offset match” means the next roll should be applied with an offset of a provided number of centimetres, and finally, “reverse alternate lengths” means the next roll should be applied upside down relative to the previous one. These icons are always clearly present on the package and the product pages, so we recommend to pay close attention to them.

An environmentally responsible decision

The health of our planet is a growing concern among manufacturers and consumers alike. That’s why Originals makes sure their products are as environmentally friendly as they can be. Therefor does the company what they can to minimise pollution and waste, and sources their paper from responsibly logged wood. You can clearly see this by the FSC certification logo on the packages of their products. This certificate is only given to companies who take serious measures to ensure that their resources do not harm the planet.

Countless wallpaper options – Originals at BRICOFLOR

You can find the countless wallpaper products by Originals all in our online shop. Feel free to browse through our online shop and compare the many products. Because Originals is not the only big brand we carry. You can find all the important brands right here on our website. We also offer a free sample service, so you can see the products in person, from the comfort of your living room. Have a look at the possible mix and match combinations, and see if they fit the existing elements in your interior as planned. Order your brand new beautiful wallpaper online today!

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