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Polk Dot and Spotty Wallpaper

Polk Dot and Spotty Wallpaper is great for a off-beat quirky look. Be it your eccentric kitchen or your kids room it is easy to furnish without overwhelming your walls. There are many styles to choose from so dive in and take a look!

Polka dot & spotty wallpaper

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Polk Dot and Spotty Wallpaper – Quirky and Offbeat

The polka dot and spotty wallpaper can give an interesting and unique look to a room. Ideal for children’s bedrooms also, this versatile option comes in many colourways to suit your style. Lavender polka dots on a pink background creates a distinctly feminine vibe. The neutral barley colour with beige spots is great for a gender neutral baby bedroom. You can even create a vintage look with the deep teal option with golden spots reminiscent of a peacock feather – which looks stunning with brass furnishings.

Materials of Polk Dot and Spotty Wallpaper
There are two types of materials when it comes to modern and wallpaper. Vinyl wallpaper or structured wallpaper. Both are attractive options and come with various benefits that add a lot to both the design and technical features, some wallpapers even combine the two.

     Vinyl wallpaper as Polk Dot and Spotty Wallpaper

If durability is a key factor in deciding your vintage wallpaper then vinyl wallpaper is a great choice for you. It is extremely strong and very easy to clean making it an ideal choice for kitchens where some light staining may occur. This can then be scrubbed off with a sponge for effective and easy maintenance. 

     Structured wallpaper as Polk Dot and Spotty Wallpaper

Textured and embossed wallpaper adds a element of luxury to your walls – giving a 3D effect to the design. The modern style is created with sophisticated machinery and techniques, whose finishing results adds a touch of luxury to any room.  

Installation of Polk Dot and Spotty Wallpaper

The wallpaper in this category varies between two installation methods; paste the wall and paste the paper. You should always check the recommended installation method from the manufacturer before installing the wallpaper.

    Paste the wall wallpaper Polk Dot and Spotty Wallpaper

For paste the wall wallpaper you must paste the wall then adhere the paper to the wall by pressing firmly on the paper, smoothing out any bubbles. You must take into consideration your timing as you do not want the adhesive to dry out before you have a chance to attach the wallpaper.

    Paper backing wallpaper Polk Dot and Spotty Wallpaper

Paper backed modern and contemporary wallpaper is less expensive than vinyl however it can be a little bit trickier to deal with when installing. This is because it is can absorb the paste quickly and the dimensional stability can be compromised.

Featured Polk Dot and Spotty Wallpaper Collections

The modern and contemporary wallpaper designs in our A.S Creation Collections have something for every taste be it elegant and chic or off the wall. Discover below some of the favourites;

A.S. Création……

The AS Création Elegance 5th Avenue has a pastel and neutral colour palette create a soft tone to a room. The pinks and lavenders would be perfect for a little girls bedroom wallpaper – as the colours are not too vivid, overstimulating the child. Alternatively, the natural barley coloured polka wallpaper is great if you wish to make the space gender neutral. You can add points in interest in the form of framed children’s illustrations. This too, can be paired with a block colour wall to break up the intensity or create a focus point in the room.    

Architects Paper…..

Architects Paper “Absolutley Chic” is a collection of beautifully antiquated angular spot wallpaper that would suit a vintage look home. The unusual teals and mustard colours used give a unique aesthetic that would be hard to find anywhere else. The designs from Architects Paper have a truly elevated style giving a luxurious feel to a room. To create a perfect shabby chic aesthetic you can furnish with brass accessories.

Why buy Polk Dot and Spotty Wallpaper online?

You can assess the quality, colour and texture of the design you have chosen in the comfort of your home or office by ordering a sample. This protects you from having to commit to an order before checking it is suitable for your needs. Here at BRICOFLOR we always put our customers first, so should you require any assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and our friendly team will be happy to help you. If you are a contractor or business looking for a bespoke offer for a large quantity order then contact our quotes team and you can receive a personalised quote for your order.