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Wood Effect Wallpaper – Give your home a warm rustic look

If what you’re looking for is to recreate a cosy space for your family, just like bringing your country home to the city, then the way to do it starts with using wood effect wallpaper. It will give you the rural, yet sophisticated look that you’re looking for. Dare to try and experiment with your walls, use a wood wallpaper to completely change the look and feel of your home.

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Wood effect wallpaper

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Introducing the Wood Effect Wallpaper

This look is not only reserved for the floors, wood is a classic, yet timeless, material that used to adorn houses of old. If you want to draw from this cosy and rustic look, then we have a broad selection of designs that will help your furniture stand out and make your home something you’re looking forward to all day. Wood is expensive, but wallpaper that looks like wood is not, so you can have all the style at only a fraction of the price.

A Rustic style – From the countryside to the city with just one change

A relaxed and traditional environment might be just what you need to create your own special home. Boost your creativity and feel more in tune with nature, just mix this wallpaper with wooden or stone style adornments to have a matching set of elements that will make you want to sing.

The most common colours that match wood are warm, such as a light brown or white. If you already have furniture that fits this colour palette, then you’re on your way to having a home worthy of an interior decorator. With this style that is based on the country and its homes, the matching decoration shouldn’t be too elaborate and natural light, along with a lot of space would match perfectly.

These wallpapers come in many varieties of wood and wood effect designs. There is something for everyone and this allows for great diversity in their application, such as a great living room or bedroom wallpaper, but equally good for a bathroom or kitchen. Other warmer wood designs, such as the little stars collection, would look great on a nursery room, children’s / kids room. It’s up to you to decide how you want to use these wallpapers to make all the unique qualities of your home stand out.

Wood Wallpaper in Different Materials

Just like wood, these wallpapers come in different material varieties. Here at BRICOFLOR we make sure that you can get the right type of wallpaper online, without having to leave the comfort of your home. We present two very distinct materials: Vinyl and Paper.

Vinyl Wood Wallpaper

If you have chosen a vinyl wallpaper, then you have opted for a particularly high-quality item. Not only does it offer great designs, it also provides the most robust build. For this reason, the vinyl wallpaper is the public favourite. This product is made of a fibre or paper base and a top layer made out of PVC, which warrants great durability and protects it from humidity. Between its characteristics, we can find that it is light resistant and washable, which makes it perfect for a kitchen or bathroom. Simply grab a damp cloth and clean up without any fear of ruining your textured wallpaper.

Paper Wood Effect Wallpaper

A more commonly used material, paper has been a staple of traditional interior design. Nowadays, paper wallpapers have become a bit more disused due to their fragility, therefore we only recommend this wallpaper for rooms that see little use. Furthermore, it is not washable, which can constitute a problem.

Putting up a wallpaper has never been so easy

 While it is true that the placement of any wallpaper is usually not a very complicated task, its material can make it harder than it needs to be. There are self-adhesive, also known as peel and stick alternatives, which can make the task easy for you lovers of DIY out there, but there are also different types of backings. Before we made reference to their surface, now we’ll look at their backings, where we can find two types: paper and non-woven.

Wallpaper with paper backing

The paper-based backing doesn’t have any other material to bolster its resistance, therefore its placement is usually somewhat more complicated. Glue should be applied to the back of the wallpaper and wait two minutes for it to soften the paper, which then can be placed on the wall. At the same time, you should apply glue to the respective wall. When it comes time to remove it, one must be careful, as its fragile nature can create rips and leave behind traces, which can be difficult to remove. It is a cheap wallpaper that will be more than enough for rooms that don’t see very heavy use.

Wallpaper with non-woven backing

The non-woven wallpaper is characterised by their single varnished acrylic backing layer. The name “non-woven” is given due to the fact that the fibres that constitute its base are united without being woven, therefore not creating knots. Placing these wallpapers is simple and comfortable, as you only have to apply glue to the wall and you can rectify the placement whenever necessary until the glue has dried. To remove it, the process is equally simple. One only needs to pull it off and you’ll see that it leaves no additional residue behind. Thanks to its acrylic backing, which makes it waterproof, it is ideal for any room.

Wood Effect Wallpaper– the manufacturers and brands with the best designs on the market

Our online store aims to showcase only the best brands on the market. You will see that our catalogue features a wide variety of over 100 wood designs, looking to bring our clients only the most durable and elegant wallpapers around.

A.S. CRÉATION - The Best Wood Designs

The German manufacturer A.S. Création is in tune with nature, so they’re bringing you the trendiest wood designs around. Besides boasting great design, they also have remarkable quality, coming from their Gummersbach based factory. Among their unique collections, you’ll find their Best of Wood N’ Stone collection which is comprised of only the best-selling wood and stone designs.

Find your favourite Wood wallpaper on the Bricoflor online store!

If you want your walls to exude style, then look no further. Search our online store for your favourite model! Furthermore, you’ll be able to benefit from our specialised services, such as the lowest price guaranteed, which makes sure that you’re buying at the lowest possible price. If you’re looking to save even more, large orders also allow for better prices. To this end, you’ll only have to contact our sales team, which would be delighted to offer you the best deal possible. Besides this, if you’re looking to get a glimpse of the quality of our materials, we also provide you with free samples, which will allow you to have an idea of how it would look on your wall. You can contact us through e-mail or telephone.