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Interlocking Floor Tiles – Simple, seamless and easy to work with!

Your garage floor can be a very unforgiving place – spills, grit and heavy loads require a floor that is durable and capable of withstanding some intense stress. It is for this very reason that PVC floor tiles have been developed. This highly durable PVC floor tiles option not only protects your floor from the daily demands of your garage but also offers a stylish and practical solution.

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Interlocking Floor Tiles

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One of the main manufacturers, Fortelock, offers a wide array of practical and stylish interlocking tile designs for your floor, ensuring that you will find the right design and price range for you.

PVC Floor Tiles Suitable For Home Use

One of the great features of this product is that it can be used in many different functions. Does your garage floor need a durable and long-lasting option? How about a flooring option that is capable of withstanding all the demands of a gym filled with heavy equipment? Well here at BRICOFLOR, we have plenty of options to ensure you pick the right interlocking tiles for use in your home.

Easy to install, no professional experience required

Want excellent, high-quality interlocking floor tiles but fear the hassle of having to get a professional fitter to install it for you? Well, fear no more, with vinyl floor tiles, installation is easy, so easy in fact, you can do it yourself! These tiles lock into one another, similar to jigsaw puzzle without the complexity so installation is quick, simple and stress-free! No glue is required in most cases so the floors can be laid without any special products! Minimal preparation of the subfloor is needed so this once again, a quick sweep is all that's needed, once again helping to cut down on your installation time! However, a gap of at least 5 mm should be left from walls to ensure a correct installation.

A low fuss, low maintenance flooring option - Interlocking floor tiles

Often when people consider updating their floor, they worry about the stress of constantly maintaining it, the cleaning, hoovering etc. Thankfully with interlocking vinyl flooring, keeping your floor looking as great the day you installed it is easy! These tiles are highly resistant to stains from food or beverages so you can forget about panicking over tiny spillages. The tiles are designed in such a way as to resist the formation of dirt and grit between them, however, should this occur, cleaning is as simple as removing the tile and hoovering underneath before laying it back into place! No expensive cleaning products are required either, simple soap and water can be used to clean these tiles if needed.

Durability, comfort, and style in one product

Interlocking floor tiles manage to combine several key elements into one high-performance product. One key aspect is the high durability of this product - a 7 mm layer protects the tiles and ensures that they can stand up to any number of strains, from a busy family in the home or even trucks in the commercial space! But durable doesn't have to meet boring, as the tiles are available in a number of different styles, you are sure to find the design to suit your needs and to truly create the atmosphere you've always wanted for your space. To top everything off, these amazing tiles are excellent are reduce noise and vibrations and have thermal insulation properties, helping to ensure a comfortable floor for your family or workforce.

Fortelock - At the forefront of PVC floor tiles

Fortelock has become the largest name in PVC tiles, Its name has become synonymous with high quality and high-performance tiles. Here at Bricoflor, we are proud to provide a number of Fortelock products which we believe to be the best on the market today. These excellent tiles boast several great properties such as durability, easy installation, low maintenance, eye-catching designs and peace of mind.

Fortelock Invisible - Seamless and Smooth PVC Tiles

Fortelock Invisible manages to create a near-indistinguishable floor that uses an interlocking mechanism to create a seamless and highly realistic end product. Available in a number of designs and colours, it is more than possible to create the perfect space for what your needs require. The highly innovative airflow system prevents the build-up of water underneath the tiles and keeps them dry. Suitable for high traffic areas such as residential use or light commercial use such as offices. This product includes a 12-year warranty.

Fortelock Industry - Heavy-duty tiles for heavy-duty requirements

Fortelock Industry is specifically designed for the most demanding requirements, such as factories and heavy machinery with a thickness of 7 - 8 mm. Its high durability comes with a 12-year warranty and is easy to install, thanks to its interlocking tile mechanism. These tiles also boast a high resistance to fire and are easy to maintain with simple detergent and water. Due to their designed use in heavy commercial areas, they are also equipped with great oil and chemical resistance. Plastic floor tiles that are built to last.

PVC floor tiles - Now at Bricoflor

PVC tiles are highly durable and capable of withstanding a wide array of stresses and strains, from both residential use as well as commercial. Here at BRICOFLOR, you will find a wide array of interlocking tiles to suit your needs and budget. We have the best products in terms of quality and price on the market and are proud to have interlocking tiles as a part of our range, please contact us to find out more about these amazing tiles and to find the right tile for you!