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Bathroom Carpet Tiles For A Relaxed And Homely Atmosphere

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

bathroom carpet tiles

For many years now, carpet tiles have been a huge success in commercial settings. They are more convenient and flexible than other floorings and are available in all different price categories. After facing a lot of success in the business world, this flooring has also managed to make its way to domestic places, changing the lifestyle and interior options dramatically. Popular for hallways, living rooms and bed rooms, modernists and especially designers enjoy greatly working with these all-round, flexible carpet tiles. Mainly due to the endless options and combinations that are possible when working with this type of product, they are becoming as popular as traditional floor coverings. However, there is still a more apprehensive attitude towards implementing carpet tiles for bathrooms, which is completely understandable, when considering that carpeting usually does not work well in wet rooms. A few manufacturers, such as Heuga have launched collections that are specifically suitable for bathrooms with all the concerns and potential problems in mind. For example, Heuga Soft Senses is a timeless classic assortment that suits any design scheme. These tiles provide a soft and comfortable underfoot feeling and are bleach resistant. Additionally, this carefully selected product offers anti-bacterial properties, is Stain Safe and provides colourfastness when getting into contact with water.

Keeping in mind that many people might think that having a carpet flooring in your bathroom is dirty, times are changing and manufacturers are creating more and more collections that can resist all the negative aspects you can think of and in return provide you with an extremely soft and comfortable floor that will deliver an amazing experience every time you enter your bathroom. On top of that, bathroom carpet tiles will ease your mind and as a result boost your mood on a daily basis.

If you are intrigued by the idea of laying this type of floor covering in your bathroom, do not hesitate to browse our online store BRICOFLOR UK or directly contact us for additional information.

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