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Heuga 530- Carpet tiles for everyday life

The Heuga 530 collections are available in many different colour variants and are exceptionally hardwearing. The combination of the textured structure and the use of bright colours convey a both luxury and depth. The high-quality nylon that is utilised in the carpet ensures the longevity of the product to stains and soils. When the carpets are uniformly laid it will give an immaculate effect to any area be it in your home or workspace and although the tiles are made from wood they can be cut from behind if you want to lay at a 90-degree angle as a skirting around your wall. Combinations of two of more colours are certainly possible if want to add some spice to your home, you can create a chequerboard look or just have a randomised pattern the choice is yours. Heuga carpet tiles are made with durability in mind. Therefore, they are robust enough to use them in highly stressful locations with plenty of footfall.

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Great Structure with 24 bright Heuga 530 colours

The beautiful fabric of the Heuga 530 carpet tiles is woven perfectly together in slightly different shades of yarn to give you a perfectly balanced end product. Our modern world is very demanding now regarding style and durability and with this collection, you can have both. Whether you prefer simple, classic designs, which are discreet, and more suited to a business atmosphere or you want to create a vibrant living area, the Heuga 530 carpet tiles series will surely suit your needs. From the simple colours such as grey, blue, beige to the more exotic colours of lime green, red molten, or chocolate brown, there are colours here to suit each and every type of environment. Moreover, what is wonderful about this series is, they can be quickly taken up after they have been laid and laid elsewhere or you can put other fresher colours in their place. It is that simple!

Heuga 530-Carpet tiles of the highest quality

The material used in the Heuga 530 carpet tiles is 100% nylon. The manufacturing process of the tiles gives the tiles it is coarse and textured look, gives it extra durability and allows the manufacturer to add additional design features to the polyamide such as weaving smaller strands of different coloured yarn within the dominant colour. The tiles perform excellently in the areas of high performance, they are fire resistant and are slip resistant. They are suitable for any furniture that has castors and is suitable for floors that have under floor heating. Furthermore, if you require having a quite environment, the carpet tiles are resistant up 28 dB. The Heuga 530 carpet tiles are a great flooring solution for families and businesses.

Quick and easily laid: Heuga 530 carpet tiles

Once the Heuga carpet tiles are laid in your home, you will be convinced of the ease of DIY and how adept your skills are in laying carpet. What once was thought of as an impossible task or something that only professionals could do can now be executed by every home owner. The use of glue, tacks or other holding materials is not needed with these tiles. You need just to lay the floor how you want and off you go. If you change your mind about the design of your floor, just take it up and start again. You’ll have so much fun laying your carpet tiles!!!

Heuga 530 Carpet tiles: Paving the way for a sustainable future

Long has the company Heuga had an explicit objective, which is being pursued diligently: to become a sustainable company that makes no more negative effects on the environment. In this context, the project "Mission Zero" was launched, which will come to fruition with a multi-point plan by 2020. The fact that there are no adhesives or glues used when using these tiles is part of their plan coupled with a zero wastage policy. The prevention of waste is practised in every sector of the supply chain. Therefore, you can feel confident that you are purchasing a high-quality, sustainable product for a good-quality price.

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