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Heuga 580 Carpet Tiles- The allrounder in flooring solutions

The well-known manufacturers Heuga can look back on many years of experience in the field of self-laying carpet tiles. Thus, they stand for unusually high quality. The Heuga 580 collection has been for many years one of the most select nylon carpet tiles in the range and is incredibly versatile. The highest standards of materials and workmanship guarantee a technically sound product that easily holds up to all the rigours of everyday life and even heavy footfall in the commercial sector. A huge range of colours makes Heuga an incredibly versatile collection that blends seamlessly into the environment, be it a warm cosy home or a smart business. Carpet tiles that meet all quality requirements and also visually fulfil your every wish, you have found it with the Heuga 580.

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Heuga 580

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You get spoilt with 60 Heuga 580 colour variants

Sometimes it is hard to find a floor covering, which corresponds not only regarding the quality its requirements but also, that it visually fits into the picture. With the huge amount of almost every conceivable colour available in the Heuga 580 collection - dull colour, concepts are now a thing of the past. The carefully manufactured process gone into the tile lends extra depth to the nylon yarn while giving it durability and making less sensitive to dirt. The collection of varying shades of the same colour such as grey or blue will allow you to make a smart environment for you workspace. If you are swayed more toward extravagant colours, your needs will be catered for here with colours like radiant orange, soft yellow, or intense pink. The choice is yours when it comes to what combinations you want to put these colours in.

Heuga 580 Carpet Tiles - Made for maximum loads

Heuga 580 is certainly one of the most versatile applications in the Heuga collections. Not only because of the overwhelming choice of colours, but the technical qualities and high durability of the carpet tiles of this series is what make this into a universal flooring. Heuga carpet tiles, which are made of 100% pure Nylon, have a high-quality finish, and can, withstand extreme loads - not only in the private sector but also in the commercial sector (NK 33). Castor wheels from office equipment and furniture are not a problem either; the floor has flame retardant seal (Bfl s1) and is slip resistant. Regarding comfort Heuga has 580 so much to offer: the pleasant foot feeling distinguishes this floor, the insulation of sound up to 25dB, and its heat absorbing properties allow a stabilised living and working environment.

Installation could not be easier than with Heuga 580 Carpet Tiles

The Heuga 580 is pure in every way, to transport, to store and to lay. Because of their simple square shape they can simply sit neatly in a corner until you are ready to begin laying your floor. For this charming product there is no need for tacks glue or screws to hold Heuga's carpet tiles in place. Furthermore, if you want to lift your floor because you want to change the design, just lift them up with the smallest of ease. It is that simple!!

 Heuga - paving the way for a cleaner future

The manufacturer Heuga is not only known for its experience and quality, but they are also now on the front line regarding environmental friendliness. Nowadays this issue is becoming increasingly important and Heuga has long committed to their project of sustainability to become a fully sustainable trading company. As part of the "Mission Zero," it is important for them to eliminate any environmental impact that they have, it reduces waste, it saves money for you and it is good for the environment. Laid carpet tiles fit into this concept as an environment-friendly product, it eliminates the need for liquid adhesives and ensures less wastage due to its practical dimensions. You can have a clear conscience when you purchase a Heuga 580!

 All colours available on BRICOFLOR UK

The eclectic collection of the overwhelming great selection of 60 colours from Heuga can be found in our online shop. If you require any help regarding measurements or what type of flooring solution would best suit your living or work space, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff at BRICOFLOR is here to help you with whatever queries you may have.

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