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Heuga 725 Carpet Tiles – A Blend Of Creativity And Durability

The Heuga 725 is an extremely hardwearing collection of office carpet tiles, able to withstand even the busiest spaces whilst maintaining premium quality. Reinforced by its wear classification of 33, this collection is intended for use as commercial flooring in high traffic areas.

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Heuga 725

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The durable nature of these tiles makes them additionally suitable for use with all types of office equipment, like caster chairs, which will cause no damage to the soft velour surface.

Choose From a Broad Spectrum Of Brilliant Colours – Heuga 725 Carpet Tiles

Whether you’re looking for traditional or subtle colours or you are more drawn to vibrant and bold tones, there is something for everyone in Heuga’s 725 collection with a wide spectrum of 27 different shades. Choose from conventional black, beige and grey carpet tiles like “Coal” or “Real Black”. Alternatively, if you’re looking to create a bold statement, more vivid shades like green carpet tiles, mixed with the blues in “Real Emerald” might be just the colourful carpet tile you’re looking for. You can also combine various colours to create a bespoke design, decorate your hallways with bold pathways, or create subtle divisions in your office with the differing shades. What’s more, the beauty of carpet tiles is that they can be laid in different directions, such as standard monolithic or in a quarter turn style. The Heuga 725 collection of carpet tiles was truly made to inspire and unleash your creativity.

Hardwearing Carpet Tiles Crafted By Experts

Interface, the parent company of Heuga, continues to impress with its exceedingly resilient and reliable carpet tiles. This collection is composed of high-quality materials, ensuring that its strong nylon surface does not show any wear even after heavy use. Thanks to its colourfast properties, the Heuga 725 collection will also retain its original colour after many years. Heuga carpet tiles are flame-retardant and come under the fire protection class Bfl-s1, which is required for laying this product in any commercial setting. The manufacturers of Heuga 725 have successfully created a product with a comfortable and soft velour surface that is remarkably robust and resistant to dirt at the same time.

Premium Products With Easy Installation

These modular carpet tiles are notably easier to install than conventional carpet rolls, and Heuga carpet tiles are no exception. Thanks to their 50x50cm square format, the carpet tiles can easily be transported in boxes and take up little space to be stored conveniently. The loose-lay installation method results in less time and equipment needed to lay the tiles. As this line of carpet tiles has a self-adhesive backing, the hassle of extra adhesives is eliminated, so even DIY enthusiasts will be able to lay this flooring! The Heuga 725 collection features a Graphlar® backing, specifically designed to provide a sturdy connection and reliable grip. This prevents the carpet tiles from warping or wrinkling. For added stability, Heuga TacTiles are useful for connecting the carpet tiles next to each other without sticking them to the ground. The TacTiles create a tightly bonded unit and are also easy to remove without leaving any residue on the tiles.

Sustainability – The Ultimate Goal For Heuga

Heuga has a strong sense of responsibility towards protecting the environment and the company therefore does its utmost to manufacture their products in an eco-friendly manner. The Heuga 725 collection is a perfect example of their sustainable products. The yarn utilises 100% recycled content, minimising the need for raw materials and as a result decreasing their environmental impact. This is all part of the “Mission Zero” programme, which represents the company’s aim to be completely sustainable by 2020. So not only are these commercial carpet tiles an extremely high-quality, durable and sustainable product worth investing in.

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If the Heuga 725 collection suits your everyday need, then place your order with us here at BRICOFLOR and benefit from our expert service! Because we work directly with the manufacturers, we are able to offer the best prices around. If you would like a chance to see the carpet tiles in person before you make your final decision, then take advantage of our free sample service. If you would like to place a large order for a big project, then contact our dedicated customer service team and you may be able to request a customised offer. To get in touch, simply email us, give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will be happy to assist you!