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Heuga 725 carpet tiles – A blend of creativity and robustness

Since the company Heuga invented the carpet tile many decades ago, they have come a long way. Today, they offer a wide assortment of domestic as well as commercial options in all imaginable colour variations for every person’s needs and expectations. Heuga 725 is an extremely hardwearing product, able to withstand even the busiest office or exhibition fair without losing any of its quality. According to its wear classification 33, Heuga carpet tiles is perfectly suitable for heavy commercial use. This also includes all types of office equipment, e.g. caster chairs will not be able to damage the velour surface, even after many years.

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Choose from a broad spectrum of brilliant Heuga 725 colours

It does not matter whether you are a person who prefers traditional colour types or someone who is eager for a vibrant and more distinct nuance. Heuga 725 offers an amazing 27 different choices, ranging from the conventional black, grey and beige to fresher and brighter colours. However, even in terms of black there are variations, such as “Coal” or “Real Black”. Then, when you have a look at the more vivid nuances, there are also many different shadings. For example, there are 3 different types of green like “Spring”, a very light coloured grass-looking tone. You could also choose a much darker hue “Fir”, or go for a beautiful jewel-like mixture of green and blue called “Real Emerald”. These are just a few examples of the breathtaking assortment Heuga 725. Naturally, you can combine various colours and make your own creation of splashed or featured areas, bold pathways or subtle accents, pinpointed to your taste.    

Hardwearing carpet tiles provided by an expert manufacturer

Interface, the mother company of Heuga has continued with the brilliant production of exceedingly resilient and reliable carpet tiles. This collection is comprised of high-quality materials, assuring that the strong Nylon surface does not wear and tear after heavy use, in addition to retaining its original colour after many years. Moreover, Heuga carpet tiles are flame-retardant, under the Euroclass Bfl s1, which is required for laying this product in any commercial setting. It is impressive how this firm can manage to provide a comfortable and soft velour surface that at the same time is strikingly robust and dirt resistant.

Heuga 725 carpet tiles ensure easy installation of a premium product

Generally, it is easier to install modular carpeting than more classic flooring options. There are several reasons to support this statement, starting from simple transportation of boxes to practical storing and implementing of loose-lay carpet tiles without the necessity of any professional help. This means almost anyone can install this type of flooring and simultaneously save money and time in the process. Now, how is this possible? Well, Heuga 725 has a heavy build with Graphlex backing that is specifically made for laying the carpet tiles without the need for any liquid adhesives or glue. All you need is Heuga’s TacTiles for an easy instalment of sticking the tiles next to each other and even if you suddenly reconsider and want to move them, it can be done instantly without the risk of damaging the floor or the product itself. Another benefit is that you can replace and clean these carpet tiles whenever necessary.

Sustainability is a priority for Heuga

Heuga has a strong sense of responsibility towards the protection of the environment and therefore do their utmost to contribute by manufacturing their products in a green manner. The yarn of Heuga 725 utilises 100% recycled content, minimising the need for virgin materials and as a result decreasing their environmental impact. Due to the fact, that these carpet tiles do not need liquid adhesives there are less harmful chemicals involved, which would otherwise create more waste and have a negative influence on the environment.

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