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Heuga Superflor – Versatile Carpet Tiles For Commercial Areas

The Heuga Superflor range is a bold and vibrant line of carpet tiles, made to the highest standard, to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. With a wearclass of 33, these carpet squares were designed to resist the heaviest demands in commercial settings. Explore the range now!

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Heuga Superflor

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The hair pile construction of this collection is particularly attractive thanks to the bright range of colours that work harmoniously together – giving you the freedom to get creative with your floor design! Featuring extreme resilience, combined with comfort, these carpet tiles can transform your space. When you choose a product by Heuga, you are choosing an environmentally friendly product, as this brand of carpet tiles are working on becoming completely sustainable by 2020, an initiative they have dubbed Mission Zero.

Heuga Superflor Carpet Tiles – A Uniquely Made Collection

The unique combination of robust materials and excellent workmanship, producing a very valuable material that won't disappoint their consumers. The mixture of nylon and polyester makes for tiles that are incredibly tough and hard-wearing, that can also be installed in commercial areas with high traffic. Even dampness in wet rooms and heat from underfloor heating systems won't do these carpet tiles any harm. Being extremely resilient, they can also be used with castor chairs without damaging the surface, making Superflor the perfect office carpet tiles. Anti-static and flame-retardant properties round off this collection's outstanding advantages.

Choose From 18 Dynamic Colours – Heuga Superflor Carpet Tiles

The Superflor collection has a particular bright charm to it. The hairy surface gives a heathered effect of interwoven colours. The interplay of colours in each tile creates a beautiful and unique look for every area. The colour scheme of this collection captures a natural as well as bright palette. Different shades of grey carpet tiles are offered for a modern atmosphere. On the other end, bold reds, purples and vibrant green carpet tiles are also available. Thanks to the colourful charm of this collection, they make for an excellent choice of children’s bedroom carpet tiles. This playful collection was designed to enhance and inspire any space. Additionally, thanks to the loose-lay nature of these carpet tiles, you can combine the commercial carpet tiles and create striped and chequered patterns, and rearrange them when you want! There are no limits to your creativity.

Loose – Laying Carpet Tiles For a Fast and Hassle-Free Installation

The Heuga carpet tiles offer many convenience factors compared to conventional carpet rolls. First of all, the 50 x 50cm format makes these carpet tiles particularly easy to transport, and handle when moving and fitting the carpet tiles. Installing the Superflor carpet tiles is a very quick process since they are loosely-laid; once you have fixed the key carpet tiles, the self-adhesive backing makes installation quick and simple! The tiles will stay in place thanks to the special Graphlar® backing, ensuring sturdy and reliable installation. Since no adhesives are connecting the tiles to the subfloor, you can rearrange and replace individual tiles without any damage to the subfloor. 

Order Your Sustainable Carpet Tiles By Heuga at Bricoflor

Heuga are pioneers in developing ways to preserve the environment through actively adopting energy efficient practices in the manufacturing process of their carpet tiles. All production sites in Europe run 100% on green energy and they have developed a beneficial technology that reduced production waste by 80%. So not only do they offer highly resilient carpet tiles for you, but products created from an environmentally friendly corporate practice. What more could you ask for? Order the Heuga Superflor collection from us and benefit from our friendly and expert service! Take advantage of our free sample service or contact us with any questions you have, and we will be happy to help and assist with your requirements!