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Heuga Superflor – versatile carpet tiles suitable for commercial areas

Superflor is the follow up of Heuga's popular Heugafeld collection. Heuga win over thousands of customers with their premium materials, thorough workmanship and innovative ideas, making Heuga carpet tiles a strong alternative to conventional carpet and Superflor carpet tiles are no exception: a wide range of colours and extreme resilience make for this product's versatility, no matter whether installed in domestic or commercial areas. Besides being tough and sturdy, these carpet tiles are also very comfortable. Since Superflor is a modular flooring material, you can combine any colours to create a very unique atmosphere – chequered patterns, small or larger stripes, there are no limits! Choosing a product by Heuga, you are choosing an environmentally friendly product. Heuga are working on becoming completely sustainable by 2020.

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Choose from 18 delightful Heuga Superflor colours

Superflor is the advanced version of Heuga's original carpet tile collection, Heugafeld. The tile's hairy surface makes for a matchless look and timeless elegance. You can choose from 18 different colours, covering the entire colour spectrum. The interplay of different yarns results in an exciting heathered style. This collection's colour palette covers natural as well as bold and bright colours. Different shades of brown and grey, like “Mid Brown” or “Siberian Frost”, create a modern atmosphere in any room. If you are looking to spice up your room, “Seville Passion”, “Yippee” or “Electra” might be the right choice for you. Don't worry if you cannot decide on only one colour: these loose-laying carpet tiles can all be combined so that you can choose as many colours as you like to create chequered patterns, stripes or other highlights – there are no limits to your creativity.

Heuga Superflor carpet tiles: the established original

The unique combination of robust materials and excellent workmanship results in a very valuable flooring material that won't disappoint. The mixture of nylon and polyester makes for an incredibly tough and hard-wearing floor that can also be installed in frequently used commercial areas. Even dampness in wet rooms and heat by underfloor heating systems won't do these Heuga carpet tiles any harm. Being extremely resilient, they can also be used with castor chairs without damaging the surface, making Superflor the perfect floor for workspaces and offices. Anti-static and flame-retardant properties round off this collection outstanding advantages.

Loose-laying carpet tiles for a quick installation

Loose-lay carpet tiles like Heuga Superflor are a lot easier to handle and transport then conventional carpet rolls. This is due to their handy size (50x50cm) and the loose-lay, floating installation system. Installing your Superflor floor is very easy and quick: Once you fixed the key tiles, you can lay the remaining carpet tiles without having to use adhesives. The tiles will stay in place thanks to the special Graphlex® backing. Since you are not using adhesives, you can rearrange or replace individual tiles to create a new look. You can also take your Superflor with you when you move and reinstall it in your new home.

Heuga breaks new ground in sustainable development

Today, we know the importance of acting responsibly when it comes to the environment. Heuga are pioneers in developing ways to save the environment and do our planet a favour. In their “Mission Zero” Heuga declare that they will be an entirely sustainable company by 2020. They already took several steps to reach this goal: All production sites in Europe run 100% on green energy and they developed a cutting technology that reduced production waste by 80%. If you would like to have a good conscience when buying a carpet, carpet tiles by Heuga are your best choice!

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