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Interface Composure brings a natural landscape to the interior of your home

The peaceful appearance of this tufted loop piled carpet tile exudes extravagance while maintaining a subtle and natural design. The Interface Composure collection draws some of its design elements from natural rocks and rock formations, giving its design depth, but at the same time maintaining a soft appearance. The 21 complementing colours can blend to create a subtle, harmonious, and organic transition from darker shades to lighter tones. Each colour embodies natural, earthy tones and surfaces, thus managing to create flowing designs that will beautify the largest of spaces. Bring a natural design into your space with Interface Composure, and create tranquil, comfortable interiors.

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Interface Composure

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Beautifully designed by Interface Composure without neglecting quality

Interface has years of experience as one of the leading manufacturers of carpet tiles and offers an innovative look into the future of the flooring industry. Interface creates visually compelling carpet tile designs with robust, durable quality manufacturing. The tufted patterned loop structured tiles in the Interface Composure collection are characterised by exceptional durability and easy maintenance, hence their suitability for high traffic commercial or private spaces. The pile material consists of 100% dyed nylon, which is extremely colour fast and will resist fading. The Interface Composure collection is slip resistant and safe for use in case of fire. With their Cfl-s1 fire rating, these Interface carpet tiles will not smoke heavily and will not contribute to fire growth. Moreover, these carpet tiles dampen both ambient and impact noise, creating a quiet and comfortable environment. If that does not suffice, you can opt for the additional Sone backing, which will further soften sounds and increase comfort. The Interface Composure collection has a luxury rating of 1 out of 5, meaning these carpet tiles are hardwearing, easy to maintain, and resistant in offices where office chairs with castors are used. All carpet tiles in the Interface Composure collection contain the patented Graphlex backing that aids with the tiles’ antistatic characteristics, and they support underfloor heating of up to 28°C.

Easy to install loose lay tiles thanks to Interface TacTiles

Interface Composure carpet tiles are a great alternative to traditional carpets. Broadloom carpets are often complicated to transport and install, but Interface produce their carpet tiles with these challenges in mind. The 50x50 cm tiles are easy to transport both from the factory to the building site, as well as within the space they are being laid. When it comes to laying the carpet tiles, the Interface Composure collection utilises the Interface TacTiles installation system. This method enables “floating” carpet tiles that do not directly adhere to the underfloor, but are stable nonetheless. The TacTiles glue-less installation also means the Interface Composure carpet tiles can be relocated at a later date if necessary, without leaving any residue behind.

Environmentally friendly Interface Composure carpet tiles – Buy online on BRICOFLOR UK

Interface’s carpet tiles impress time and time again, and the Interface Composure range does not fail to amaze: it is visually outstanding, highly durable and easy to install. What is more, these carpet tiles adhere to the company’s Mission Zero programme, which aims to eliminate the manufacturer’s negative impact on the environment by 2020. Thus, the Interface Composure product line contains about 50% recycled content overall, and it is recyclable either as fuel for a waste to energy plant, or as raw material for new products if returned via the Interface ReEntry scheme. Furthermore, these carpet tiles come with numerous international certificates that guarantee their eco-friendly production and features, such as improved indoor air quality or a manufacturing process with a relatively small carbon footprint. You can now explore the Interface Composure collection in our online shop, so wait no longer and buy your carpet tiles on BRICOFLOR UK.

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