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Interface Touch & Tones carpet tiles – 48 styles, infinite design options

If you want to create an environment that will excite people, and make them enjoy the space they are in, then Interface Touch & Tones provides you with the best solution. The three sub-collections, Interface Touch & Tones 101, 102 and 103, all comprise the same sixteen colours – eight neutrals, and eight bright colours. The chromatic constancy of the collection, in combination with the varying textures and pile heights, can therefore help you achieve any kind of look, be it a tamed coordination of colour, or a contrasting design. You can get a uniform broadloom effect if you construct the flooring with the same colour and texture, or you can create striking contrasts by combining different colours within the same product line. Conversely, you can give any space a daring spark of creativity by playing around with the three textures of the same colour, and then add some splashes of colour for an extra spicy design. You can easily make any combination you can think of by taking advantage of the carpet tiles’ modularity and practical format of 50x50 cm. The Interface Touch & Tones collection manages to capture our attention with a palette that confronts colours with textures, resulting in a phenomenal flooring.

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Interface Touch & Tones

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Get Interface Touch & Tones – The perfect carpet tile for large commercial areas with high traffic

Not only are the Interface Touch & Tones carpet tiles gorgeous in their design, but they also offer an incredibly high-quality flooring option that can perform well even in a commercial environment. All three Touch & Tones product lines therefore have a wear classification of 33 certifying their durability in the aforementioned conditions, and even under office chairs with castor wheels. Furthermore, their Cfl-s1 fire rating guarantees their safety in case of fire, since they do not contribute to fire growth, nor do they generate smoke. All Interface Touch & Tones carpet tiles come with Interface’s trademark Graphlex backing, an important layer that contributes to the tiles’ stability, as well as to their antistatic properties. Due to their pile textures, the carpet tiles are slip resistant and provide good sound insulation, both in terms of impact noise, as well as regarding sound absorption. Interface carpet tiles are colour fast to light, and are suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Interface Touch & Tones 101 – Short and neat

Interface Touch & Tones 101 is the tamest of the three product lines. It features a plain loop pile construction that allows for a short, neat and flat carpet tile with a rough texture. The carpet tiles in the Interface Touch & Tones 101 line are the lightest and thinnest of the entire collection, with a merely 3.3-mm-thick pile, and having a total thickness of 6.8 mm. Nevertheless, these tiles have the same outstanding quality and resistance as the other two collections, which is why you can combine the Interface Touch & Tones carpet tiles in any way you want, without having to worry about differences in quality.

Interface Touch & Tones 102 – The textured loop tile

Interface Touch & Tones 102 is somewhere in between the other two collections. With its tufted textured loop tiles, the 102 collection offers a high-quality structured surface, which is soft enough for a pleasant touch, but compact enough for genuinely looking broadloom compositions. As such, the Interface Touch & Tones 102 carpet tiles have a pile height of 4.9 mm, while their total thickness reaches 8.5 mm. Seeing as this collection is at the intersection between textured resistance and pleasant touch, it has a comfort rating of three out of five stars.

Interface Touch & Tones 103 – The shaggy pile

If you want to make any office or commercial space a bit more homely, then Interface Touch & Tones 103 provides you with the right carpet tiles. Featuring tufted plain shag cut tiles, the Interface Touch & Tones 103 collection offers a luxurious, soft and fluffy texture that will make you feel like home, while adding a little flavour to the space. Their five-star comfort rating certifies these carpet tiles’ luxurious feel, but their resistance to high traffic is not compromised. The Interface Touch & Tones 103 carpet tiles thus have a pile height of 7.2 mm, while their total height reaches 10.6 mm.

Rejuvenate your life with Interface Touch & Tones carpet tiles – buy on BRICOFLOR UK

Experiment with colour and texture, and bring any space to life with the Interface Touch & Tones carpet tiles. Whether you want to achieve a broadloom effect, or an original combo of varying heights and textures, Interface Touch & Tones is the perfect choice. Explore the 48 different styles in the Touch & Tones collection directly on BRICOFLOR UK, or request your own custom colour if you order over 100 m2.


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