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Interface Luxury Living: Loose-lay carpet tiles with striking looks

Quality never goes out of style. Interface, a well-known manufacturer of carpet tiles, presents their luxury grade products. Interface Luxury Living carpet tiles are crafted to the demanding specifications of luxury grade flooring. Interface recognizes the importance of appearance and comfort when it comes to luxury flooring and incorporates exceptional design and industry leading comfort in their Luxury Living collection. The quality of the Luxury Living carpet tile can be easily seen at first glance. The combination of surface textures gives depth and variation to these carpet tiles. The stripe pattern created by these textures creates a variety of design options for your floors. Depending on the laying direction, the multiple design options create a unique pattern and an attractive overall appearance.  The rich colours cover a wide range of colours and offer many nuanced shades of certain colours. The colour options range from muted, classic tones to vibrant colour options. This impressive, 36 coloured collection offers colour options ranging from deep neutrals to energetic colour. The coloured tiles can be mixed and matched to create unique patterns and designs, giving you endless design possibilities.

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Interface Luxury Living

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A high-end flooring product of great quality

In addition to its great appearance, the Interface Luxury Living carpet tiles offer a plethora of technical benefits as well. The high-quality polyamide fibres of the Luxury Living carpet tiles are processed to withstand heavy traffic as well as fading, ensuring they maintain their form and colour even through the test of time. Due to their strength and durability, these carpet tiles are rated for heavy commercial use and can be installed even in high traffic areas. This product is great for commercial spaces, where luxurious flooring can be ideal, such as hotels and office spaces. These Interface carpet tiles can withstand the demands of office spaces such as the use of castor chairs, sound dampening, and anti-static. These qualities are ideal for office spaces, as they maintain the comfortable atmosphere necessary for productive work. The Interface Luxury Living carpet tiles can absorb up to 30 dB of excess sound, creating a peaceful and comfortable retreat. Additionally these carpet tiles are compatible with underfloor heating systems, ensuring that you’re always exceptionally comfortable in your space.  These carpet tiles also provide an element of safety, as they are anti-slip and flame-resistant. Overall, these carpet tiles provide a comfortable and safe surface where you can do your work in peace.

A loose-lay design for easy relocation

Interface Luxury Living carpet tiles are a great investment in flooring not only for your current space but also for future spaces. The loose-lay design of these carpet tiles make them easy to relocate when the time comes. Additionally, unlike traditional broadloom carpets, carpet tiles are easy to ship and store. The unique 50cm x 50cm format makes them easy to ship and transport. They can be transported through traditional shipping methods, as they are shipped in boxes. Their compact design makes them simple to move from the truck to their final destination, as they can easily navigate hallways and elevators, making the installation process easy and without fuss. The unique floating design of these carpet tiles utilises the TacTiles adhesives, creating a “floating” structure which keeps your carpet tiles from direct contact with the floor. The Graphlex backing provides each tile with high dimensional stability to ensure that every tile retains its shape and forms a solid base. The edges of these tiles have exceptional cutting edge stability, which ensures that they resist fraying once cut. The loose-lay design of the Interface Luxury Living helps protect your health and the environment, as it requires no harmful chemical adhesives. The lack of adhesive ensures that you can walk on your new flooring as soon as it is installed.

Sustainably produced by Interface

Interface places a significant emphasis on their environmental efforts. Interface recognises the importance of sustainability and protection of resources. Therefore, Interface makes significant efforts to ensure that their Luxury Living carpet tiles are produced to be environmentally conscious and sustainable. Interface has set a goal to be fully sustainable by 2020, eradicating the negative influence of manufacturing on the environment. Some of their efforts include elimination of harmful chemicals and prevention of excess waste. Carpet tiles themselves are included in the effort to be more environmental responsibility, due to their loose-lay installation and practical size. Many of the materials used in the production of these tiles are recycled materials, particularly the materials in the sturdy backing of the Luxury Living carpet tiles. Help impact the environment in a positive way by choosing the Interface Luxury Living carpet tiles.

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