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Interface Monochrome Carpet Tiles In a Wide Range Of Brilliant Colours

Interface is constantly coming up with new and original ideas for their carpeting, to ensure their customers experience is kept to a high standard. This elegant collection is available in 48 varying colour options – making this line worth an investment. This aspect can be utilised in a solid coloured design or mixed and matched to create an interesting and practical style.

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Interface Monochrome

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This collection is formed from high-quality recycled material, making it durable and robust. It is characterised by its practicality and versatility. The wide range of colour options helps make the Interface Monochrome carpet tiles a great choice when designing your prefect home or business.

Top – Quality Interface Monochrome Carpet Tiles In Loose - Lay Format

The refined surface structure of the Interface Monochrome makes for a sophisticated and elegant look. The surface structure is not only elegant, but also extremely durable and long lasting due to the 100% recycled materials used to produce this line. The Interface Monochrome collection is suitable for heavy commercial use and will maintain its appearance even against fading and wear. The Interface Monochrome is compatible with underfloor heating systems as well as castor chairs, making it a great option for office spaces. The Interface Monochrome has additional safety features, such as fire resistanceslip resistance, and anti-static properties. Comfort is extremely important in the design of the Monochrome carpet tiles, this line incorporates the element of sound absorption both in ambient sound and impact noise which ensures a calm working environment.

Wide Range Of Design Options By Interface Monochrome

The interface Monochrome design easily mimics the smooth surface feature of a broadloom carpet.

With these Interface carpet tiles, you can have the smooth and seamless appearance of this design of carpet with the ease of installation unique to loose-lay carpet tiles. Unlike the usual bulky carpet rolls, the Interface Monochrome carpet tiles are easily transported and stacked in boxes. Their 50x50cm tile format makes it extremely easy to transport the carpet tiles when shipping as well as through your home or business to the final destination. The easy loose-lay installation process is ideal both for large spaces as well as narrow or compact spaces. These tiles can be installed using Interface’s TacTiles method, which creates a matrix of loose-lay tiles, keeping them from needing harmful glues or adhesives for installation. The Graphlar® backing of these carpet tiles ensure dimensional stability, whilst keeping the Monochrome carpet tiles in place. Due to the careful manufacturing and design of these carpet tiles, the result of frayed edges when cutting is kept to a minimum to sustain the high quality of Interface’s Monochrome collection.

Interface Strives To Be a Sustainable Producer Of Carpet Tiles

Interface places a significant emphasis on their environmental efforts. Recognising the importance of sustainability and protection of resources. This brand makes significant efforts to ensure that their Monochrome carpet tiles are produced to be environmentally conscious and sustainable. Interface has set a goal to be fully sustainable by 2020, eradicating the negative influence of manufacturing on the environment. Some of their efforts include elimination of harmful chemicals and prevention of excess waste. Carpet tiles themselves are included in the effort to be more environmentally responsible, due to the collection’s ‘loose-lay’ installation, and practical size. Many of the materials used in the production of these tiles are recycled materials, particularly the materials in the sturdy backing of the Monochrome carpet tiles. Help make an impact on the environment in a positive way by choosing Interface carpet tiles.

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BRICOFLOR UK now sells these inventive carpet tiles in an array of different colours, making shopping for these luxurious carpet squares easier than ever. If you would like to see the exceptional quality of this flooring, make an order of your free samples today! Your sample will be delivered straight to your door, giving you the benefits of a shop without the hassle of leaving your home. With any further questions, please feel free to contact us, speak with an expert.