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Vorwerk Exclusive 1030 - Practical and Comfortable Carpet

Ideal for those searching for a soft carpet that can also perform reliably in commercial settings, the Vorwerk Exclusive 1030 impresses with its resilient features. Featuring a smart and ribbed surface, the dynamic aesthetics of this residential and commercial collection is can enhance every space it fills with its bold and warm colours.

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Vorwerk Exclusive 1030

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Vorwerk Carpet Designed to Equip Many Spaces

With a total thickness of 5.3mm and a total weight of 1750 g?m², this carpet by Vorwerk offers everything you need for even the most diverse spaces. In accordance with its high utility class 32, you can many uses in commercial areas with medium levels of traffic loads. Renovate hotel rooms, small department stores and even your offices with this carpet collection! What’s more, the carpet is also ideal for your home, and the robust material can be used to decorate your entrance areas, staircases and even private study rooms.

The carpet consists of 100% polyamide, a high quality yarn material features good abrasion qualities, making it difficult to soil. What’s more, the carpet colours are authentically and vibrantly presented, thanks to its high lightfastness, the colour intensity is retained for a long time. These combined properties of the material make it very easy to care for, which is why regular cleaning can be carried out with a simple vacuum cleaner.

Improving the Indoor Air Quality - Carpet for the Home

In addition to its high load capacity, these carpets are considerably beneficial when it comes to improving the air climate of your rooms. This is because the fibres of the carpet can trap and bind any dust particles that come into contact with it. Thus, this significantly reduces the dust content circulating around the room, improving the air quality. This is reinforced by its certified Indoor Air Quality A+ rating. To further prevent the spread of dust these carpets are compatible with underfloor heating systems, which can change the air circulation in your rooms, making it even more difficult for dust to circulate.

Its safety features include its antistatic equipment which prevents any electrical charges occurring as well as its fire behaviour class Cfl-s1. This ensures that electrical equipment can be used safely as well as low smoke development in the case of a fire. For an added luxury of a silent room soundscape, the carpet has impact sound reduction properties up to 19 dB.

Woven Loop Sling in 33 Stylish Colours

The Vorwerk Exclusive 1030 is sure to convince you with one of its colourful decors. Reproduced in a variety of greys, greens and even variations of slight terracotta tones, this collection has something for all kinds of interior styles. The soft material is constructed of woven loops, making the carpet surface compact and dense, which not only cushions, but ensures a good degree of durability and comfort. What’s more, the ribbed design maks impurities difficult to leave impressions on the structure.

Vorwerk Exclusive 1030 Available Now at BRICOFLOR

Order your favourite decor from the Vorwerk Exclusive 1030 with just a few clicks here at BRICOFLOR! To help you make your selection, we offer a free sample service so you can assess your favourite decors in person before purchasing! What’s more, we can offer customised carpet offers for those looking to make large orders for large projects! Simply get in touch with our team of experts to request any help with your order! To get in touch you can call, email or complete our contact form and we will happily assist!