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Forbo Marmoleum Click – Organic Flooring with an Easy-to-Install Click System

If you´re looking for an all-natural floor, then Forbo Marmoleum Click is what you´re looking for! Forbo combines natural mat…
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The flooring is made from materials such as linseed oil, resin, and limestone. Because of these natural ingredients, it not only looks natural but feels natural as well.

Stylish all-natural colours and designs

The Marmoleum Click Collection comes in 35 stylish colours and designs. In addition to the natural materials it´s made from, this eco-friendly flooring also has a natural look, which comes to light in its wood and stone designs. Shades such as Pacific Beaches, Withered Prairie, and Trace of Nature are neutral wood looks that fit in with all décor and provide an all-natural and durable flooring solution that´s a great alternative to real wood. Forbo´s stone designs such as Eternity, Cloudy Sand, and Delta lace are perfect imitations of real stone in soft colours. For those that love bright colours, you will be pleased to know that Marmoleum has numerous bright shades to choose from that can liven up any home. A beautiful green shade like Spring Buds, gorgeous Lilac, or bold Lemon Zest is a bright colour that would match perfectly in any kitchen. In addition to these lovely shades, this flooring comes with a lightfastness level of 6, which means you can enjoy this flooring for years to come without worrying about it fading in the sunlight.

Even though Marmoleum comes in many different colours and designs, the options don´t end there! This flooring comes in three different sizes as well, making it easy to combine colours and create unique patterns. Three of the colours come in the size 30 x 90 cm, another eight in 30 x 30 cm, and 12 in either 30 x 30 cm or 30 x 60 cm sizes. Because of its designs, Forbo´s floors can reproduce the natural look of floor planks or ceramic tiles.

Durable and safe for your home or commercial space

Along with its unique designs, Forbo's flooring is also incredibly durable and scratch resistant. Its Topshield surface finishes not only protect it, but it makes the floor easy to maintain. A damp cloth combined with a neutral cleaner is all you need to keep it looking good as new. For those that have allergies or just want a cleaner home, this flooring repels bacteria and prevents them from spreading on your floor. Thanks to its antistatic properties, it also repels dust and dirt, making it a great choice for those with asthma. 

Thanks to its natural ingredients, Marmoleum Click easily and quickly reaches room temperature, keeping your home warm. It also has a 17dB impact sound reduction, which keeps the sound of clicking heels and thumps down to a minimum.

Since it is resistant to scratches, Marmoleum is perfectly suitable for office use with castor chairs. With a fireproof class of Cfl-s1, this floor is created so that in the event of a fire, it only emits a small amount of smoke. With its low flammability, this floor is perfect in combination with underfloor heating, because everyone knows that there´s nothing better in the winter than a warm floor! Another great safety feature of this floor is that it has a slip resistance rating of R9, which means that you won´t have to worry about your or your little ones slipping on this floor.

Simple and quick click installation

Installation is made simple using the classic click system. The flooring fits easily into each other tongue and groove and doesn´t require any adhesives. Before you install this floor, you must allow it to acclimatize in its packaging for at least 48 hours. The click system works by angling the tongue and groove planks and pressing them down. Ensure that your subfloor is clean even before you install your floor.

Forbo Marmoleum Click – Available now at BRICOFLOR!

Are you convinced that Forbo Marmoleum Click is the flooring for you? Get it today at BRICOFLOR and take advantage of our best price guarantee and sample service! Do you need a large order? We can offer you a customized quote at no extra charge. If you have any questions about this product or any of our other products, don´t hesitate to give us a call or send us an e-mail Our team of experts are more than happy to help you.

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