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  • Natural and durable
  • Sustainable material
  • Practical and flexible  width 1.22 m
  • For use as a pinboard, functional surface for walls, and as an inlay for furniture, doors, and cabinet surfaces.
£55.60per m²
1.22 m

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£29.95 per order

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5-7 working days (excl. N. Ireland)

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Product Description
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Everything you need to know about Forbo Bulletin Board "Potato Skin 2182"

In many areas, internal communication is supported by noticeboards. Whether at school, in a hospital or at home, the practical boards can be seen almost everywhere. Most of the time, it's the same drab specimen that adorns the walls of the respective facilities. The Forbo Bulletin Board collection gives a completely new look to the drab natural wall covering. The characteristic functional properties are complemented by new exciting aspects and suitably staged using aesthetic designs. In this way, you can not only gather your thoughts in one place, but you can also use the Forbo Bulletin Board for decorative purposes. With 15 different colours, the collection covers a wide range of interior design styles. In addition to the brown and beige natural shades, the high-quality cork wallcovering is also available in universal shades of grey and some colourful nuances. You can also achieve exciting effects by combining different colour families and cutting them into creative shapes.

With its Bulletin Board collection, however, Forbo is not only focusing on the visual improvement of linoleum pinboards; the modern coating material is also on the rise in technical terms. Apart from its typical use on walls, Bulletin Board can also be used as a pinboard linoleum. It is bonded to doors or cabinets in the same way and not only gives you an individual touch but also enhances the material of your interior. The 6.0 mm thick material shines with its perfect naturalness as well as its first-class flexibility and durability. In addition, it has a unique elasticity that ensures that tacks and pins leave no visible traces. Cleaning is also surprisingly easy because the hygienic product has bacteriostatic properties.

Don't just give the place for your notes a visual upgrade, add a distinctive design to your space with the Forbo Bulletin Board collection. Browse our BRICOFLOR online shop and be inspired by the different colours and benefits!


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