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Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa Linoleum Flooring - Discover The Colourful Sides Of Life

The Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa collection offers a wide range of elegant and exclusive floor decors that make a big visual impact. The particularly adaptable and durable linoleum flooring can score with numerous advantages that pay off in everyday life. Do you want to try something new and get away from dull flooring that is particularly prone to scratches, stains, and chemicals? Then you've come to the right place with these ultimate lino tiles!

£48.50 per m² £30.95 per m²
£48.50 per m² £30.95 per m²
£48.50 per m² £30.95 per m²
£48.50 per m² £30.95 per m²
£48.50 per m² £30.95 per m²

Different Colour Variations Open Up A Wide Range Of Design Options - Now Your Creativity Is Called For

Available in five different colour variations, the linoleum of the Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa collection gives you complete creative freedom. Do you want to give your premises an individual touch? With this linoleum flooring, this is easier than you think. As the name suggests, the floor decors are based on the nuances of cocoa and thus exude a unique blend of sporty elegance, naturalness, and a touch of playfulness. Whether linoleum in grey or dark blue - the discreetly structured designs can also be perfectly complemented with each other and can be used for both nature-affine and urban interiors.

The Benefits You Can Look Forward To - Unique And Innovative Technical Properties Of Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa

The uniqueness of Forbo's Marmoleum Cocoa collection lino plank flooring is reflected not only in its fabulous appearance but also in its technical properties. The chemical and cigarette burn-resistant surface prevents the Marmoleum from suffering visual damage under the influence of acids, alkalis, solvents, and other corrosive elements. Furthermore, this special property significantly extends the functional life of the linoleum flooring and optimally protects it from chemical changes.

The lino tiles decor can be easily installed in combination with underfloor heating and has successfully passed the chair castor suitability test. The durability and robustness of the linoleum are also reflected in the fire-safe properties (fire protection class one).Safety is the number one priority for Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa linoleums. Therefore, the Forbo Marmoleum is equipped with a particularly anti-slip layer, which prevents you from skidding

The Perfect Choice For Every Area - The Durability And Robustness Of Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa Benefits Wherever It Is Used

Forbo's anti-stain floor is an extremely easy-care everyday companion that does not require intensive maintenance. This makes it ideal for use classes 23, 34, and 43, and the flexible floor covering is unaffected by whether the room in question is subject to low, moderate, or heavy wear. The linoleum of the collection Marmoleum Cocoa can skillfully withstand any everyday stress!

Make The First Preparations And Check The Subfloor - Pay Attention To When Laying The Floor

To make the installation of your new linoleum flooring as easy as possible, you should first ensure optimal processing conditions. The temperature of the subfloor should be at least 15°C. After you have unpacked the rolls, the sheets are roughly cut to size with an allowance of at least 1 cm per linear meter. After that, the linoleum sheets must be rolled loosely and acclimatized upright for 24 hours. Check whether the floor substrate may need to be cleaned of dirt and dust before installation to ensure hygienic installation.

Laying Linoleum Correctly - A Short Step-By-Step Guide To Show You The Right Way

Lay the strips of Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa linoleum flooring always in the same direction. Roll out the first strip and fit it to the walls. Trim the factory edge in the seam area before glueing. Then roll out the second sheet in the seam area, overlapping by approx. 2 cm. Only cut this to size after glueing using a seam ripper, as linoleum coverings expand in width during glueing due to the moisture absorption of the adhesive during production. After rough cutting, the sheets are folded back in half. To ensure a straight adhesive edge, a line of adhesive tape can be applied in the envelope area of the sheets. The adhesive should be applied thinly with a lambskin roller or a smooth trowel using a suitable dispersion adhesive.

Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa - Always a Good Choice!

With the linoleum flooring Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa of the world market leader for linoleum products: the naturalness of the tasteful flooring is reflected in the name of the collection, which is ideal for realising a wide range of design ideas. Linoleum is one of the most environmentally friendly floor coverings and consists of up to 98% natural raw materials, which can bind CO₂ already during growth. Forbo's Marmoleum Cocoa collection is produced in a completely CO2-neutral way, so the floor does something good not only for your premises but also for our nature.

Discover Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa Linoleum Floor Online Now

The numerous positive qualities that distinguish the Forbo Marmoleum Cocoa lino flooring will surely have you completely hooked. Now, all you have to do is choose your collection favourite and then the renovation project can begin! And if you want to get an accurate picture of your selection, you can take advantage of our sample service.

Do you still have questions or new ones that have arisen as a result of all this information? Then contact our friendly and competent team of employees by phone, via our contact form<, or by e-mail. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with an individual offer.

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