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Forbo Marmoleum Real: Linoleum with an extensive colour range

With a wide range of colours available, the linoleum of the Forbo Marmoleum Real collection represents one of the largest col…
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The linoleum, created by world-renowned flooring manufacturer, Forbo, has a neutral, interesting design that visually blends into any ambience, as well as technical product features that pay off in use. Discover this multifaceted linoleum floor now!


Forbo Marmoleum Real: The perfect finish for all your rooms

The Forbo Marmoleum Real collection is a flexible and durable linoleum floor covering, which can be installed anywhere from the home to industrial spaces (Usage Class 23,34 and 43). The flooring is 2.00 m width and is easy to clean. Due to its naturally robust properties, the linoleum flooring can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth using standard cleaning agents.


The colour palette that leaves nothing to be desired

Marmoleum Real by Forbo leaves nothing to be desired! The linoleum in this collection has a classic marble design, which is made up of a mixture of two to five colours. The marble design is characterised by a natural, cloudy expression, which is created here by matching colours. The fine coordination of the colours creates a harmonious overall picture that blends in perfectly with a wide range of interiors. The marble look is both classic and timeless, so that it has been a popular design for many years and will not lose its charm in the years to come. In addition, the design of this collection is characterised by the wide colour spectrum in which the linoleum flooring of this collection is available. Thus, thanks to the Forbo Marmoleum Real selection, no wishes remain unfulfilled.


Discover the Forbo colour world

The Forbo Marmoleum Real collection offers the most extensive colour range within the large Forbo Marmoleum collection. With colours such as soft beige, sunny yellow, orange, bright red, purple, heavenly blue, green, brown, black and variations of these colourways, there is nothing left to be desired. With this wide spectrum of clear as well as mixed colours, there is an appealing linoleum floor for every purpose. This way, the natural floor covering can be easily matched to existing furniture, company colours or similar. The colour spectrum of the Forbo Marmoleum Real collection includes the Forbo Marmoleum Real "3055 Fresco Blue" variant. The linoleum in a cold blue-grey tone is both expressive and simple and is therefore particularly suitable for installation in schools, where the linoleum can provide an appealing, but not distracting, room image. On the other hand, the beige version Forbo Marmoleum Real "2707 Barley" or the grey version Forbo Marmoleum Real "3136 Concrete" are suitable for creating a simple interior. Discover your favourite colour in the Marmoleum Real collection from the brand manufacturer Forbo and create colourful interiors.

The hard-wearing floor covering for glueing down

It is hard to imagine public buildings such as schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, hospitals and others without linoleum flooring. In all these areas, linoleum is impressive due to its numerous advantages and its strength against stress. In order to take full advantage of the robustness of linoleum flooring, Forbo linoleum must be firmly bonded to the subfloor. The full extent of its strength can only be exploited through permanent bonding with adhesive. The installation practice of glueing is often said to be mastered only by professional craftsmen. However, even amateur craftsmen can master the installation with a little skill and know-how. Therefore, simply have the installation carried out by floor layers or follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. The installation always follows the same steps.


Forbo linoleum flooring for glueing - the durable installation solution

You can always rely on linoleum as a renovation partner! Once laid, linoleum flooring can withstand high loads and demands for years, making even the most costly renovation practice worthwhile. Although the installation of floor covering for glue-down means a certain amount of extra work, it can be done by anyone with little know-how. A few basic steps are required to lay linoleum flooring for glueing. First of all, the subfloor must be freed from old coverings, dirt, grease and unevenness. Uneven areas, such as cracks or holes, are only a hindrance to the natural linoleum flooring. However, these can be evened out with the help of a commercial filler, such as those available in DIY stores. Then the linoleum floor or its strips must be adapted to the existing room dimensions. In particular, cut-outs for bay windows, heating pipes and the like must be made so that nothing stands in the way of the final installation. Afterwards, the linoleum flooring only needs to be firmly bonded to the subfloor. For this step, the subfloor must first be provided with an even adhesive base. The manufacturer's recommendations for adhesives should be followed. The linoleum can then be embedded in the adhesive layer. The individual strips or cuttings must be laid end to end in the adhesive foundation so that there are no gaps and overlapping of the strips should also be avoided. As soon as the room has been completely fitted with the linoleum, the adhesive foundation only needs to harden or dry so that the linoleum floor is firmly bonded to the subfloor.

In addition to its visual and physical strengths, the linoleum flooring Forbo Marmoleum Real impresses with numerous technical features. In the area of so-called technical quality features, the linoleum inspires with the fire behaviour Cfl-s1, the slip resistance of class R9, the DS slip resistance and many other product properties. But also, properties such as the naturally bacteriostatic as well as easy-care properties make linoleum a reliable partner. This means that linoleum flooring can be laid without any problems in areas where hygiene is important and can be cleaned quickly and easily. But linoleum flooring can also be laid in many other areas of application. In offices, the linoleum's suitability for chair castors (type W) makes it a reliable partner, as even desk chair castors cannot damage the linoleum. This makes linoleum a reliable floor covering that is as attractive to look at as it is strong and hard-wearing.


Natural flooring from Forbo

The linoleum floor Forbo Marmoleum Real is a reliable floor covering made of natural components, such as linseed oil. With the strength of the natural components, the charm of the marble design and the extensive colour variety, the Forbo Marmoleum Real selection is the complete package. Discover this and many other collections from the brand manufacturer Forbo today at BRICOFLOR! Not convinced? Place a sample order today and see just how great Forbo Marmoleum Real flooring is!

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