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Floor Forbo Marmoleum Concrete: Natural Materials, Natural Decors

The linoleum of the collection Forbo Marmoleum Concrete consists largely of natural components. Composed of natural materials such as linseed oil, cork flour, and the like, this flooring has always been a natural product. Likewise, the decors take up the natural character of this collection. The natural materials and a delicate design, inspired by nature, make the lino flooring reflect the natural kingdom.

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Forbo Marmoleum Concrete

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This natural reference only comes to a halt in the area of technical quality features: Because here you can rely on ultra-modern, technical product features that complement the natural properties and thus make the flooring a linoleum flooring you can rely on!

The Linoleum Of The Forbo Concrete Collection - Discover The Renovation Possibilities

With the linoleums of the Marmoleum Concrete collection, the brand manufacturer Forbo offers countless renovation possibilities. This makes Forbo's linoleum a real versatile product that can be installed almost anywhere due to its classifications. The 2.00 m wide can be used in your hallway, basement, living room, or study, in galleries, stores, or public buildings based on the use classifications 23, 34, and 42/43. However, nothing stands in the way of laying it in other rooms of these utility classes as well. In a construction height of 2.5 mm, the vinyl lino flooring combines all power gained from the natural components. 

Closer To Nature: Forbo Marmoleum Concrete Linoleum Flooring

Discover the subtle colour variations of the Forbo Marmoleum Concrete selection! The linoleum roll, which appears monochrome in the surface effect, receives a fine patterning on closer inspection. This follows the natural laws of nature. Nature, which does not know monochrome colourations, is imitated here by a fine cloud optic of delicate colour gradations. This design creates a visual appearance that is very close to nature. Moreover, the natural effect is also picked up by the colourations. Thus, the linoleum is available in beige, off-white, grey, and anthracite colourations, that cover almost the entire natural colour palette. With this colour spectrum, you also have the chance to give your rooms a natural look.

Forbo Concrete: Discover The Natural Colourations

With the colourations of the Forbo Marmoleum Concrete, now you can bring nature into your home! This is where you will find natural, muted shades that are inspired by natural materials. For example, in the Forbo Marmoleum Concrete "3711 Cloudy Sand" variant, you will find that is oriented to natural sand in terms of colour, or in the Forbo Marmoleum Concrete "3702 Liquid Clay" variant, a colour is reminiscent of a warm stone tone. However, the dark variant "3707 Black Hole" of the Marmoleum Concrete is also impressive. Thus, this design variant resembles noble marble. Discover the natural decors of this selection now and let yourself be captivated by their naturalness.

Linoleum From Forbo - The Hard-Wearing Floor Covering For Bonding

For years, it has been hard to imagine public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and the like without linoleum flooring. In these and many other areas, linoleum is convincing due to its numerous technical advantages and its resilient properties. To take full advantage of the durability, it must be firmly bonded to the substrate. Only through the permanent connection with the help of adhesive, the full extent of strength can be exploited. The installation practice of glueing is often associated with a somewhat higher amount of work, so this is often performed by professional craftsmen. However, even amateur craftsmen and skilled laymen can master the laying with a little know-how. The installation of linoleums is always carried out in approximately the same steps. Detailed instructions can also be obtained from the manufacturer.

Linoleum Flooring For Bonding - The Durable Renovation Solution From Forbo

You can rely on linoleum as a renovation partner! Once laid, it can withstand high loads for many years, making even this costly renovation practice worthwhile. Although the installation of lino plank flooring and glueing means a certain extra effort, with a little know-how this effort can be done by anyone. To lay Forbo linoleum flooring for glueing, three basic steps are required: preparation, laying, and drying. To do this, the substrate must first be cleaned of old flooring, dirt, and grease. Uneven surfaces, such as cracks or holes, are also a hindrance to the flatness of the floor covering.

However, these can be evened out with the help of a commercial filler, such as those available in DIY stores. The strips must then be adapted to the existing room dimensions. In particular, cutouts for heating pipes must be made so that nothing stands in the way of the final installation. The linoleum flooring must then be firmly bonded to the subfloor. For this step, the subfloor must first be provided with an even adhesive layer, in which the lino can then be laid. The individual strips or blanks must be laid end-to-end in the adhesive bed so that there are no gaps. As soon as the room is completely equipped with the adhesive layer only has to dry for the final time so that the lino plank flooring is firmly bonded to the subfloor.

High Technical Quality Features: The Linoleum Of The Forbo Marmoleum Concrete Collection

The linoleum flooring of the Forbo Marmoleum Concrete is now available in the BRICOFLOR online store. The 2.00 m wide sheets combine all their strong properties in a total construction height of only 2.5 mm, making the linoleum a robust and hard-wearing partner. The Forbo collection also impresses with product features such as class R9 slip resistance, DS slip resistance, fire rating Cfl-s1, approx. 5 dB impact sound improvement, bacteriostatic and antistatic properties, and suitability for installation over underfloor heating systems and for use with chair castors (type W). With these and many other technical details or quality features, the linoleum from the Forbo Marmoleum Concrete collection is robust that can be relied on in all your areas of application.