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Fortelock Decor - Attractive Click Vinyl for a Truly Unique Floor

That's exactly what the new Fortelock Decor range promises! Depending on the product selection, you will receive practical vinyl floor tiles that bring the look of natural materials into your rooms. In terms of the exciting decor applications, Fortelock is aimed primarily at the light industrial or heavy-duty business. 


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Never again renounce the excellent material properties of vinyl and decorate your kitchen as well as halls, corridors, offices or even public buildings, including hospitals, hotels or your business premises. So do not hesitate any longer and find out more about the strengths of the Fortelock Decor designs!

Click Vinyl Tiles in Varied Designs for Different Areas of Application – The Collection in Detail

Depending on the desired field of application, whether you are looking to renovate an area in the heavy industrial sector or industrial areas with light traffic, the three different designs from this collection differ in the respective service classes as well as aesthetics. The main focus is on the utility class, which shows you whether your floor is suitable for the project you are looking for.

Fortelock Business Decor – Business Elegance

As the name suggests, the Business Decor is ideal for commercial spaces with higher loads of traffic. The class 34 and 43 according to DIN EN 658 allows you to lay this stylish floor almost everywhere. Use the durable material for halls, corridors, offices and hotels as well as for public spaces such as your shop, restaurants, schools, hospitals or even trade fairs!

With dimensions of 47.2 x 47.2 cm these vinyl floor tiles add a high-quality floor space in stone look. The beige design features naturalistic grain effects to give the impression of a beautiful mix of marble and concrete stone. This particular colour gives the enormous advantage that impurities are not so easily noticed between the dark and light nuances. An invaluable advantage if you want to make a well-kept impression around the clock!    

Fortelock Solid Decor – Hard and Highest Resistance

The click vinyl tiles, feature the use classes 34 and 43 and can therefore, withstand heavy loads in high traffic areas. This floor is particularly suitable for halls, public spaces, offices, hotels, restaurants or public shops.  

This design also has the handy size of 47.2 x 47.2 cm, but with a much thicker wear layer of 2mm.  This is an impressive thickness and essentially equips this vinyl flooring with the ability to meet high operating loads.  The surface is available in a light grey, which is provided with further speckles of different shades of grey.  Through the use of different colorations, light soiling is not easily noticeable and can be removed at the end of the day.

Natural Wood that Radiates Warmth – Fortelock Home Decor

In addition to the products that are primarily aimed at the use in public areas, the vinyl tiles of the Home Decor range was designed to fit perfectly in your home. As the utility class 22 suggests, it is ideal for home workrooms or kitchens, as well as other main living areas like halls, corridors and even offices. The usable area is ideal for pets since scratch marks are difficult to leave on the designs.

The vinyl floor tiles in this collection are available in classic wood design so that your floor gives the impression of parquet. The Home Decor design captures the typical grains of fine wood products and brings a homely warmth to your rooms. Additionally, with the dimensions of 47.2 x 47.2 cm, this collection can be used to renovate even small rooms and transform them into a truly eye-catching space!

First Class Properties with Fortelock Decor

Each collection within the Fortelock Decor range have a total thickness of 6.5 mm which can be heavily loaded and easily maintained. Thanks to the good chemical resistant features, these floors are suitable with common commercial cleaning agents. In addition, all products have a high fire protection class of Bfl-s1, which means in the case of a fire, there will be low smoke development. The vinyl floor tiles also have excellent thermal insulation and even absorbs vibrations, which results in excellent room acoustics.

To ensure that you can walk comfortably on the smooth surface, the LVT flooring has slip-resistant attributes that prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself. The products Home and Business Decor have a slip resistance value of R10, which promises you a normal sticking friction value and safety. The Solid Decor variant, on the other hand, only promises a value of R9.

Easy to Install Click Vinyl Tiles – Fortelock Decor

One of the most innovative aspects of the Fortelock products is the practical lock system which allows you to lay the click vinyl tiles in no time! This is a tailored interlocking system which allows the tiles to be connected easily and seamlessly.  The connections leave little room for a faulty installation and are no longer visible after the installation is complete! There are no special adhesives required for the fitting of these luxury vinyl tiles. You can also easily remove, replace and refurbish these tiles easily, even after installation!

Please allow the flooring to acclimatise to the room temperature of the renovated area before laying. Additionally, the subfloor surface must be leveled and free from any dirt, dust, and grease.

Fortelock Decor – Click Vinyl Tiles for All Living Areas Now Available at BRICOFLOR!

If you are convinced of the high-quality designs in the Fortelock Decor range, then order online today on BRICOFLOR! Benefit from our best price guarantee, with which we offer you products at great prices! Take advantage of our free sample service, and request in advance a sample of your design decor to experience the qualities in person. If you would like to request a larger order directly, our offer department may be able to give you an individual offer with which we can meet your requirements at a lower price.  If you have any further questions about our products or your order, you can reach us via telephone, email or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!