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Tarkett Click Vinyl Tiles with a Convenient  Click System

Vinyl floor tiles are available in many different versions and specifications. In addition to an appealing visual design and technical features, the laying system is a key factor in determining which floor is right for your application. Click vinyl flooring is a real novelty in the market, especially for renovation projects and thanks to the intuitive click system created by Tarkett, anyone can install their own brand new floor with ease! Even an amateur or DIY enthusiast should have little or no issues installing vinyl click floor tiles by themselves.

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While all these are increasingly popular renovation materials, the click system has proven itself to be the most popular product of all. This is because the click system for installation of floor planks has been time-tested, and most of us have already installed a floor with such a system at least once.

Tarkett Stafloor Click 55 – Comfort and Reliability, Hand-in-Hand

Tarkett’s Starfloor Click 55 vinyl floor tiles combine strength and comfort into one unique product. The floor covering is suitable for both domestic and project use (wear class 23/32) and has a wear layer of 0.5 mm thick, which is sealed by a PUR surface coating. Thanks to this construction, the floor can easily withstand moderate loads but still is comfortable to walk on. Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 also has a high resistance to chemicals, for example, the ones that are present in household cleaning agents, making the floor easy to clean and maintain. With a broad choice of 28 designs, a suitable style is available for every taste. In addition to more traditional, realistic wood imitations, modern decors such as stone and metal are available as well. These are perfectly suitable for modern and urban interior styles and are sure to catch attention. Thanks to the special production process, these floors are 100% phthalate free and 100% recyclable. Both of these great properties work to minimize the ecological impact of Starfloor products, so you can enjoy a beautiful wall covering without harming the environment.

Tarkett Click Vinyl with Click System – Have You Made the Click Yet?

That the installation of a new floor no longer is cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming is a point that Tarkett clearly drives home with the click system equipped with the Starfloor Vinyl series. The click system makes the installation, even for hobbyists, child’s play. This is in part because no special tools or adhesives are needed. Another great advantage is that thanks to the floating installation, the surface of the floor is laid on won’t be damaged. A Starfloor floor is your renovation friend because the tiles and planks are easily cut to size for your room, no matter how exotic the shape, with a conventional carpet knife or heavy-duty hobby knife. Then the fitting floor panels are easily connected using the intuitive tongue and groove system most of us are familiar with from conventional parquet and laminate flooring options. Though not required, it’s recommended to add a sound dampening underlay. This deadens both impact noise and noise carried over from neighbouring rooms which ultimately makes your home a more calm and quiet place. Another great reason why LVT click flooring is an excellent choice for renovations and home projects is that the floor can be used as soon as the last floor panel is fitted. No waiting for adhesive to dry or material to settle. Furniture can also be moved into the room as soon as installation is finished. Vinyl floor tiles with click-system from Tarkett – flooring with a click: easy to install, clean, and maintain, for pros and hobbyists alike.

Tarkett LVT Click – Technical Quality and Performance that Pay Off

Click vinyl tiles have numerous advantages that make everyday life a lot easier. Not only is installation very easy, vinyl floors in general and Tarkett floors, in particular, are very easy to maintain, and don’t get damaged as easily. This is in part thanks to the thick and sturdy wear layer with PUR surface treatment. Other great technical properties include a slip resistance of R9 or R10, depending on the particular product, a fire safety class of Bfl-s1, and wear group T. In addition to that are the Tarkett collections’ products suitable for application in rooms where castor chairs are used. Thanks to this property are the number of different applications of a Tarkett floor great. Think about home offices or small commercial offices. Add to this that the floor is available in countless different designs, from all shades of wood to various shades of stone and metal. And with a low thickness of only a few millimeters, are Tarkett floors one of the greatest LVT choices on the market today for all your renovation projects.

Tarkett Vinyl Click Flooring – Now Available at BRICOFLOR UK!

Tarkett is Europe’s leader in flooring solutions. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Tarkett has a vast catalog of great collections and products. The Tarkett vinyl collections are truly game-changing and a great choice for anyone on the lookout for a great vinyl floor. Thanks to all the technical features and properties Tarkett combines in these products, they’re action-packed for success – every single day. Tarkett vinyl flooring is an excellent decision. Here at BRICOFLOR, we’re proud to present Tarkett’s products to you. Feel free to browse through our vast catalog of products by Tarkett and many others. If you’re unsure about which exact product to pick, we offer a free sample service, so you can see the floor in real life, or even compare two or more products. All from the comfort of your living room. If you have a question, feel free to contact us. We’re always on standby to listen and help you out. If you’re looking to purchase a larger quantity we might be able to make you a tailored offer, with no further obligations. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our products! Purchase your new flooring now, at BRICOFLOR!