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Gerflor Design - Perfectly designed for your room

In recent years, the word vinyl has become more and more the focus of public attention. Self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles are available today in various designs, formats and from various manufacturers. One of these is Gerflor, who is conquering the current renovation market with vinyl floor tiles.

£15.95 per m²
Shipping: £10.00 per order

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles

Gerflor Design "0633 Palermo" 5 m² Value Pack
£15.95 per m²
Shipping: £10.00 per order
£15.95 per m²
Shipping: £11.95 per order
£15.95 per m²
Shipping: £10.00 per order
£15.95 per m²
Shipping: £10.00 per order

The selected designs in this Gerflor collection are characterised by a high style finish, which can help any room to shine. The self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles convince in numerous designs, under which a suitable variant for your own four walls can be found for every taste and furnishing style. With this vinyl floor, you can bring design and individuality into your everyday life and enjoy the newly created ambience to the fullest - day after day.

Gerflor Design: Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles that Provide Individuality

The self-adhesive vinyl flooring of the collection Gerflor Design is available in numerous designs to choose from. In addition to plain-coloured vinyl floor tiles, you will find the vinyl floor tiles in various stone patterns, which give each room a natural yet individual touch with their natural colourations and patterns. With variants such as the plain colours Gerflor Design "0224 White Tile" and Gerflor Design "0221 Black Tile", you have the opportunity to give your rooms a smooth, futuristic look. But even in combination, for example, laid as a "chessboard", you can give your rooms an individual touch. Likewise, with the self-adhesive vinyl tiles from the Gerflor Design collection, you can choose between different (natural) stone patterns in grey, anthracite and black tile and slate looks. In addition, the selection has a design variant that combines the classic tile look with delicate design elements. The light grey luxury vinyl tile Gerflor Design "0633 Palermo" has a classic tile design, which is defined in one area of the tile by a floral, colour-contrasting element.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles for the Living Area: Gerflor Design Makes Every Room a Highlight

The self-adhesive vinyl floor of the Design collection by Gerflor makes every room a visual highlight. Perfectly matched to the challenges of everyday life, the flooring must be classified into service class 22. Suitable for the normally-frequented living area, the vinyl tile can be laid in many rooms, from the living room and children's room to the dining room or hallway. With a total thickness of 1.5 mm, with a wear layer of 0.08 mm, the design flooring can be laid without any problems, without doors and the like having to be sanded beforehand. In addition, the self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles are very easy to clean, making home cleaning child's play. Lay the Gerflor Design in your entire living area or combine different designs from room to room - with the vinyl floor of this selection you have 1000 options for your living area!

Gerflor Design: Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles for Hobby Craftsmen

Today, renovating is child's play thanks to innovative products such as self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles from Gerflor, which can be easily handled even by laymen and hobbyists. With the stick on vinyl floor tiles, the renovation is a breeze even without special tools. Similar to the renovation with other floor coverings, the substrate must be ready for laying. For this, it must be free of grease, dirt and dust as well as bumps. Optionally, a primer can be applied to the substrate, which guarantees an optimal bond between the self-adhesive vinyl floor and the floor. The laying itself is done in no time: Just adjust the tiles to the existing dimensions by making cut-outs for heaters, lintels and the like, then tile by tile, the film that protects the adhesive layer and apply the flooring to the surface ready for installation, butt-to-joint. Once the room is completely covered with vinyl tiles, the renovation is complete. Since the renovation can be done without glue and the like, the room is directly accessible after the installation.

Gerflor Design Self-Adhesive LVT - Design and Quality for All Your Rooms

The square, self-adhesive vinyl tiles of the Collection Design by Gerflor have a high design standard and numerous technical quality features. With a format of 30.5 x 30.5 cm, the tiles are optimally matched to almost any size of living space. Whether in small or large rooms: The handy format results in a uniform, appealing overall picture. The vinyl floor also has technical characteristics such as the fire behaviour Bfl-s1, anti-slip class R9 / R10 and antistatic properties. In addition, the self-adhesive vinyl tiles can be laid over underfloor heating and so contribute to pleasantly warm feet in winter, if necessary. The manufacturer Gerflor also convinces by a good manufacturing practice. Manufactured without the use of formaldehyde, heavy metals and solvents, the design flooring is harmless to both humans and nature. In addition, the stick on vinyl floor tiles are 100% recyclable.

Gerflor Design: Now at BRICOFLOR

Gerflor Design peel and stick vinyl floor tiles combine style and practicality, allowing you to renew your creative desires while keeping the process easy and simple. The numerous technical features that allow the use of these innovative self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles, also allow them to be placed in areas of high pedestrian traffic and guarantee their strength and longevity. From BRICOFLOR, you will find the widest range of vinyl floor tiles to find the finish that best suits your tastes and needs. We have the best products in terms of quality/price on the market. Please contact us, and our BRICOFLOR staff will help you discover the self-adhesive that best meets your needs and your desires.

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