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Gerflor Senso Natural - Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles for Modern Living

With the Senso series, Gerflor sets new standards in the market for self-adhesive vinyl flooring. In the centre of this series is, among other things, the collection Senso Natural to find - self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles, which can contribute to a classic ambience and equally to a cosy living atmosphere. If you are looking for a new renovation floor that is easy and quick to install, then you are on the right track with this selection.

£21.95 per m²
Shipping: £29.95 per order
£21.95 per m²
Shipping: £29.95 per order

With a targeted selection of natural realistic, noble stone decors, there is a suitable vinyl floor for every living area. Classic design, high-quality materials and an easy-to-use laying system, even for hobbyists and laymen, make Senso Natural by Gerflor a collection that is indispensable in the market for flexible floor coverings. Let yourself be enchanted by this selection and finish your search for your new vinyl flooring.

Senso Natural: Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles for Your Individual & Unique Space

In the search for a suitable vinyl flooring for your own space, there are currently numerous collections, making the selection is often very difficult. In order to create a new, cosy atmosphere, the selection Gerflor Senso Natural is now available in the online shop of BRICOFLOR - vinyl flooring, which is low-priced and easy to lay and equally a loyal companion in almost every day-to-day life. With the classification in the utility class 22, the self-adhesive vinyl floor is suitable for almost every normal-frequented living space. The vinyl construction, which has been specifically designed for this purpose, withstands most everyday challenges and is, therefore, the perfect floor for your renovation, redesign or modernization. The stick on vinyl floor tiles, which has a total construction of 2.0 mm and a 0.2 mm thick wear layer, can be installed in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, corridors and similar rooms. This results in 1000 design options for your apartment.

Senso Natural by Gerflor - Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles that Turn Heads

The fact that you no longer need to invest a lot of money in stone or marble floors is demonstrated by the self-adhesive vinyl tiles from the Gerflor Senso Natural collection. Thanks to the natural-realistic reproduction of genuine stone decors, these are hardly distinguishable from their mineral model. You can find Gerflor Senso Natural in our online shop of BRICOFLOR, for example in the Senso Natural version "0397 Night Slate" in the classic tile format of 30.5 x 60.9 cm. This design convinces with a cloudy design in a noble anthracite tone. The colour scheme radiates exclusivity in every room and promises a noble ambience. In addition, there are Senso Natural design variants in the Senso Natural selection, such as Senso Natural "0201 Travertine" in a soft beige tone, which conjures up a friendly ambience from every room, in which you can feel good permanently. In addition to the tile format of 30.5 x 60.9 cm, you will find in this selection various vinyl floor tiles in the format 45.7 x 45.7 cm. The tile formats are visually supported by a circumferential chamfer (V4). Thanks to the V4 bevel, the individual vinyl tiles stand out visually as well as haptically clearly from the room image and thus appear particularly realistic. Convince yourself of the great patterns and find your new favourite vinyl floor.

Gerflor Senso: Installation Made Easy

With self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles, even laymen and hobbyists can now instantly create a new ambience in all your rooms. The vinyl flooring of the Senso Natural collection from Gerflor, which you can now design for your renovation, redesign or modernization in all your living areas. To lay the flexible vinyl requires no special tools. Simply adjust the self-adhesive vinyl tiles, taking into account oriels and the like, using a carpet knife to the existing dimensions. Subsequently, the vinyl floor can be applied to the laying surface. This should be prepared accordingly by removing bumps as well as dust and grease. In order to guarantee an optimal connection between the self-adhesive vinyl tiles and the substrate, you can optionally, before laying the vinyl flooring and apply a primer. Then you can remove the tiles from the film that protects the adhesive layer and apply the vinyl to the surface in a simple fashion. Once the room is lined with the vinyl flooring, the renovation is already complete and you can enjoy your newly created ambience to the fullest.

Gerflor Senso Natural - The Benefits of High-Quality Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles

In addition to the optical properties of the Senso Natural collection from Gerflor, the self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles impress with numerous technical quality features. Thanks to these product features, the design floor contributes to an easy-care and pleasant life. The technical quality features of the self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles of the collection Gerflor Senso Natural include the fire behaviour Bfl-s1, the wear behaviour of group T and the light fastness of the level ≥ 6 and many other advantages for your living area. Thanks to these product properties, the vinyl floor tiles are very hard-wearing, so that the brand manufacturer Gerflor can provide a guarantee of 10 years (in the living area). In addition, an organic and responsible production is the focus of the producer. The self-adhesive floor tiles Gerflor Senso Natural are thus free of solvents and plasticisers, they contain neither heavy metals nor formaldehyde and can be 100% recycled.

Gerflor Senso Natural Vinyl Floor Tiles: NOW AT BRICOFLOR

Peel and stick vinyl floor tiles combine style and practicality, allowing you to renew your creative desires while keeping the process easy and simple. The numerous technical features that allow the use of these innovative self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles, also allow them to be placed in areas of high pedestrian traffic and guarantee their strength and longevity. From BRICOFLOR, you will find the widest range of vinyl floor tiles to find the finish that best suits your tastes and needs. We have the best products in terms of quality/price on the market. Please contact us, and our BRICOFLOR staff will help you discover the self-adhesive that best meets your needs and your desires.

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