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Tarket Inspiration 55 Click: Modern wood and stone decors!

Tarkett has more than 130 years of experience in the field of flooring. With its new Tarkett iD Click Ultimate collection, the manufacturer presents the ideal solution for conservatory flooring as well as any renovation project. 

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Tarkett iD Click Ultimate 55

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Modern wood and stone decors - The ultimate Tarkett ID click 55

The Tarkett ID Click Ultimate 55 floor covering is a real eye-catcher in any room thanks to its natural look , which ensures a stylish appearance in numerous wood and stone decors . Due to the strong composite core, the floor gives the impression of being a real hard floor when looking at and feeling its surface. However, this is not the case. The click vinyl can deceptively reproduce the grain of the wood and the porous structure of the stone .

A timeless floor covering that enchants - The lifelike design of Tarkett Id click ultimate 55

The  arkett  ID Click Ultimate 55 floor is a vinyl floor, the  surface of  which is provided  with a decorative layer printed in high resolution . This gives the floor decor a deceptively real wood or stone element look. Every single plank is equipped with a synchronized embossing (EIR), which gives the floor covering lifelike traces and patterns . The ultimate design and the numerous advantages make the click vinyl a very special everyday companion for young and old.

Timeless, technically sophisticated, and unique - these properties will knock you off your feet

The floor decor from the Tarkett brand is wear-resistant, dirt-repellent, and resistant to liquids. In addition, thanks to the innovative sound block technology, the high-quality product has a 19 dB footfall sound  improvement, which ensures a particularly pleasant and quiet room ambience. The outstanding resistance to pressure makes the floor decor a flexible foot companion that is suitable for everyday use. The surface was treated with a transparent PU varnish, which optimally protects the floor decor from external influences such as abrasion, scratches, and stains. So can even furniture feet and chair castors do not harm the robust floor! In addition, the vinyl floor is particularly easy to clean, so you can also benefit from its easy-care properties . With slip resistance, class 9, slipping becomes almost impossible, so this will always offer you a safer basis. The fact that the color intensity and quality of the vinyl floor are not affected by short-term exposure to chemicals or direct sunlight is particularly praiseworthy.

Tarkett vinyl flooring - The showcase among floor coverings

You can rely on the  Tarkett ID Click Ultimate 55  collection in all situations! So, the floor decor is  ideal for the private as well as for the public-commercial area . There it can be used in rooms such as corridors, hotels and production halls. In private rooms, the  click vinyl can even be used with an  integrated acoustic back , which ensures a  pleasant and quiet room ambience . 

Here's how to prepare the floor properly - taking measures will make laying a breeze

Proper preparation of the floor substrate plays a key role before laying the new floor covering. You should therefore  proceed in a particularly thorough and structured manner . If you want to  lay the  vinyl floor  on a screed sub-floor, you should make sure that it is  level, dry and clean . Often it is necessary to take compensatory measures because the subsurface has uneven spots. You can  remove  these  with a suitable filler / leveling compound . Please also note that you should definitely avoid laying click vinyl on textile floor coverings.If you want to lay the floor decor on a wooden substrate, we advise you to do so Check for loose wooden planks beforehand in  order to prevent the planks from pushing through unsightly. Basically,  laying on wood, stone or terrazzo floors is problem-free  if you prepare them accordingly.

Easy laying with the Tarkett Id click ultimate 55 collections - Soon you too will have the trick to laying

Let's move on to the next step: the relocation. You start by laying the  first two panels from the right or left corner . The  spring points on the wall . Once you have reached the end of the row of panels, you need to cut the  last panel to size . With a steel ruler and a craft knife, score the required panel length so that you  can now simply bend the panel . You can use the remaining piece for the beginning of the next row. Note that the  remaining piece should not be shorter than 10 cm . From the second row onwards, it is important to  first click in  the  panels on the front side . Then the row is raised slightly, and the long side is clicked into place. Again, work with the necessary joint offset. Now lay the narrow cut up to the wall and proceed in the same way as described above. With the last row of panels, you can put the  panels on top of each other as a template for cutting . Now you can also reassemble  the  transition profile .

In love with nature - why Tarkett vinyl floors are the right choice in every aspect!

Our nature and your health are very important to the Tarkett brand. Therefore, the Tarkett ID Click Ultimate 55 collection consists of a  100% phthalate-free and recyclable material composition . In addition, the floor covering has been awarded fire protection class Bfl-s1 . This means that in the event of a fire, the product does not pose any health risk to you or your environment due to its flame-retardant nature.

The long-waited floor renovation is coming true - Discover your Tarkett favourite in our Bricoflor online shop!

You have chosen one of the many different versions of the Tarkett ID Click Ultimate 55 collection and you can hardly wait to equip your premises with this modern and innovative flooring? Then make your renovation dreams come true with this click vinyl! If you have any further questions, our friendly and competent team of employees  is of course available to you by phone, email or via our online chat . We look forward to an exciting exchange with you!