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Wineo 600 – Vinyl Click Flooring for Modern Homes and Offices

Modern times are busy: Just like fashion and technologies, the market for renovation supplies changes constantly. Every few weeks, you find new designs, new decors, new formats and new techniques.  These luxury vinyl planks are very diverse to meet all present-day demands. 


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You can choose between 32 wood and stone decors, of which some are also available in XL – the ideal floor for any renovation project. To facilitate the installation, this floor features an innovative click-system, which means that you won’t have to use any adhesives.

Wineo 600 vinyl click flooring - Premium LVT With Style!

One really is spoilt for choice with Wineo 600: between 32 different styles, everyone will find his or her dream floor. The wooden part of this collection (Wineo wood and wood XL) is comprised of numerous wood decors; dark ones, light ones, rustic ones and modern ones, making sure that this collection meets all needs of lovers of wooden floors. But Wineo 600 also has the right floor for everyone who prefers stone decors: There are cream-coloured decors as well as slate tiles and you can choose between both classical and modern designs.

The “Patchwork” range, this collection’s undisputed highlight, features exciting designs with a dash of colour, ideal for modern homes and commercial spaces. Since there are so many diverse styles to choose from, we offer a free sample service to our customers. This way, you can take all the time you need to decide on your favourite design.

Wood decors for a natural ambience

Wineo 600 wood vinyl click flooring is the ideal floor for small and medium-sized rooms in domestic as well as commercial areas.  The vinyl planks come in a handy size (1212 x 187 mm), designed to make small rooms look bigger. The planks succeed in creating an authentic look and a comfortable atmosphere. You can choose between 23 different wood decors, ranging from a white design (“Polaris”) to a warm brown one (“Venero Oak Brown”), which complement both modern and classical interiors.

Wineo 600 wood XL: extra large LVT CLICK flooring

The bigger the planks, the faster the installation! These LVT click XL planks (1505 x 237 mm) are the ideal choice for larger rooms, as they will create a sophisticated atmosphere. There are ten different decors available in this extra large size, light designs as well as darker ones. You will find warm colours (e.g. Woodstock Honey) and cooler designs (like Aumera Oak Native, a light grey décor). These large planks will complement modern as well as classical interiors, as the planks’ subtle design will stand back and make your furniture shine.

Elegant stone decors for domestic and commercial areas

Alongside modern wood decors, you will also find great stone designs in the Wineo 600 interlocking collection. These tiles are available in a standard size (500 x 317 mm) as well as in an extra large size (914 x 480 mm) – you decide which version suits your needs best. Both variations feature a very authentic look and due to the tiles’ click system, this premium floor can be installed in next to no time. The lightest design in this collection is “Polar Travertine”, which is opposed by “Silver Slate”, the darkest décor.

Wineo 600 Patchwork: Luxury vinyl click flooring

Wineo 600 “Patchwork” definitely is this collection’s highlight. These exciting planks come in a different size (1212 x 186 mm) and are ideal for everyone looking for a unique floor that has that certain vibe. The planks display different wood imitations in combination with some dashes of blue, creating a very modern, yet rustic atmosphere – the perfect vinyl flooring for creative minds. Kids also like this design for its colourful character.

Interlocking vinyl planks and tiles for any renovation project

This collection features vinyl planks with a total thickness of only 5 mm, making it the ideal choice for your renovation project. Due to the 0.4 mm wear layer, the planks are incredibly robust and long-lasting. Because of the product’s outstanding durability, this collection is suitable for domestic (heavy use) as well as commercial (medium use) and industrial (light use) settings and it even comes with a 20-year warranty (for domestic use only). This floor features Wineo’s Connect-technology, making sure that the installation is as easy as possible and can be done in next to no time – without adhesives. To create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, the planks can be installed over an underfloor heating (up to a required surface temperature of 27°C).

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