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Forbo Allura Domestic 0.40 mm: A robust and strong glue-down vinyl floor for your home

The Forbo Allura Domestic 0.40 mm collection offers a durable LVT flooring that is suitable for the living room, but you c…

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Classic and contemporary designs with natural wood and realistic stone imitations

The collection offers 34 different designs. The wood and stone decors are available in different sizes, and with two, four or no bevelled edges. The wood design "Whitewash Elegant Oak" is an oak colour with a light white tint, which will bring a friendly atmosphere to any space. This collection also has a very modern design; the “Grey College Oak” gives a very modern yet rural atmosphere. Thanks to the realistic grain and the bevelled edges on this floor, it looks like a real oak wooden floor. For an urban atmosphere, you can choose "Charcoal Concrete" this is a realistic stone floor with a concrete look surface. Combine this floor with a contemporary, simple interior or use it as a floor in a company. Does not matter what kind of interior you prefer, you can realise it all with Forbo Allura Domestic!

Suitable for the living room, but also for commercial and industrial areas

Thanks to the wear class of 23/32/41, this Forbo collection can be installed in many spaces. For domestic use this floor has the best wear class, it is suitable for heavy use; this means you can place this floor in the living room or at the entrance. In the commercial sector, you can place this glue down vinyl flooring in areas with average traffic, such as boutiques, cafes or in an office. This floor is resistant to wheelchairs of a castor chair with classification type W. For industrial sectors, the floor can withstand some traffic, for example in a workplace. In addition, the floor is also suitable for use with underfloor heating with hot water and electrical systems, up to a surface temperature of 27 °C. The Allura Domestic is anti-static; it can also be installed in rooms with computer equipment.

Resilient, health-friendly and high quality: Forbo glue-down LVT flooring

LVT floors in the Forbo Domestic collection have a wear layer of 0.4 mm and a total thickness of 2 mm. The floor is very suitable to use for renovations, due to the low total thickness. For your safety, these Forbo floors have a slip resistance of R10 and the flooring is flame retardant, with the classification Bfl-s1. In addition, the luxury vinyl flooring meets the current requirements of the European REACH Agreement. The flooring has no negative impact on your health and is very nature-friendly because it is free from phthalate. The floor is easy to clean and maintain thanks to the PUR surface coating: you can simply use household cleaning products to clean your flooring. It has been tested on contact with dilute acids, oils and fats; these do not change the material characteristics. Another advantage is the very good lightfastness of ≥ 6; this promises that the floor retains its original colour even when exposed to light. The technical characteristics of the glue-down vinyl promise a durable floor that will inspire you every day!

Preparation for installing your new Forbo Domestic flooring

With the right preparation, you will get the best results placing your Forbo floor. The substrate must be stable, dry, solid, flat and clean. Level irregularities with a suitable filler and remove old floors if possible. Moreover, the room must have suitable conditions; the room temperature should be above 18°C, ideally a few days before and a few days after installation. The underfloor must be warmer than 15°C and the humidity should be below 65%. Allow the floor to acclimatise at least 24 hours before installing in the room where you will lay the floor. Lay the floors horizontally on the ground in the room of 18 °C.

A reliable installation thanks to the glue-down system

Use a suitable glue to apply to the surface. Place the tiles or planks in the area with great care. Start in the middle of the room. After applying the plank or tile carefully tap in the centre and on the sides, this will prevent air bubbles in the glue. The tiles or planks at the edge of the room can be adjusted according to your room dimensions. Make sure that the floor rests against the wall without tension. After 48 hours, you can clean the floor with water or detergent.

Order Forbo Allura Domestic 0.44 mm in BRICOFLOR's online shop!

These realistic wooden and stone floors are available in our online shop. You can buy the Forbo floors with the best price guarantee. Benefit from our free sample service in order to see the colour and quality of the flooring. Are you planning to place a big order? Contact us; we can make a personal quote for you. You can reach us by phone, email or contact form. Take a look at our online shop, and buy your new LVT flooring online at BRICOFLOR!

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