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Forbo Allura Commercial 0.55 mm: The robust designs meet the highest requirements

Forbo Allura Commercial 0.55mm collection offers LVT flooring that inspire with an attractive design and amazing quality. The collection has many different designs and it is suitable for many purposes. Forbo offers wood and stone imitations, in attractive colours. By choosing LVT flooring designed by the Swiss manufacturer Forbo, you get a high quality product made in Europe!

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Forbo Allura 0.55 mm | Dryback

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Wood and stone imitations from Forbo Allura commercial

The collection offers over 100 different imitations with very attractive designs, and probably also your new favourite floor. The flooring is available in different sizes and different finishes. Some designs show a nice relief, which makes them even more realistic. This relief is also available on the stone imitations. One of the embossed designs is "Weathered Rustic Pine"; this gorgeous design is complemented with the relief and looks like a pine surface. Rural and modern decorated by the weathered appearance of a wooden décor. You can create a modern feel using the "Black Rustic Oak" which gives your room a rustic and calm feeling. These wooden imitations are the best choice if you are looking for a realistic design without spending too much money. Are you looking for a stone floor? The Forbo commercial collection is the right collection for you. "White Sand" is a white stone imitation with a small relief. This design is elegant and due to the bevelled sides, it is a realistic stone design. Forbo's collection offers even more possibilities.

Forbo Allura Commercial 0.55 is suitable for living rooms, school or a storage space

The vinyl flooring in this collection has an excellent wear class of 23, 33 and 42. The floors can therefore be applied in the living room, with lots of traffic. Moreover, in the commercial sector, this floor can withstand a lot of traffic and even in industrial areas such as a department store. In the light industry, this glue down vinyl flooring can be placed in areas with normal traffic. The LVT flooring from Forbo can also withstand underfloor heating, such as hot water systems and electrical systems, to a surface temperature of 27 °C.

Glue Down vinyl flooring with great technical qualities

The technical features of the Commercial Collection promise a high quality and durable product. Due to the product thickness of 2.5 mm, the floor is particularly suitable for renovation. The top layer is 0.55 mm and reinforced against different loads. The PUR surface finish protects the floor and ensures the durability. Moreover, the floor is easy to clean with normal household cleaning detergents. Allura Commercial 0.55 is environmentally friendly, and has no negative impact on your health, because it is phthalate free. All processed materials comply with the current requirements of the European REACH agreement. With a slip resistance of R10 and a category of fire behaviour Bfl-s1, this floor is a safe choice. After many years of use, the floor will still have its beautiful colours due to the high colourfastness. In addition, this floor can withstand the wheels of a castor chair; therefore it is very suitable for the office. It can withstand a short exposure to chemicals, as dilute acids, oils and fats do not change the material properties.

Installing your vinyl flooring

In order to get an optimal result of your new luxury vinyl flooring, it is important to do some preparations. The substrate on which the floor will be installed must be solid, flat, dry and clean. Unevenness should be treated with a suitable filler. It is important that the dry back vinyl flooring can acclimatise for 24 hours before installation, under the following conditions: underfloor temperature of at least 15 °C, room temperature of at least 18 °C, humidity below 65%. These conditions must be present a few days before and after the installation. Before opening the packaging, check them all on the number of the batch. A different batch might have small colour differences.

Begin in the middle of the room, the planks and tiles will need to be attached to the floor with suitable dispersion adhesive, which you have to apply on the substrate. Place the planks or tiles in the glue. Make sure that the planks rests against the wall at the ends without being pressurized. Wait until the glue has thoroughly dried before using the floor.

Forbo Allura Commercial 0.55 available from BRICOFLOR

Order your new LVT flooring of Forbo Allura Commercial 0.55 mm in our online store and benefit from our best price guarantee! Our free sample service allows you get an impression of the colour and the quality of this LVT flooring. Are you planning to order a large quantity? Contact the BRICOFLOR team; perhaps we can make you a personal quote. Contact us via the contact form, phone or by email. Take a look at our web shop to buy your new Forbo LVT flooring!