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Forbo Allura is environmental friendly and suitable for every renovation project

Forbo is a Swiss flooring manufacturer, founded in 1928. They focus on an environmental manufacturing process and thus produce products that are phthalate free, thus presenting no harm to your health or the environment. The luxury vinyl flooring of the Allura collection features wood and stone imitations. The designs are lifelike and are a wonderful alternative to real stone or wood. The Premium Collection is suitable for all applications.

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Forbo Allura 0.70 mm | Dryback

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Forbo Allura Premium 0.70: High quality LVT flooring made for areas with high traffic

The Forbo Allura Premium floors provide excellent quality with various technical aspects. Forbo offers many colours and textures, which can be placed everywhere. With the many different colours, the collection offers a wide choice for the perfect finish of each room. The high load ability guarantees long lasting enjoyment. With these designs by the Swiss manufacturer Forbo, you get a high-quality product that you can really enjoy.

Forbo Premium has beautiful designs with great quality

With over 100 different designs, Forbo's collection offers many possibilities, so each room can be unqiue. The collection consists of elegant hardwood floors with accents for a rustic look, including various colours and realistic designs, which gives you a lot of choice. Some of them have a realistic embossment; with this structured grain the floors look and feel even more realistic. Also available in the Allura Premium Collection 0.77 are brilliant tile designs with dark colours that create a luxurious and chic look. Combined with light walls and ceiling, a black floor from Forbo will be a real eye-catcher. The dark nature imitations are very suitable for light rooms. Forbo's timeless designs will be a modern addition to your interior. The Forbo Allura Premium collection is also the best choice if you are looking for high quality floors. Check out the amazing designs in our online shop, and be impressed by the wide range available.

Forbo Allura Premium 0.70 for your home, commercial venture or warehouse

The glue down flooring from Forbo is suitable for every kind of space, because it has a wear class of 23/33/34. These floors can be placed in spaces where there is a lot of traffic; the flooring is resistant to any wear and tear, even in industrial areas. Forbo Allura Premium is suitable for living rooms, schools, department stores or warehouses. In addition, this collection can be used in combination with various underfloor heating systems, such as hot water and electric underfloor heating.

Convincing technical qualities of Forbo Allura Premium

The technical properties of Forbo Allura Premium 0.70 promise a high quality and durable product. Due to its thickness of 2.5 mm, the PVC floor is particularly suitable for renovation because there will be no problems readjusting your doors. The collection thanks its name to the very strong wear layer of 0.70 mm that protects the flooring from harmful influences of any kind. The vinyl flooring is even tested for short-term contact with chemicals; the vinyl flooring was not damaged. The Premium Collection also has a very high lightfastness level, so leaving the floor even in bright sunlight for years will not have an effect on colour. The Forbo design is sealed with a polyurethane coating, which minimizes the maintenance costs of your floor. The Allura Premium 0.77 allows you to clean with normal household method. In addition, the floor is fire resistant which makes it a safe choice.

Glue Down Vinyl flooring from Forbo Allura Premium is a durable solution

The Forbo LVT flooring from the Premium collection are suitable for almost everywhere. This floor is very durable, but these types of floors are often seen as difficult to install, and some people hire a professional. However, if you have just some knowledge of DIY, you can easily install this floor yourself.

Installing glue-down LVT flooring from Forbo Allura Premium

Before you want to start placing your new floor from Forbo you need to, in order to get the best results, do some preparations. Use a suitable filler if the floor is uneven. It is important that the ground have a temperature of at least 15 °C before laying, while the room temperature must be at least 18 °C and the relative humidity must be less than 65% for optimal results. Installing the LVT flooring of Forbo Allura should be done with suitable glue. Please read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Start in the middle of the room, apply the glue on the substrate surface, wait for the time indicated on the glue package and place the plank or tile on the ground. Be careful around the walls, the planks or tiles should be near the wall, but there should not be any stress on the floor. Once installed and the glue has dried completely, the LVT glue down flooring can handle high loads and is very durable.

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