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Project Floors Chevron adhesive vinyl - Demonstrate your sense of style with herringbone vinyl in French elegance!

With Project Floors Chevron adhesive vinyl flooring, you are opting for a stylish design floor covering that is based on the stylish look of French parquet flooring. However, the herringbone vinyl also inspires in technical terms, because the robust vinyl floor is suitable for both heavily used living spaces and the commercial and even industrial sector.

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Project Floors Chevron/55

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Project Floors Chevron - the versatile vinyl floor for style-conscious building projects!

The adhesive vinyl of the Chevron collection from Project Floors inspires with its unique herringbone look, which gives rooms a particularly stylish and elegant touch. Chevron is a classic parquet installation style reminiscent of 17th-century French manor houses. A herringbone vinyl gives the room a lively and expressive duct and can be combined both nostalgically with antique furniture and vintage home accessories or very modern and contemporary.

The Project Floors Chevron collection includes six variations of design flooring in a herringbone look. The glue-down vinyl floor is available in a new plank format of 45.7 x 10.2 cm. The 60° bevelled edges allow for stylish room designs and installation patterns. The all-around bevelled vinyl design flooring can definitely compete visually with a French parquet and, thanks to the synchronously embossed wood look, it convinces a very authentic appearance. In contrast to a real wooden floor, however, the herringbone vinyl in wood-look from Project Floors Chevron ensures pleasant comfort underfoot, impresses with its foot-warm texture and pleasant room acoustics. Skirting boards in matching décor are the perfect finishing touch to the expressive Project Floors Chevron collection!

Herringbone Oak vinyl flooring - the design floor for stylish living and beyond!

The special highlight of the Project Floors Chevron collection is the authentic wood decor, which can decorate rooms in both residential and commercial areas thanks to its high level of robustness. The attractive wood-look vinyl floor comes in a choice of natural, elegant look, modern or rustic decors.

For example, choose vinyl flooring in a rustic oak look and create a dignified, French manor house. For a more modern look, choose grey vinyl flooring with a herringbone look. This design floor can also be used wonderfully in contemporary living rooms with design elements. In addition, the vinyl floor with oak in a whitewashed look provides some refreshing and casual accents and softens the sophisticated look of Project Floors Chevron a little. For rustic interiors and country house furnishings, a herringbone vinyl with strongly pronounced grains and knotholes is particularly suitable.

Additionally, a technical highlight: Project Floors Chevron conquers residential and commercial spaces!

Assigned to use classes 23, 33 and 42, the herringbone vinyl of the Chevron collection by Project Floors is suitable for use in highly used living areas, heavily frequented commercial and contract areas as well as in light industry subject to normal wear and tear. This means that you can not only furnish the hallway, kitchen or living room with the adhesive vinyl in wood-look but even shops, the hotel industry or workshops with predominantly standing activities.

The adhesive vinyl floor has a 0.55 mm thick, PU-finished wear layer, which makes the flooring so robust. With a low residual pressure behaviour, suitability for chair castors of type W and good resistance to everyday signs of use, Project Floors Chevron adhesive herringbone vinyl makes a robust companion for a wide range of areas. Thanks to its good thermal resistance, the adhesive vinyl can also be installed in combination with underfloor heating systems up to 28°C and is classified as fire protection class Bfl-s1. This means that the vinyl floor in herringbone look can withstand a lot when it comes to fire and produces little to no smoke in the event of a fire. In addition, the design floor of the Chevron collection from Project Floors is chemical-resistant and, depending on the decor, slip-resistant to R9 or R10.

Project Floors Chevron - herringbone vinyl with a convincing range of benefits!

The Project Floors Chevron design floor in herringbone look has a number of advantages that make it an ideal floor covering for living rooms, fashion boutiques and light traffic industry. The vinyl design flooring from Project Floors is easy to clean and hard-wearing, combining the best of design and utility to create a high-quality floor covering. Project Floors focuses on a particularly natural look, especially with the wood-look vinyl flooring, which is achieved through chamfered edges and synchronous embossing. The feel of the vinyl flooring also deceptively imitates the grain and structural differences of real wood.

Since the planks of the Chevron collections are also supplied in individual parts, there are countless possibilities for individual room designs. Different installation patterns and alignments, as well as the combination of different decors, lend your rooms their own unique charm. With an overall construction of 2.5 mm, the herringbone vinyl is a renovation-friendly floor that is ideal for new buildings, conversions as well as renovations. In addition, the vinyl wood floor can impress with its insensitivity to moisture and can thus also be used as vinyl flooring in the bathroom.

Project Floors design flooring - the harmless vinyl floor in authentic wood look!

The well-known manufacturer Project Floors has specialised in vinyl design flooring, which can show off its advantages in many areas of application. The symbiosis of natural look and feel, easy care and durability inspire planners, operators, owners and architects alike.

In addition, Project Floors also relies on the use of phthalate-free softeners and the most careful use of resources possible for the Chevron collection. In addition to protecting water and air quality and reducing waste, Project Floors Chevron adhesive vinyl can be recycled thanks to its homogeneous composition and thus returned to the product cycle, resulting in a good overall ecological footprint.

Laying adhesive vinyl: this is what matters!

When installing your new Project Floors Chevron adhesive vinyl floor, it is particularly important to prepare the subfloor thoroughly. This should be as dry, even, clean, load-bearing and absorbent as possible, as the herringbone-look vinyl floor is attached to the floor using adhesive. Installation on top of textile coverings is not possible. We also do not recommend laying the floor in areas that are exposed to intense heat and direct sunlight.

Before installation, the wood-look adhesive vinyl should be acclimatised for at least 48 hours in the room to be installed. To do this, spread the flooring in small stacks of no more than four to five packages 50 cm from the wall in the room. 48 hours before and 72 hours after installation, the room temperature should be at least 18°C, the floor temperature should be above 15°C and the relative humidity should not exceed 75%.

You can use a cord marker to measure and divide the room before installation. Project Floors Chevron herringbone vinyl must be installed with a dispersion adhesive using the wet-bond method. Make sure that the vinyl design flooring is suitable for the conditions prevailing in your premises. Special room conditions may require testing by a professional.

Installing Project Floors Chevron Herringbone Vinyl

A little extra care is required when installing vinyl planks in a herringbone pattern. In particular, it is important to always maintain an exact 90° angle when laying the planks. Smaller deviations could become noticeable later in the form of joints.

When laying in chevron bond, the planks are laid at an angle of 45°. Here, too, this must always be adhered to exactly. When you choose a vinyl floor from the Chevron collection by Project Floor, you also get left as well as right strips that have to be laid alternately from one side to the other.

Buy Project Floors Chevron herringbone adhesive vinyl flooring online and furnish rooms with stylish elegance & technical sophistication!

Discover your herringbone vinyl from the Chevron collection by Project Floors and create a stylish ambience in French style! You can get the high-quality vinyl flooring in wood look in our online shop with the best price guarantee and can also request an individual offer if you should need a larger quantity of vinyl flooring. Are you not sure which design flooring suits you best? Use our free sample service and we will send you up to eight decors by post.

You can reach our customer service for questions, requests and suggestions via e-mail, telephone and our contact form. We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of Project Floors Chevron adhesive vinyl flooring in herringbone look and look forward to hearing from you!