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Project Floors floors@work/80 LVT Vinyl Flooring – Winyl For Any Taste!

With the selection floors@work/80, the manufacturer Project Floors, offers a "hassle-free package" for all craftsmen. The high-quality collection of selected wood and stone designs shows not only a visually striking flooring solution, but brings with it all the great technical features that vinyl has to offer. Thanks to a first-class implementation, the vinyl of the Project Floors floors@work/80 collection (formerly known as Project Floors Premium) can be laid even in high-traffic industrial areas.

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Project Floors floors@work/80

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In the floors@work/80 collection by Project Floors, the glue down vinyl flooring reaches a utility class that can rarely be achieved by other products. Convince yourself now of this powerful renovation partner, which can be combined with many furnishing styles.

Project Floors floors@work/80 – Vinyl Flooring in all kinds of tile and plank formats

Among the selected designs from the Project Floors floors@work/80 collection, there is something for everyone. From a selection of unique wood looks in natural colorations and classic stone finish designs, you can find all design with a highly realistic display. For example, the variant floors@work/80 “PW 3610” variant in plank format impresses with a classic wood look in a muted brown tone, which is timelessly classic  and will never go out of fashion. At the same time, the collection has many modern designs, such as the stone variant floors@work/80 "ST 510" by Project Floors, the dark-granite glue-down vinyl flooring creates a classy-looking interior in every room. For both the stone and wood decors, the natural-realistic look is supported by an equally impressive textured feel. The interplay of these optical and textured properties make the vinyl difficult to distinguish from its natural counterparts even at second and third glance!

Project Floors floors@work/80 Glue down vinyl flooring – the rugged vinyl floor for every application

With the glue-down vinyl flooring from the Project Floors floors@work/80 collection, you now have the opportunity to equip every conceivable room or area. With the wear classification of 23 to 43, the vinyl flooring is suitable for both high-traffic residential areas and high-traffic industrial areas. So you can fall back on this powerful renovation partner in all your rooms. This results in a range of possibilities that are rarely found on the market for flexible floors. Choose this vibrant glue-down vinyl flooring in the living area for your living room, dining room or bedroom or in the contract area for offices, galleries and many more. In addition, you can lay the vinyl in buildings with extreme loads, such as public buildings. Despite its small overall construction of only 2.5 mm, the floor is equipped with a 0.8 mm thick wear layer and a PU surface finish.

Vinyl flooring for permanent installation: Project Floors floors@work/80

Designed for long-lasting use, the luxury vinyl flooring of the Project Floors floors@work/80 selection can be installed onto the substrate for permanent bonding. In order to apply the tiles or planks to the ground, it must be prepared for the upcoming renovation. To do this, first eliminate the substrate from dust, grease and even out any possible bumps. Once the preparation is complete, an adhesive bed can be applied onto the ready-to-lay floor, followed by simply laying the individuals planks. Once the adhesive bed dries, the floor is firmly bonded to the substrate, allowing the vinyl to withstand even high loads.

High quality vinyl flooring by Project Floors floors@work/80: Take advantage of premium vinyl flooring!

Technical quality features and product features bring many benefits for daily life with them, making them an almost indispensable asset in many areas. The glue down vinyl flooring of the Project Floors floors@work/80 selection is thus equipped with many of these technical advantages. Project Floors’ floors@work/80 collection holds classic technical properties such as the fire behavior Bfl-s1, the slip resistance of class R9 and the DS slip resistance, and also has the light fastness level>6, which makes it quite resistant to fading when exposed to certain levels of light. Additionally, the LVT floors have chair roll suitability (type W), and is also appropriate to be fitted over underfloor heating systems. Thanks to this suitability, you can look forward to pleasantly warm feet, even in those cold winter months! Thanks to the 4 dB impact sound improvement, the vinyl also ensures a pleasant, quiet environment.

Finally, the manufacturer Project Floors, pays special attention to a good, environmentally-conscious production practice. Thus, the brand manufacturer completely dispenses with the use of phthalate-containing plasticisers. The vinyl floor has particularly good anti-toxic properties which ensures the safety for you and your family. Convince yourself now of all the benefits of this selection. The Project Floors floors@work/80 collection (previously known as the Project Floors Premium) can now be found in the BRICOFLOR online shop.

Vinyl Flooring Project Floors floors@work/80 for all your needs: Design, technology and benefits in perfect harmony

The glue down vinyl flooring of the floors@work/80 by Project Floors, is well-rounded range with endless possibilities for installation and design combinations. Thanks to the excellent structure and the strong wear layer, the vinyl flooring is suitable for every imaginable application. In addition to the residential and contract area, the design flooring can even be used in industrial areas. In addition, the vinyl flooring has numerous technical quality features that you will soon not want to miss. And the collection is also visually promising. This creates an excellent symbiosis of utility, technology and design that makes it desirable. Explore now, choose your favourite decor and take full advantage of this all-rounder.