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PROJECT FLOORS floors@home/20 Glue Down Vinyl Flooring – An Easy and Simple Solution

The glue-down vinyl flooring collection floors@home/20 is one of the latest offers of Project Floors. In response to market demand, floors@home/20 is the result of a modified and updated adaptation of the well-known Project Floors Woba collection. The selection of LVT glue down floorings encompass natural-realistic reproduction of wood and stone patterns, creating a deceptively real texture to the designs.

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Project Floors floors@home/20

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Glue Down Vinyl Flooring: In a variety of plank and tile formats

The glue-down vinyl of the Project Floors floors@home/20 collection is available in a wide variety of designs, allowing you to find an attractive new design for any occasion or room, suitable to many design styles. With a range of 24 planks and 6 tile designs, you are spoiled for choice! Thanks to its unique and expressive character, the vinyl flooring is available in a variety of authentic wood and natural-realistic stone finishes. The extensive range of colours offers countless attractive and unique interior design possibilities.

For example, the Project Floors floors@home/20 “PW 3085“ selection is an urban, dark wood design, creating a modern and warm character to your room. With an exposed vintage weaving, this vinyl floor brings not only structure, but elegance to your interior design. Other versions in mineral optics such as Project Floors' floors@home/20 “TR 715“ allows the opportunity to create designs that are unique and appealing. The light grey, cloudy design holds an irregular structure that creates authenticity, resulting in a simple, yet elegant ambience.  As a natural-realistic reproduction of the wood or stone textures, the vinyl flooring has a carefully adapted surface embossing, which also looks deceptively real, even at second glance!

Project Floors floors@home/20 - The perfect vinyl floor for your living area

With a total thickness of 2.0 mm and a wear layer of 0.2 mm, the vinyl floor of the floors@home/20 collection by Project Floors, is perfectly matched to the use in formally frequented living areas. Due to the technical structure and the materials used, the glue down vinyl plank or tile can be classified in utility class 22 and can thus be used for dining, living, sleeping and children's rooms, as well as in your home office and many other rooms.

Thanks to the PU surface finish, the vinyl flooring can withstand a wide range of everyday challenges. Accordingly, the LVT flooring itself is protected from scratches and is easy to clean. Household-standard cleaning chemicals cannot damage the glue down vinyl floor of the floors@home/20 collection by Project Floors. This allows easy maintenance with the use of cleaning agents. Due to the format of the planks or tiles, which have a total weight of 3.1 kg/m², the flooring is also designed to be user-friendly, making it suitable for those DIY occasions.

Project Floors floors@home/20 Glue down vinyl flooring - The powerful installation method for professionals

Glue-down vinyl flooring has to withstand heavy use. This is not only applicable to industrial areas, but even in living areas which can also be confronted with challenges. Project Floors floors@home/20 is a simple glue-down vinyl flooring solution that can withstand these everyday stresses. The planks or tiles are laid by simply applying a special adhesive or glue to the surface ready for laying.

To install the floor covering, the substrate must first be cleared of any unevenness, dust and grease. Subsequently, an adhesive bed can be applied to the ready-to-lay floor, into which the individual planks or tiles can then be laid together. Thanks to the applied adhesive layer onto the surface, once it has dried completely, the vinyl surface is firmly bonded to the substrate, so that the vinyl floor can withstand even high demands in your living area. LVT glue down flooring - a durable everyday partner!

LVT flooring - Flooring with many technical advatages

Like its predecessor collection Woba, by Project Floors, the glue-down vinyl flooring of Project Floors floors@home/20 is equipped with great quality technical features. These contribute to a pleasant, safe and durable flooring design. In addition to indispensable product characteristics, such as the fire behavior Bfl-s1, the slip resistance of class R9 or the DS slip resistance, the vinyl flooring also has technical highlights, such as a chair roll suitability (type W). This allows desk chairs and similar items to be used on the glue down vinyl plank or tile without damaging the flexible floor covering. Additionally, the floors@home/20 range is suitable for laying over underfloor heating systems. Project Floors also prides itself on its environmentally conscious manufacturing practice. Project Floors completely dispenses with the use of phthalate-containing plasticisers, making it free of any toxic properties.

Project Floors floors@home/20 - Vinyl flooring that is suited to your home!

After modernising the Woba collection into floors@home/20, Project Floors offers you a glue down vinyl flooring that is suitable to every taste and style of furnishing. With a selection of 30 decors you are spoiled for choice! Just choose your favourite and be enchanted by all the qualitative and visual advantages of this collection. Whether you choose planks or tiles, wood or stone, the range of designs offered by Project Floors can now be found in the online shop of BRICOFLOR – LVT glue flooring that allows the marriage of design and function!