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Project Floors floors@home/30 - Choose from 105 Unique Glue Down Vinyl Flooring Designs

In times of rapid and continuous innovations, it is important that the renovation industry adapts to its customers' needs and the transforming market demands. For this reason, the brand manufacturer Project Floors has updated and modernised its entire product range.

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Project Floors floors@home/30

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Thus, the new selection Project Floors floors@home/30 was adapted from the popular collection Project Floors Light. A modern and high quality vinyl floor, which is now available on the online shop of BRICOFLOR.

Project Floors floors@home/30 provides durable as well as stylish features, and thus it has potential to become one of the most varied and popular collections in the flexible design coverings market.  The truly realistic appearance of these designs mean there are no limits to your LVT flooring options!

A selection that delights everyone: LVT Vinyl Plank collection floors@home/30

The glue down vinyl flooring is available on the current market in a variety of colours, patterns and textures. However, not a lot of the collections on the market are able to match the wide selection of decors of the floors@home/30 selection by Project Floors. With a total of 105 different designs, Project Floors offers suitable LVT vinyl flooring for almost every design requirement. Whether you are searching for wood or stone, planks or tiles, the collection has a range of design possibilities!

Let’s take a look at the Project Floors floors@home/30 “TR 725”. This noble stone pattern has a grey, cloudy textured-look, making it look authentic and stylish. The natural-realistic surface structure adds to the convincing natural stone finish, making its optical properties that much more attractive. An equally haptic experience can be seen in the range of wood designs such as Project Floors' floors@home/30 “PW 2940”, which brings comfort and warmth to any living space thanks to its rich chocolatey brown shade. In addition to this, the ambiance it creates in your room is further enhanced by the natural underfoot sound, adding a sense of authenticity to the floor design. All you need to do is choose your favourite design and enjoy, as the LVT flooring transforms your living space into areas that inspire.

Project Floors floors@home/30: The durable and flexible vinyl flooring for your home

The vinyl flooring of the Project Floors floors@home/30 collection (formerly Project Floors Light) has a 2.0 mm overall structure. This contains a 0.3 mm thick wear layer, which is sealed by a PU surface finish. Thanks to this technical structure, the glue down vinyl flooring is a strong and equally sophisticated companion for your living area.

Project Floors floors@home/30 is particularly suitable from both low to heavily frequented living areas (service class 21-23). With this classification, the floor can be used in a variety of rooms. In addition to living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, the LVT in tile or plank format can also be used in office space thanks to its chair-wheel design (type W). This means that desk chairs can be used on this flooring without any damage to the LVT glue down flooring. Additionally, considering the necessary precautions, it is possible for these glue down vinyl planks and tiles to be laid in bathrooms.

This allows you to use the glue-down vinyl plank almost globally. Creating a new ambience in each room with additional technical advantages. A perfect marriage of functionality and style! The PU surface finish makes this LVT glue down flooring especially easy to clean, it is durable to light cleaning chemicals, allowing maintenance that is hastle-free.

Project Floors floors@home/30: A long lasting installation method

The vinyl floor of the floors@home/30 collection by Project Floors is used for permanent laying, and is therefore particularly suitable for many years of use. Project Floors floors@home/30 glue down luxury vinyl planks and tiles are prepared for many everyday stresses, since even the living area can face many challenges.

With glue-down flooring, the tiles can be laid by applying a special adhesive to connect the surface to the planks or tiles. Before laying the tiles or planks, the area must first be prepared for renovation by eliminating any unevenness, dust or grease from the surface. Subsequently, an adhesive layer is spread in the prepared living area, followed by laying down the LVT flooring. Once the entire area has been completely lined and the adhesive layer has dried, the vinyl flooring is firmly connected to the substrate. It is advised that the installation instructions are read through thoroughly, or you consult a professional before installing the flexible floors.

Thanks to this installation system, the flexible glue down vinyl floor by Project Floors can withstand even high stresses in the living area. Whether it is installed in individual rooms or is used to unify certain areas of your home, the Project Floors' floors@home/30 is a durable partner in your living spaces!

Project Floors floors@home/30 Glue Down Vinyl Flooring: High quality vinyl flooring with great technical advantages!

Technical quality features of flooring bring many benefits to everyday life and are therefore almost indispensable in many areas. The vinyl flooring of the floors@home/30 collection brings many of these benefits with it. Classic product characteristics, such as the fire behavior Bfl-s1, the slip resistance R9, the DS slip resistance and the light fastness of the level> 6, are a few of the technical features essential to living spaces. In addition to these, the floors home/30 collection also holds chair roll suitability (type W), as well as suitability for laying over underfloor heating systems – a feature that is exceptionally pleasant when the cold weather approaches, ensuring warmth and comfort for your feet. Thanks to the 2 dB impact sound enhancement, the adhesive vinyl also ensures a pleasant, quiet environment.

Moreover, the manufacturer Project Floors pays special attention to an environmentally conscious production practice, ensuring the use of only harmless raw materials in the manufacturing of all its floor coverings. This ensures the glue down vinyl floors have particularly good toxological properties, and thus does not present a danger to man or nature. Witness the positive impact these qualitative advantages can have for you and your homes’ day-to-day life.

Project Floors floors@home/30 LVT Glue Down Flooring – Explore countless design possibilities through a combination of formats and patterns

The Project Floors floors@home/30 collection is characterized by a particularly high design scope. This results in numerous possibilities of individual room design. In addition to the choice between tile and plank formats, wood or stone design, you can easily create a combination of decors and thus design a wide variety of laying patterns. This gives you the opportunity to arrange a living room that is individually tailored to your taste. Search our online shop of BRICOFLOR for the full range of LVT glue down flooring of this collection. Interested in a large order or searching for any recommendations? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We look forward to hearing from you!