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Project Floors Groutline - vinyl flooring in plank look for an interior design with character!

The Project Floors Groutline collection is a robust vinyl floor with a plank look that creates an exciting overall appearance thanks to the deep bevel and different plank formats. Interesting installation patterns allow for individual room concepts, while the high durability invites installation in a wide variety of areas.

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Project Floors Groutline - the vinyl floor for those who like it unusual!

With the Groutline vinyl floor, Project Floors has created a design floor of a special kind. The special feature is not the authentic appearance of the planks that you are used to from Project Floors, but the particularly deep profile bevel, which gives the vinyl floor in plank look an incomparable look. In all six of the Project Floors Groutline wood decors with bevelled edges, the bevel is set deeper into the middle layer of the design flooring. This reveals the darker nuances of this layer, which accentuate the décor like a frame.

The rustic and lively look of Groutline vinyl flooring is enhanced by the different plank formats, which invite the installation of interesting patterns and the combination of different decors. The adhesive vinyl floor in parquet look from Project Floor is available in a length of 121.9 cm and widths of 22.8 cm, 15.2 cm and 7.6 cm. The different plank formats are accentuated in an unusual way by the deep bevelled edges all around, creating an exciting floor experience!

The vinyl floor with an exciting pattern and unbeatable advantages!

With the adhesive vinyl floor of the Groutline collection from Project Floors, you not only get a vinyl laminate with a strong design but also a functional floor covering that convinces with technical advantages. Thus, Groutline vinyl flooring is a robust and easy-to-clean floor that is suitable for a wide variety of areas. The vinyl design flooring can not only withstand common chemicals and type W chair castors, but also scores with dimensional stability and thermal conductivity. Thanks to its low thermal resistance, the adhesive vinyl flooring in wood look can also be used in combination with underfloor heating systems up to 28°C.

The adhesive vinyl from Project Floor has a 0.55 mm thick PU-finished wear layer, which optimally protects the floor covering from external influences, scratches and impacts. In addition, the vinyl floor in plank look is also convincing in terms of safety, because depending on the decor, the floor offers slip resistance according to R10 or R9. The fire protection class Bfl-s1 indicates that the vinyl flooring develops only little to no smoke should there be a fire. In addition, the Groutline design floor is antistatic and, with an overall thickness of 2.5 mm, is one of the renovation-friendly floor coverings.

Adhesive vinyl flooring for every area: Groutline vinyl flooring makes it possible

Thanks to the PU-finished, 0.55 mm thick wear layer and the special product structure, the Groutline vinyl floor in plank look from Project Floor offers a high level of robustness. This means that the adhesive vinyl in wood-look can not only provide eye-catchers in the home but is also suitable for the stylish design of more heavily frequented rooms.

Assigned to use classes 23, 33 and 42, the adhesive vinyl laminate can be used both in intensively used private areas and in heavily frequented commercial areas. And it can even be used in rooms in a light industry that are subject to normal wear and tear. Thus, the adhesive vinyl floor can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and entrance areas, but also finds its place in smaller workshops, boutiques, cafés, bars and the hotel industry.

Project Floors Groutline: the alternative to parquet flooring

A particular advantage of the Project Floors Groutline collection is the profile bevel, which is applied to all sides of the planks right into the middle layer of the floor and thus offers an incomparable design characteristic. In terms of aesthetics, the vinyl floor in plank look can certainly keep up with a real plank floor, but in terms of comfort and practicality, it has a number of advantages that a wooden floor does not have to offer.

For example, the vinyl floor from Project Floor is significantly less susceptible to scratches and can convince with its insensitivity. Thanks to its easy-care properties, the rustic vinyl floor in parquet look can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. In addition, the Groutline adhesive vinyl has foot-warming properties that invite you to walk barefoot, while the elastic texture gently cushions your steps and protects your spine. Finally, unlike real plank flooring, Project Floors Groutline adhesive vinyl laminate ensures pleasant room acoustics by slightly dampening impact sound.

A design floor that deserves its name: setting exciting accents with adhesive vinyl from Project Floors Groutline

The deep bevels all around give the vinyl flooring from the Groutline collection by Project Floors its unique, irresistible charm, which invites you to design individual rooms. The wood-look adhesive vinyl brings with it a rustic feel thanks to the accentuation of the individual planks, which is further supported by the different plank formats. In addition, the flooring offers a particularly natural-looking décor that deceptively imitates the structural differences of real wood, grains and knotholes.

Your creativity is called for here - experience a special kind of design floor with Project Floors Groutline!

Although Project Floors Groutline flooring is characterised by a unique rustic appearance, it is not only suitable for dignified rooms. Thanks to its high level of robustness and authentic parquet look, the vinyl flooring is particularly popular in the commercial and contract sector. Vinyl flooring in a dark wood look is very stylish and noble, while vinyl flooring in oak with a whitewashed surface has a rather gentle and playful effect. It becomes even more modern with adhesive vinyl in light grey, which is ideal for contemporary furnishings and classic-modern kitchens. Natural oak vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is suitable for both classic and young interiors and can also be used wonderfully for trendy living styles.

Design flooring from Project Floors: first-class design & careful manufacturing methods

With the Groutline collection, the floor manufacturer Project Floors has once again shown what a design floor can do. With the Groutline collection, the renowned manufacturer also relies on fully recyclable vinyl flooring, which is produced without the use of harmful plasticisers and complies with emission class A+. In terms of design, colour and surface, Project Floors' adhesive vinyl has a first-class reputation and continues to inspire with innovative design solutions for both the private and contract sectors.

In addition, the renowned manufacturer attaches great importance to the responsible and prudent use of the resources used, uses, among other things, solar energy for the production of the design coverings and has the vinyl flooring regularly tested for emissions. The adhesive vinyl flooring in plank look from the Project Floors Groutline collection has been awarded the "Indoor Air Comfort Gold" label, which confirms the health safety of the vinyl flooring.

Laying adhesive vinyl flooring: these are the points to bear in mind!

To install your new vinyl floor in plank-look from the Groutline collection, you should observe a few points to achieve an ideal result. For example, the vinyl design flooring must be stored in the room to be installed for at least 48 hours before installation so that it can acclimatise. To do this, remove the vinyl flooring from the pallet and lay it out in the room in stacks as small as possible, 50 cm away from the wall. For 48 hours before and 72 hours after installation, the room should be kept at a temperature of at least 18°C, the floor temperature above 15°C and a maximum humidity of 75%. Avoid installation and acclimatisation in direct sunlight. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer in advance whether any room conditions are contrary to the installation of Groutline vinyl flooring.

When installing adhesive vinyl, it is essential to ensure that the subfloor is dry, level, clean, load-bearing and offers sufficient absorbency. The vinyl design flooring cannot be installed in conservatories or in areas with exposed sunlight as well as on old textile coverings, laminate or CV coverings. It is best to find out in advance on which subfloors Groutline vinyl flooring can be installed. Divide the room with a cord for optimal installation. Project Floors Groutline adhesive vinyl flooring is installed using the wet adhesive bed method with dispersion adhesive. In this process, the individual planks are only pushed against each other with light pressure and are removed during and after installation with an articulated roller weighing at least 40 kg.

Order Groutline vinyl flooring from Project Floors conveniently online!

Choose the expressive design floor of the Project Floors Groutline collection today and experience floor design from the exciting side! The distinctive plank-look vinyl flooring not only pleases in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of practicality and functionality, and is a loyal companion from the domestic to the commercial and light industrial sectors.

You can get the tasteful adhesive vinyl laminate in our online shop with a best price guarantee! In addition, you can use our sample service if you can't decide between a classic oak decor and wood-look vinyl flooring in grey. You are also welcome to ask for an individual quotation if you need a larger quantity of vinyl flooring for house building or commercial and contract use. We may be able to accommodate you in terms of price.

Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions? You can reach our customer service via e-mail, telephone and our contact form. We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of Project Floors Groutline wood-look adhesive vinyl and look forward to hearing from you!