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Tarkett Glue-down Vinyl Flooring - Vinyl Flooring that won't let you down

One of the main advantages of glue-down vinyl flooring is the corresponding low price for you. This not only ensures that you have more money left, but also that you get a high-quality product that you can enjoy for a long time. You will be offered a large collection of different structures and designs so that you can let go of your imagination without difficulty.

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This simple method does not, of course, detract from the quality. The planks and tiles of this glue-down vinyl flooring ensure a good floor, which is the basis of a walking pleasure. It all started with the self-adhesive variant, but this has created a new time, where glue has to be placed on the subfloor and the floor has to be installed. The consistent quality of Tarkett shows that this manufacturer is a very strong market giant, without compromising on quality.

Vinyl Flooring for a Long-Term and Permanent Efficiency - Tarkett Glue-down vinyl flooring

With Bricoflor, you can find many different collections of vinyl flooring from Tarkett. Each has their own designs and features that ensure that your space is renovated in its own way. This allows you to create your own goal with each design so that you can make the best combination. The colours, structures and design ensure that you develop a new and natural appearance, in which the floor gives your room a warm and fresh feeling. Here you can enjoy the benefits of the vinyl flooring, with the appearance of conventional hardwood or laminate. We can guarantee that there is a color in between that fits your space and where you can live with it, it just gives so much choice.

The iD Collections Glue-down vinyl floors of Tarkett - iD Essential 30 and iD Inspiration 40/55/70

The Tarkett vinyl flooring collection consists of five different assortments, each with its own appearance and thus filling your space in their own way. Every selection of products has a wide range of designs and structures that will amaze you with their technical aspects. Each collection has a palette, with colours ranging from light shades to dark wood and tile designs. With the light and fresh colours, you can create a very modern and clean look in your environment. This gives your room a positive look, which is easy to combine with the relevant adhesive vinyl floors. With the dark colours you can create an even more cosy and warm atmosphere by combining it with the cosy shades and designs. You have the option to develop a totally different look with the tile variant, in which you create a neat and stylish look. With these emissions, you have even more choice, which appearance and what kind of idea you want to create, due to the large palette of colours and structures.

The Technical Aspects Ensure a Technical Enjoyment - Tarkett PVC Laminate 

The vinyl flooring will convince you, to the eye and to the touch, so that you get the idea whether you are walking on a conventional wood ot stone floor. The Tarkett floors are equipped with a strong wear layer, but per collection, this can vary from 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm. In addition, these different wear layers indicate that the different floor elements can be used for other traffic. So here are not only the optical aspects of high quality, but also the technical aspects of this vinyl flooring are a pleasure to experience. The assortments can be used from any residential area to high-quality industrial use. This is of course different for each collection, so you have to see if this is possible up to the traffic you are looking for. The glue-down vinyl flooring provides a great pleasure which ensures that you can use your new floor for a long time. Every floor is resistant to home use of office chairs, which can be released without any effort.

Every design is also suitable for installation with underfloor heating, so that you can develop comfortable walking comfort in your room even in the cold seasons. The antistatic effect has also ensured that no electric shocks are developed. You can still assume that you are safe, since the vinyl laminate has received a fire protection certificate from Bfl-s1. This certificate is added to floors that have a good fire-retarding effect. These technical aspects increase the comfort and safety more and more, so you can enjoy your floor without a doubt.

Tarkett Glue Down Vinyl Flooring - Ecological and Environmentally Friendly Standing Central

Nowadays, the contributions to the environment are very important, as Tarkett knows. Tarkett is constantly improving their products, both ecologically and qualitatively. Because of this, they have come back more and more, since the products have only become greener. The products are largely recyclable and offer you a high degree of comfort. They also comply with European standards, which is indicated by the CE mark.

Tarkett Glue Down LVT Flooring - Now Onlnie Available at BRICOFLOR!

Different collections and colors of vinyl laminate provides a large selection of designs that you can enjoy. If you have not yet been able to make the exact choice, you can use our free sample service, where you receive a sample and can already take the floor under your eyes! With our best price guarantee, you not only receive the best quality, but also do not pay too much for your renovation. If your option of glue PVC flooring is not yet certain, you can easily contact us via the telephone number or via our mail. Our competent service team will help you to make the right choice. For larger orders you can also request a personal quotation, which means that you can get an even sharper price for your new floor. Do not wait any longer and we'd love to hear from you!