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Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 - high-quality glue down vinyl in a wide range of decors!

With the glue down vinyl floor from the Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 collection, you can discover limitless design possibilities of a flexible floor covering. Thanks to the seemingly unlimited choice of different wood, stone and design looks in a wide variety of formats, you can redesign your rooms in numerous ways. Take the opportunity to stage your rooms in an individual way and let yourself be inspired by Tarkett vinyl flooring!

Thanks to the symbiosis of technical quality features and authentic decor selection, the collection's design floor proves to be a durable everyday companion that can be installed in many rooms. Discover the countless application and design possibilities of this selection now and get the best quality!

only 18.35 m² available
£27.10 per m²
Shipping: £24.95 per order

Tarkett iD Inspiration 55: Unlimited design possibilities with the glue down vinyl floor by Tarkett

The Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 collection offers a seemingly endless choice of designs. With a compilation of 100 attractive design variations, you have such a wide choice that it's hard to decide on a favourite. In the wood-look vinyl flooring section, for example, you can choose a classic oak vinyl that will add simple elegance to your rooms.

In the area of vinyl flooring in stone look, the selection convinces with natural realistic variants in a wide variety of colourations, such as black vinyl flooring in slate look, Mediterranean travertine tiles or glue down vinyl in marble look. And even if you are looking for an individual eye-catcher, you will find it in the Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 collection: With variants such as terrazzo vinyl or design floors in muted green and red, you can set individual accents in all your rooms. Find your favourite design now and help your rooms shine!

Authenticity redefined: Tarkett vinyl flooring for a stylish appearance

The Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 collection offers a rich selection of tasteful vinyl floors for commercial, contract and home use with a total of 100 nature-inspired decors that can be used flexibly in different formats. The collection is divided into the Authentics, Classics and Naturals style segments, each with its own distinctive style. The Naturals range in particular is the stylish flagship of the iD Inspiration 55 collection. Here you will find digitally printed designs in a particularly high resolution that reflect the power of nature.

Following the principle that the beauty of nature can improve the quality of life in urban spaces, Tarkett has developed a glue down vinyl floor here that inspires with natural realism. The authentic appearance of the stone and vinyl floor is supported by the ultra-matt finish of the Tektanium PU coating. This gives the wood vinyl an elegant, matt look even in bright light. The Naturals range of Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 also scores with a decor that is only repeated after 12 sqm². Grains, knotholes and other natural structures and textures have been carefully studied and scanned for the collection, so you can experience the wonder of nature up close with Tarkett vinyl flooring!

But it is not only in terms of design that Tarkett does not compromise with this collection. The vinyl design flooring in the iD Inspiration 55 collection is manufactured with water-based inks, phthalate-free and with a large recycled content, and exceeds current indoor air quality standards. Designed for a long service life, the vinyl flooring comes with a 20-year warranty in residential and 10-year warranty in commercial applications, which means it has a good ecological balance as well as being harmless to health.

Flexible use in many areas - the glue down vinyl from Tarkett iD Inspiration 55

Glue-down vinyl flooring is available on the market in a variety of designs and for a wide range of areas. The Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 collection can be used in many everyday areas thanks to a 0.55 mm thick wear layer. Suitable for use classes 23, 33 and 42, the vinyl design flooring can be installed not only in living areas but also in high-traffic commercial and industrial spaces. With this classification, the glue down vinyl is a real all-rounder and can be installed in almost any area, whether in the living room, dining room or bedroom, office or shop, in galleries, hotels or businesses.

This results in numerous application possibilities that you can use for your renovation. With an overall construction of 2.5 mm, the glue-down vinyl planks are very easy to install, so that in most cases, doors or similar do not have to be sanded down in order to lay the floor covering. The new Tektanium PU coating not only makes the glue down vinyl particularly easy to care for, but also protects the wear layer from scratches, wear and stains, giving you a strong partner in almost all areas. Choose your favourite design now and install the high-quality glue down vinyl flooring from Tarkett in any room!

Design and quality in perfect harmony

With the Tarkett iD Inspritation 55 collection, design and technical quality features are in absolute harmony. This collection not only impresses with its perfect appearance, but also scores points all along the technical line. The design floor has numerous properties that have a positive effect on your everyday life, but also help the floor covering to have a long life without external damage. For example, Tarkett vinyl flooring has technical quality features such as class Bfl-s1 fire behaviour, group T wear behaviour and class R9 or R10 slip resistance depending on the decor.

To prepare the subfloor for any challenge, the glue down vinyl flooring is also suitable for use with chair castors, such as those found on desk chairs, and furniture feet cannot damage the robust surface. Another advantage of this collection is its good resistance to chemicals. Thanks to this, the glue-down vinyl flooring is very easy to care for and cleaning can even be carried out using standard household cleaning chemicals. For this reason, the glue down vinyl is a popular flooring solution for elderly care and shop fitting. In addition, the iD Inspiration 55 design flooring scores points for its pleasant underfoot comfort and warm underfoot properties and is also suitable for installation on hot water underfloor heating systems up to a maximum of 27°C.

While the wood-look vinyl is usually available in plank format, the stone decors are available as practical glue down vinyl tiles. The different formats open up individual laying options in parallel or diagonal bond, while the vinyl tiles should be laid in a chequerboard pattern. The glue down vinyl planks are available in the formats 20 x 120, 25 x 150 and 28.5 x 120 cm, while the stone decors are available in the dimensions 66.6 x 33.3, 50 x 100 and 66.6 x 66.6 cm.

Glue down vinyl flooring - for areas with the highest loads

Glue down vinyl is particularly suitable for installation in high-traffic areas. Installation is achieved by permanently bonding the flooring to the subfloor through the application of a special adhesive. For the installation of the Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 glue down vinyl floor, the subfloor must be prepared by levelling out any unevenness and removing dirt and grease from it. The adhesive can then be spread over the subfloor ready for installation and the design floor laid in the adhesive bed and installed. It is important that the design flooring is allowed to acclimatise in the room to be laid for 48 hours before installation. For this purpose, the individual packages are taken from the pallet and distributed in the room in stacks of no more than 15.

The adhesive holds the planks and vinyl tiles to the subfloor so that nothing can slip once they are completely dry. Once the adhesive bed is completely dry and the glue down vinyl is so firmly bonded to the subfloor, the renovation is also already complete and the room can once again be furnished and decorated. When installed correctly, glue down vinyl flooring can withstand even the heaviest wear and tear and is a loyal everyday companion. So, the next renovation won't be due for many years.

Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 - buy inspiring adhesive vinyl at BRICOFLOR!

Whether you prefer a vinyl floor in walnut or concrete look: with the Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 collection you are spoilt for choice. The countless variations of this selection leave nothing to be desired, so there is a suitable solution for every area. Let yourself be inspired by the different designs and create a unique feel-good atmosphere in your rooms!

Simply order online and benefit from a unique buying experience with us. Use our sample service if you would like to check the look and feel of the vinyl flooring in more detail. Our best price guarantee ensures that you always get the best price. And if it's a larger project, simply ask for an individual quote. We may be able to accommodate you in terms of price.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone, by e-mail or via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to advise you on all aspects of Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 glue down vinyl flooring.

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