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Everything you need for modern living: Wineo 800/ XL Stone glue-down flooring   

A pleasant atmosphere, easy installation and an extraordinary design – these days a modern floor should offer all of this. Besides that, it needs to be a truly sustainable product. You can find all these properties in the Wineo 800 products. The collection is also referred to as “PURLINE Bio“ because this vinyl flooring solution has been deliberately designed for production purely from natural raw materials.

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Wineo 800 Stone XL

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That means, without plasticizers, solvents and chlorine. However, this does not mean a sacrifice on quality. Because at the same time, this organic-flooring can withstand a lot of daily use and abuse and has proven to be both durable and easy to clean. The natural all-rounder truly is suitable for every home. Wineo 800: quality meets sustainability. Proudly Made in Germany. Wineo have many years of experience in flooring and their glue-vinyl flooring collection is a prime example of their expertise applied, resulting in a modern but equally durable collection that will catch the eye of an observer! 

Authentic stone designs for every taste: Wineo 800 Stone

Warm, cosy, homely. With 10 authentic stone decorations, the Wineo 800 offers a complete selection of both modern and classic decors for anyone in the market for a stone look. Regardless of what exactly you’re looking for, with Wineo 800 Stone you can find what your heart desires. And because it's not an actual solid stone floor, you'll get the impression and mood of high-quality mineral flooring, with neither the expense nor hassle. The glue down vinyl flooring of this collection are not only durable but also easy to care for. This variant for glueing is characterized particularly by its extreme durability, optimal room acoustics and low structural height. And is, because of this, a true treat for experienced home improvers and professionals. For lesser experienced laymen and hobbyists a click version is available, too.

A longtime favourite: Wineo 800 glue-down vinyl flooring

If the situation in which the floor will be installed calls for a permanently glued-down solution, the Wineo 800 collection offers exactly what you need. After preparing the ground and measuring the room, glue can be applied directly to the ground. This glue should be carefully chosen with your application in mind. Wet or damp rooms, for example, require a different type of glue. Generally, we recommend water-based glue as these areas solvent-free as possible and low in emissions. Be sure to use a sufficient amount of adhesive, and take care to accurately follow the manufacturer's instructions. Lay the panels in place, seamless but without tension, in the glue bed. Locally press the panels with a hand roller, and press the entire floor surface with a heavy roller once the last panel is in place. It is important that the adhesive has thoroughly dried before pressure is applied to the floor.

Robust design for high demands

All products in the Wineo 800 product line-up have an incredible wear class of 23/33/42 and are therefore suitable for a vast number of applications. In domestic areas, they're suitable for even the most highly frequented spaces, such as hallways and living rooms. In commercial or project applications they can be installed in highly frequented areas such as department stores, schools, and even large offices. Lastly, in industrial applications, it is suitable for moderately used spaces in light industry, such as storage rooms or workshops. This all is thanks to the Wineo 800's excellent wear resistance.

Durable, easy to care for, and free of dangerous chemicals: all this you'll find in Wineo 800 floors

Wineo 800 floors come in various shapes and sites. The stone designs are available in a tile-like size of 91.4 by 48 centimetres. All flooring boards for glueing are a mere 2 millimetres thick and are therefore very renovation friendly. Thanks to its extremely high lightfastness, the floor can withstand even long-term exposure to sunlight without its colours fading. The Polyurethane surface coating also contributes to the floor being difficult to ignite and limiting smoke formation, as proven by a fire safety certification of Bfl-s1. In addition to that, the floors are stain resistant, hard wearing, and do not damage under the use of castor chairs. This means that cleaning of this vinyl flooring is easier, and permanent damage is far less likely to occur. Household cleaning agents are more than sufficient in most situations, and the strongest of stains can be cleaned with a cleaning agent suitable for PU treated surfaces. The floorboards are also free of phthalates and are tested to have close to no emissions of VOC's and contain no harmful chemicals. Once the time has come to replace the floor, the old flooring boards can be disposed of along with regular household waste. But that's a worry for the distant future. Because Wineo is so convinced of the quality of her products, that a warranty of 25 years for residential use comes standard on all Wineo 800 products. And even then, the floors usually perform well beyond that warranty period.

Order your new Wineo 800 Stone flooring at BRICOFLOR

In our shop, you'll find the complete Wineo 800 Stone range. Pick one of the high-quality vinyl floorings, and order from us for the best price you'll find online. Guaranteed. If you would first like to have a look at the design in real life, you can order one or more free samples. This so that you can get the best possible impression and are 100% sure of the product you're about to purchase. If you're looking to purchase a larger quantity, we might be able to make you a tailored offer. Feel free to contact us with any questions, with no further obligations or strings attached. You can reach us via phone or email. We're looking forward to your enquiry. Buy this high-quality all-rounder today!