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Wineo 800 Tile - a versatile and appealing design floor

The Wineo 800 Tile collection offers vinyl flooring with discreet looks, in shades ranging from white to different shades of dark grey and black. A particular advantage of this collection is that it gives you the possibility to freely combine with other Wineo 800 collections, such as the Craft and Wood collections. This means you have more design freedom than ever before.

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Wineo 800 Tile

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Also, besides the option of a homogeneously coloured floor, you have the option to create appealing patterns with different shades of tiles. Wineo vinyl - as individual as you! Wineo have many years of experience in flooring and their glue-vinyl flooring collection is a prime example of their expertise applied, resulting in a modern but equally durable collection that will catch the eye of an observer! 

Modern design flooring from subtle to expressive - Wineo 800

With the 800 Tile vinyl flooring solution, Wineo has conceived an effective LVT floor covering that harmoniously fits into your interior design. For example, with the "Solid Sand" decor you get a design floor covering with warm sand tones that form an undisturbed base for a natural room design. If you're looking for a floor with a more dramatic effect, the "Solid Black" just right for you. This deep black design flooring achieves an expressive room design, which at the same time looks straightforward and modern. Or perhaps have a look at the "Solid Light" variant. This light, neutral shade of grey can provide a friendly atmosphere in any room. Be inspired by the Wineo 800 Tile collection at BRICOFLOR.

A robust floor with many applications - Wineo 800 tile

With a wear class of 23/33/42, this collection of glue down vinyl flooring can be used in countless different applications. If you're looking to give your living room or bedroom a new floor, Wineo 800 will deliver. If you're looking to renovate a department store or an office building, or even want to give a workshop or warehouse a new floor, Wineo 800 will deliver. And you will most probably find a design that suits your taste and style in this visually versatile collection. The sturdy and durable collection is suitable for use both in any private or domestic space and heavily used project applications or moderate industrial use. Another big plus of this flooring solution is that it can be used in damp spaces and spaces with underfloor heating systems. Therefore, the Wineo 800 Tile collection is suitable for countless rooms - almost certainly including yours.

Durable flooring with guaranteed quality

In order to achieve a wealth of possible exciting interior designs, the floor is available in three different sizes, that can be combined freely in order to create different patterns and a fully personalised interior experience. Wineo's vinyl floor is available in different sizes for different optical effects, or to combine into a truly unique flooring design. The L size has the format of 45.72 by 45.72 centimetres, the XL size has the format of 91.44 by 45.2 centimetres, and finally, the XXL size has the format of 91.44 by 91.44 centimetres. The tiles have an overall thickness of only 2.5 millimetres, for optimal installation convenience. But 2.5 millimetres of this thickness is purely reserved for the strong wear layer, that ensures that the floor is extremely robust and wear resistant. This is clearly shown by the high wear behaviour class I. The floor has been extensively tested to make sure it's colourfast, safe in case of fire, and prevents slipping and falling.

The PU (polyurethane) surface coating not only increases the wear resistance but also makes everyday maintenance easier. Grease and dirt are less prone to adhere to the surface and are more easy to clean off. Normal household agents can be used, as they clean effectively without damaging the surface. Wineo is so convinced of the quality of her products, that 25 years of warranty are standard when the floor is installed in a residential area.

Before installation, prepare the substrate sufficiently

This vinyl flooring is installed by a method of being glued to the substrate, using a strong, suitable glue. With this method, the floor is connected firmly and permanently to the ground. The subfloor must be suitable for the loads desired, and be sufficiently firm. Before installation can begin, it's imperative to make sure that the substrate is even, clean, and permanently dry. This means that unevennesses, such as cracks or holes, must be filled using a suitable filling compound. The even surface can then be cleaned of dirt, grease, and debris. Once the surface has been sufficiently prepared, it's time to measure the room and cut the floor panels to the right size,  to fit without further adjustments. This means cut-outs for fixed objects such as pipes and pillars must be made as well.

Installing by glue-down method

In order to achieve the best possible final results, a bed of wet adhesive should cover the entire ground area. In order to have as little annoyance as possible from bad odours during and after installation, we recommend you to use low-emission, solvent-free adhesive. It's imperative that the exact right amount of glue is. Too little glue will cause the floor to come loose after a relatively short time, but using too much glue will cause the floor to ripple and become uneven. Carefully refer to the glue manufacturer's instructions. The tiles are glued only to the ground and are not attached to each other. Lay the tiles in the glue bed, seamlessly but without inner tension. Firmly press the floor locally with a hand roller, and press down on the entire floor with a heavy roller once the last panel has been placed. Make sure the glue has completely dried before placing (heavy) loads on the floor.

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