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Forbo Allura Flex 1.00 mm – Innovative Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring Designed for All Rooms

The Forbo Allura Flex 1.00mm is a heavy-duty loose-lay vinyl flooring collection offered in a wide selection of designs. Depending on the variant, the wood designs are available in planks with dimensions of 100 x 15 cm and 120 x 20 cm as well as in the size 150 x 28 cm. 

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Forbo Allura Flex (1.0 mm)

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The stone replicas in tile form are offered in the dimensions of 50 x 50 cm and 50 x 75 cm. This premium collection not only achieves stylish designs to elevate your interior space, but its technical properties promise high-quality performance which can be enjoyed in many applications for many years.

Realistic Wood and Stone Optics to Add A Touch of Nature in Your Interior

The luxury vinyl flooring collection includes 49 different decors from wood designs to stone replicas, to achieve many interior styles. Selected designs achieve a décor-synchronous embossing, which captures a particularly realistic feel giving each vinyl plank and tile a unique look. The wood reproduction Forbo Allura Flex 1.00 mm "1641 Natural Seagrass" is a design that looks eye-catching and looks modern in extremely narrow stripes in different wood shades. The decoration Forbo Allura Flex 1.00 mm "1628 Charcoal Concrete" is a concrete replica in a dark gray tone and is suitable for a contemporary urban interior design. Forbo Allura Flex 1.00 mm "9044 Bleached Rustic Pine" reproduces a pine surface. This decor brings a friendly atmosphere in every room with its bright color scheme. It can act as the perfect basis for a Scandinavian style interior design. Take a look at the attractive designs of this collection in our online shop and let yourself be inspired by the diverse design possibilities of Forbo Allura Flex 1.00 mm!

Vinyl Flooring Intended for Every Application

Thanks to its extremely robust wear layer and use classes 23, 34 and 43, the loose-lay vinyl flooring is suitable for many applications. In residential spaces, the collection is suitable for heavily frequented rooms; these include, hallways and living rooms. In the contract sector, the floor is suitable for laying in very high traffic areas, for example, department stores and multi-purpose halls as well as airports. Thanks to its chair roll suitability (type W), it can also be used excellently in open-plan offices. In industry premises, the loose-lay vinyl flooring can be used in heavily used areas such as production halls and warehouses. It is therefore suitable for almost any application - certainly also for your premises!

Sustainable Floors that are Easy to Maintain - Allura Flex 1.00 mm by Forbo

The collection features an impressive 1.00 mm thick wear layer combined with an overall thickness of 5 mm making it extremely durable to meet high demands. The vinyl flooring is sealed with a PUR surface finish, this protective coating results in easy maintenance. The very good light fastness of level ≥ 6 promises that the Allura Flex retains its original color and does not fade when exposed to light. It also achieves a 14 dB impact sound reduction. The vinyl plank flooring is suitable for laying over hot water underfloor heating systems and electric floor heating systems with a surface temperature of up to 27 ° C. With a low heat transfer resistance of 0.02 m² K / W it can pass on the heat of a floor heating well. This floor covering is also phthalate-free and complies with the European chemicals regulation REACH.

With the slip resistance R10 and the slip resistance DS ≥ 0.30, you can be assured of a safe surface. This loose-lay vinyl flooring collection features the fire behavior of the category Bfl-s1. This means that it is flame retardant and causes only a small amount of smoke in case of fire. In the case of brief exposure to diluted acids, oils and fats, the loose-lay floors showed no change in the material properties. The floor can be cleaned by common household methods, such as vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner or wet mop suitable for smooth floor coverings. You can use a PU cleaner or an alcohol cleaner for cleaning.

How to successfully install your loose-lay vinyl flooring

For a few days before and after installation, maintain a subfloor temperature of at least 15 ° C, a room temperature of at least 18 ° C. Allow at least 24 hours for the Allura Flex 1.00 mm collection to acclimatize to the room temperature. Before laying, you should prepare the substrate correctly, including eliminating dust, grease and any unevenness in the surface. Under certain conditions, you can also apply the new design flooring to old elastic floor coverings: they must be undamaged, evenly bonded to the substrate and thoroughly cleaned.

The Sturdy Installation - Forbo Allura Flex 1.00 mm

Before laying, make a plan and start in the centre of the room. The laying of the flooring is carried out with measured string strikes. Plan the process so that any paving strips you trim for the edge are at least 7.5 cm wide. The flooring can be easily cut; for example, a standard utility knife can be used to adjust the floors to the dimensions of the renovated room. You can make cutting easier by gently heating the back of the plate covering with a hot air blower. The individual panels are laid without joints. Thoroughly read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before installing these LVT floors.

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