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Forbo Allura Flex 0.55 mm – The Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring of Exceptional Resistance

For many years, Forbo have produced LVT flooring with superior qualities on the market, and the Forbo Allura Flex 0.55 mm collection is no exception to this. In this range, Forbo offers a large selection of vinyl flooring in stylish wood and stone designs that capture the true beauty of it’s natural models. 

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Forbo Allura Flex (0.55 mm)

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The unique feature of this collection is the easy and fast installation process of the loose-lay vinyl planks and tiles. Always at the forefront of new technologies, Forbo has launched a range of luxury vinyl flooring with extreme strength from sustainable production methods, explore the exciting new loose-lay vinyl range now!  

Vinyl Flooring in Wood and Stone Optics from Classic to Modern

With 49 different designs, this collection offers an exciting selection of decors in which you are guaranteed to find something! The Forbo Allura Flex 0.55 mm "9250 White Autumn Oak" oak décor in a light gray creates a modern space with exciting color differences between the individual planks, providing a friendly and unobtrusive basis for your design ideas. By contrast, the wood design Forbo Allura Flex 0.55 mm "9296 Red Cherry" looks classic. This cherry wood reproduction appears high quality and noble; it gives your rooms a touch of elegance! The design Forbo Allura Flex 0.55 mm "9304 Black Slate" is a slate model in expressive black. With its surface structure, this design is realistic and can be used ideally for a contemporary, urban space design. The collection includes many appealing and innovative styles - let yourself be inspired and transform your interior!

High Technical Quality with Forbo Loose-Lay: Strong, Durable and Environmentally Friendly

With a total thickness of 4 mm, the vinyl plank flooring from Forbo boasts of numerous quality technical features. The first includes a pleasantly quiet room climate thanks to the footfall sound reduction of 14dB. It also has a castor chair suitability of type W, and anti-static properties, making it suitable for application in office spaces with computer equipment. The Allura Flex 0.55 mm promises longevity due to the great dimensional stability (which ensures the vinyl planks and tiles maintain a strong and robust shape) as well as the light fastness qualities. With the light fastness of ≥ 6, the luxurious colours of the planks can be enjoyed for many years, even with exposure to sunlight.

Thanks to the PUR surface finish, you can be sure of a high level of easy care: you can clean it using common household methods. With a fire behavior of the category Bfl-s1, the loose-lay vinyl flooring is flame retardant. This feature, combined with the slip resistance R10 guarantees safety. The luxury vinyl flooring from Forbo complies with the current requirements of the European chemicals regulation REACH, therefore the floors are free of harmful plasticizers like phthtalates and are 100% recyclable.

A Strong Design to Ideal for Each Space

With use classes 23, 33 and 42, which the floor achieves thanks to its 0.55 mm thick wear layer, it can be used in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. In the living area, the loose-lay vinyl flooring can be laid in heavily used rooms, such as in hallways or living rooms. Also in the commercial sector it is suitable for high traffic premises, like open-plan offices or schools. In light industry, for example, the floor can be laid in storage rooms. In addition, the Forbo vinyl flooring can be laid over hot-water underfloor heating as well as electrical systems up to a surface temperature of 27 ° C.

The Correct Preparation for the Optimal Installation of the Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring

To get an optimal result, correct preparation of the subfloor is essential. The substrate should always be permanently dry, stable, clean and even. You can also apply the floor on an old resilient floor covering, as long as the old floor is undamaged, even, firmly bonded to the substrate, thoroughly cleaned and completely dry. Before laying, it is advised you read the installation instructions from the manufacturer to ensure the conditions of the renovation area are suitable. Simplicity and speed are the great benefits achieved with this collection of loose-lay vinyl flooring. What’s more, the vinyl plank and tile flooring are stable when installed, as well as easy to remove if necessary - a unique advantage if you are renovating a rented area.

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