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Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press loose-lay vinyl flooring - fast, high quality and award-winning

The self-laying vinyl flooring in Gerflor's Creation 70 X'Press collection opens up brand new perspectives for modern interior design. With a robust construction, desirable technical properties, easy maintenance and installation is this LVT floor the most perfect renovation partner one can wish for. 

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Gerflor Creation 70 Loose-Lay

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With a selection of convincingly natural wood, stone, and textile decors, the Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press collection offers the opportunity to choose from a carefully selected set of detailed surface designs of vinyl flooring. Discover the possibility of a quick renovation with a high quality and award-winning floor - the Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press collection from BRICOFLOR!

Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press - a self-laying loose-lay vinyl floor that you can rely on

The loose-lay vinyl flooring in the Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press collection is almost always and everywhere in its place. Thanks to a suitability for installation in all the most heavily frequented areas in commercial, project, and industrial application (wear class 23/34/43), it's an extremely versatile renovation tool. Regardless of if you're looking to renovate an exhibition room, an office, a shop, hotel or school, Gerflor's rugged and durable Creation 70 X'Press collection will take the challenge head on and come out victorious.

At the same time, the self-laying properties mean it can be installed in the blink of an eye, so that the space in which the floor is being installed only is out of use for a very short time. Thanks to it's low structural height of only 5 mm, it's easy to accommodate the floor in any situation. But that low height does not mean a decrease in abrasion resistance, as the 0.7 mm thick wear layer with PUR+ polyurethane surface coating makes the floor robust and able to withstand the heavy stress of daily, intensive use. With these and many other technological features, the Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press collection is a dependable flooring solution in almost any application.

A whole new level of interior design - Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press loose lay vinyl flooring

Ever since the Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press collection hit the market, the bar for interior design has been raised. Thanks to this versatile flooring solution the possibilities to personalise your space are taken to a whole new level. The collection was not without reason chosen as a winner in the Red Dot Design Awards in 2016 by 41 experts out of well over 5000 entries. Crucial for the decision to crown this floor a winner was the painstaking realism with which it imitates the surface textures of wood, stone and textile.

Because where other LVT products are merely a strip of vinyl with a picture printed on, the Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press collection boasts realistically embossed surfaces that create a truly three-dimensional surface that looks and feels just like the real thing. In the collection, you'll find both modern and classical wood and stone decors, as well as timeless textile designs in shades from cool to warm, that bring a whole new world of possible interior designs to your space. Discover this prize-winning collection now, and let yourself be inspired by this versatile, and breathtakingly realistic flooring solution. Of course, right here at BRICOFLOR.

An absolute design highlight - not just at first glance: Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press

The loose-lay vinyl plank flooring range you'll find in the Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press collection will not only enchant you at first sight. Also at the second, third, and hundredth glance, you will not regret the choice you made for this floor. Discover today the "Somerset" design, for example. This stone decor in a classic shade of grey and with a realistically structured surface is reminiscent of cement and has the power to bring an industrial or urban charm to any space.

This design harmonises perfectly with contemporary or futuristic furniture, and interior designs with clear, reduced design lines. If you're looking for one of the timeless textile decors, surely have a look at the "Barma Mystery" decor, that's guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. With its subtle lines and textile looks it can give any space an inviting look, as well as visually changing the shape of the room to look wider, narrower, longer, and so on. This decor is particularly suitable for, for example, meeting rooms and the like thanks to its slightly understated tones, while avoiding the old cliché of a plain grey floor.

Loose-lay vinyl plank flooring by Gerflor - the express renovation solution

Loose-lay vinyl flooring is a true innovation in the market for vinyl flooring because it makes any renovation like a walk in the park. The self-laying properties, combined with the integrated pressure-activated adhesive layer makes installing the Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press extremely easy, even for amateur craftsmen and laymen. The main unique points of the loose-lay system are that the planks or tiles are placed side by side, without being permanently connected to each other or being affixed to the ground. This is in part thanks to the high weight of 8960 g/m², but also in part thanks to the pressure-activated adhesive backing that Gerflor has dubbed "Tacify". These properties combined make for a design flooring that's not only stunning to look at but is also extremely easy and quick to install. This is not only pleasant in domestic applications, but the strongly reduced downtime of commercial spaces often means a significant reduction in costs.

Express renovation - step by step

This vinyl flooring can be installed quickly and effortlessly, even by inexperienced laymen or hobbyists. The installation follows only a few steps, all of which are easy and straightforward. However, the manufacturer's manual should be kept for reference at all times. For the installation, you'll only need a few tools: a broom, a ruler, and a carpet knife or similar heavy-duty hobby knife.

The first step is to create a suitable substrate. This involves making sure the ground is level, even, and permanently dry. Any cracks or holes should be filled with a suitable paste. Make sure the paste is dry before proceeding. Then the floor must be free of dirt, debris and stains or grease.

Then, now that the most cumbersome step is out of the way, the actual installation can begin. Measure the room, and pre-cut the tiles or planks to size to fit the room. This optimises the workflow and saves time and hassle. Cut-outs for static objects such as support pillars and heating pipes should be made in this step as well.

Now finishing the installation is nothing more difficult than neatly laying the pre-cut planks or tiles on the ground. The pressure-activated backing needs no further actions to do its job. A major advantage of this flooring solution is that the floor can be used the moment the last plank or tile has been put in place, with no drying times to pay attention to.

The loose-lay Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press collection turns heads - always

The products in Gerflor's Creation 70 X'Press collection combine every desirable property that can possibly be combined in a single product. From breathtaking decors in wood, stone and textile, to an installation system that's so easy a child could install a floor, and a high wear resistance. But that's still not everything this award-winning flooring solution has to offer. There's a long list of desirable and confidence inspiring technical properties that this floor boasts beside the aforementioned great qualities. For example, this quiet and comfortable design flooring reduces impact sound by up to 8 dB, has a fire safety classification of Bfl-s1, is water resistant, and boasts a PUR+ polyurethane surface coating to protect against dents and scratches, and makes cleaning and maintenance easier than ever. The floor is also highly resistant to castor chairs (type W) so that permanent damage from castor chairs is close to unthinkable. A high slip resistance of class R9/R10 makes this floor not only a joy to look at but also a safe choice.

Award-winning flooring - available at BRICOFLOR

With BRICOFLOR being one of Europe's biggest seller of flooring solutions, it comes as no surprise that we have Gerflor Creation 70 X'Press in our active catalogue. We have had countless satisfied customers that bought this floor, and you can join them today! If you're not yet entirely sure which surface design suits your style or application best, feel free to order one or more free samples to get the best possible impression of the product from the comfort of your living room. Customers looking to purchase a larger area of the floor can always request a personal quote, free of charge and with no further obligations. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our friendly and competent customer service. We're always on standby to help, and looking forward to your enquiry!